Creating a CGI Alias

To gain access to the ability to use CGI support within your sever you have to first create a CGI alias. What a CGI alias is really doing is specifying a CGI file extension and a CGI handler for it to use. A great example of this is Perl. When using Perl you would specify that all .cgi files are to be treated as executable Perl scripts.

How to add a CGI alias

  • Within your hosting control panel click on the square icon that says “Web Options”. (if your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit here)Creating a CGI Alias-001
  • In the Web Options screen scroll down until you find the row “CGI” then you will select the “Add” icon.Creating a CGI Alias-002
  •  Within the new CGI Alias window you want to add your file extension to the the text box in the middle of the window.Creating a CGI Alias-004
  • After you have added your file extension click on the “submit” icon to save it to the server.Creating a CGI Alias-005
  • After you have clicked on the “Submit” icon make sure to click on “Apply” within the “Server Configuration” row for Linux After you have clicked on the “Apply” link the changes will take effect within 15 minutes on our Linux servers. If you are using a Windows server these changes will take effect immediately.


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