Cloud VS. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the most popular hosting solution that can suit even the most tight budget. But using a shared hosting solution also means that the user has to share the server resources with other users. If you are hosting your website with in an shared hosting service, this means all applications and data resources being used by your account, is also being shared with many other users on one server. Your website will share the same server resources as all other websites on the server such as CPU, Memory, disk space, bandwidth etc. The servers running shared hosting accounts are almost always fully loaded. If one website overloads the server, all users will suffer from low speed, limited disk space, memory issues, and/or downtime.

On the cloud, however, you will not have to worry about these issues. The cloud hosting environment is a dedicated hosting service that allows you to manage and maintain your website with in a server that is only dedicated to you. So this means that all resources allocated at the time of creation of your server that become available, are for you to use and you alone.

List of criteria that may make you opt for Cloud hosting:


  • Your websites or scripts put forward demands to certain amount of server resources (CPU, RAM, Disk space);

  • You need a feature or application that is not available and can’t be installed on shared hosting (JSP/JRE/JDK, Fantastico, Live streaming, etc.)

  • You need certain server limits to be increased and which are not within measures of shared hosting;

  • Your business has high dependability on website/mail up-time;

  • You are planning a big launch coming up and want to make sure your website is ready and requires perfect up-time;

  • You require better mailing options for email marketing;

  • You are getting ready for traffic increase due to a marketing campaign;

  • You require top load speed for a new media website;

  • You are running a web service;

  • You or your developer need root/ssh access to the server which is not available with any shared hosting service;

  • You are planning to re-sell hosting services;

  • You are experiencing continuous issues with slowness of your websites or scripts;

  • You are experiencing continuous issues with up-time;

If you are interested in Cloud hosting services or would like to hear more information, you can check out features and how to contact our support Here.

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