Configuring your site settings in Site Studio

This video will show you how to change specific settings on your site.

  1. Log in to SiteStudio
  2. Click on ‘Site Settings’ at the top
    • Change Website Color and style: This is pretty self explanatory
    • Change Global Settings: contains basic information on your site, such as your contact info, logo image, and keywords
    • Set Special effects: Adds effects such as falling snow, or other aesthetic options.
    • Save/Load website: can save the current state of the site, to create a backup of what you’ve done.
    • Start over: Deletes all content, and creates a fresh website.
    • Refresh images: Regenerates all images on your site, fixes odd formatting issues that may happen
    • Interface options: You can change the language or style of sitestudio here.
    • Edit Security info: You can password protect portions of your site, and use the log in information created here.
    • Edit info for search engines: Lets you create a robots.txt file to limit what pages bot traffic can crawl


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