Creating a New ODBC DSN Record

With your Windows hosting server you have the ability to create new DSN using your ODBC services. You have several different options within your account that will allow you to add different drivers to your account.

  • To open the ODBC Service window click on the icon labeled “ODBC” located in the Databases row of your control panel. If you need assistance accessing your control panel review the article here.odbc-002In the ODBC menu you will provided with the following view of different drivers you have the ability to manage through your account.odbc-001Each “add” icon will open up a window requesting  information that will allow the driver to work correctly. The information you will need depends on the driver that you select. Drivers windows will look similar to this .xls driver window.Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.38.52 PMRemember that the DSN name will be in the format (loginname)-(name). You can create different DSN names depending on the need of your website but each would start with the same loginname of your control panel. Also remember that directories and file names must include paths relative to your home directory root. The SourceDB field should include the database name and the correct extension.
  • After you have entered all of the correct information within the DSN window click on the “create” icon to finalize the information.

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