Configuring general business settings in WHMCS

When setting up WHMCS, the first step in the process is to go through and configure your general business settings. The information needed to complete this section will be your company information. No customer data will be needed for this.

  1. After logging into your WHMCS admin panel, select “Setup” from the main menu, and then select “General Settings” from the drop down menu.whmcs-general-settings-01
  2. Review the list of fields in the center of the page. The first field listed is “Company Name”. In the empty field insert your business name.whmcs-general-settings-02
  3. In the second empty field, add your business email address.whmcs-general-settings-03
  4. In the third field, enter your domain name address that will allow customers to reach your website. whmcs-general-settings-04
  5. Add a link to your company logo in the empty fourth field. whmcs-general-settings-05
  6. In the “Pay To Text” field, add your business name and billing address that businesses can send payments to honoring their debts. whmcs-general-settings-06
  7. The “WHMCS System URL” is the link that allows direct access to your WHMCS control panel. Typically this field and the field “WHMCS SSL System URL” are the same URL except for adding “HTTPS://” to the URL instead of “HTTP://” in the first field.
  8. The remaining fields can stay as the WHMCS default selection, or you change them based on your needs.
  9. After completing and reviewing all areas on the page, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Save Changes”.

After completing all the fields and saving the information, you have completed your general settings and are ready to keep your business moving forward.

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