Configuring your Cloud e-mail accounts with Thunderbird

To start, you will need your email servers settings. This can be found within your servers admin panel. The settings should include the following:

  • Server hostname or address, usually this is or
  • Username, this will be your full email address.
  • Your Password to this mailbox.
  • Incoming and Outgoing Ports.

Mail Server Settings on cPanel

Example of server settings on cPanel.

 Now that you have the server settings, you can open Thunderbird. If you don’t already have it, Thunderbird can be downloaded HERE.

Open Thunderbird, then click the menu button.


Next, mouse over Options and click Account Settings.


To the bottom-left of the screen, you will see a button that says Account Actions. Click Account Actions then Add Mail Account…


On the following screen, you will start adding account information. Type in your Name, e-mail address, and its password.

When you click Done to proceed, you will see that Thunderbird attempts to guess the mail settings. We will click Manual config to set the exact settings we got before starting.


Fill in the settings. This example is typically how most mail accounts should be added but your settings may be different.


When you continue on by clicking Done, you may see a message like this. It is letting you know that this connection you are creating is not encrypted. If you need this connection to be encrypted, you need to purchase an SSL for the mail server hostname ( or for example). To continue on, check the box showing that you understand the risks and click Done.


The account is now added. The account settings can be found and changed on this page which the Account Settings. Clicking OK will bring you to the main screen there you should now be able to check your mail.


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