cPanel: Resolve “Problem with DNS setup” emails

One of the most common email notifications for which we receive support requests comes with the daunting subject line “Problem with DNS setup on” and complains about your hostname not resolving to an IP address:

Example email "Problem with DNS setup"

Usually this is a very simple error to fix and can be done directly within the WHM control panel as indicated at the end of the email. For further clarity, here are the steps you should perform:

  1. Log into your cPanel server’s WHM interface, usually available at a URL such as
  2. Search for, or navigate to, the Add an A Entry for Your Hostname option under DNS Functions
    WHM >> DNS Functions >> Add an A Entry for Your Hostname
  3. Next, enter the IP address assigned to your cPanel license and click Add Entry. Usually this IP is your server’s primary IP but if you are unsure you can check the IP address associated with the server inside of your account or contact customer support.
    Example: Add an A Entry for Your Hostname
    Note: The IP address shown next to your server’s hostname on this page might not match the IP address you planned to enter. This is okay; especially if you are creating a new hostname or if DNS has not fully propagated this IP address may show a different value than you actually need to enter.

That’s it! Of course if anything went wrong or you still receive these email notifications, please contact customer support and we will be happy to assist you further.

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