Changing Name Servers

Why would I change name servers?
Name servers would be changed in order to change where you are hosting your website. Name servers for your domain can only be changed with the domain registrar. If your domain is not registered with IX you must contact the current domain registrar and ask their assistance with changing name servers. You can check to see where your domain is registered by going to and checking your domain there.

How to change name servers?
First you must log into your account with us at

Once logged in you will click on the “My Products” tab:


After you are on the my products page you will want to select “My Domains”:


Finally you are on the My Domains page you will then see all of your domains that are registered with IX. You will first click on the domain name which will bring down a sub menu. From this menu you will click on “Modify Nameservers”. You will then place the radial button in the “Use Custom Nameservers” option and then fill in the name servers you are changing to.


When changing DNS your site may become unavailable due to  propagation. Average down time is around 24-48 hours but can take up to 72 hours to complete in some cases.

Where do I get my name server information?
The name servers you should be using depends on where you are hosting your website. If you are hosting your website with IX shared hosting, check out this article to find your nameservers. If you are using another hosting provider they should be able to provide you with the correct name servers for you to enter. You can also find information on updating nameservers at Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Bluehost, and Hostgator by clicking on the links provided.

Important Disclaimer:

When you update your nameservers to point to us, your website’s A records, MX records, and CNAME records will be changed to point to the servers that are assigned to your account with IXWebhosting.

To see the A recordsMX records, and CNAME records that will be assigned to your website, when you update the nameservers, please follow these instructions:

  • Log into your account and click on the manage button to take you to your control panel.
  • Click on the domains icon.
  • Select the domain.
  • Click the “Edit” button beside “DNS Configuration”


Before making this change, please make sure that have verified that your website content has been uploaded to our servers and you have created any necessary email addresses.  To read more information on DNS records, please click here.

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