Creating a Download Page in SiteStudio

This video will provide you with step by step instructions on how to make a downloadable page with Site Studio..

  1. Launch Site Studio
  2. Click on ‘Add a page’
  3. Click on ‘Download page’
  4. Click ‘Next’
  5. Create a title for your downloads page
  6. Create an introduction for the downloads page
  7. Click ‘Add’ to add a downloadable object
  8. On ‘Element name’ create a title for the specific downloadable
  9. In ‘Description,’ create a description from the specific downable
  10. Click on ‘Upload file’ to add the file you would like to be available.
  11. Click ‘Next’
  12. Add more objects by clicking on add again, and repeating the previous instructions
  13. Click ‘Next’ when you’re ready to create the page.

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