Breaking down Client Management inside WHMCS

One of the largest parts of WHMCS is Client Management. When you view a client’s detailed information, several tabs are active on the screen. Each tab has a particular role in assisting you in managing your clients better. Below is a breakdown of the tabs and what abilities they offer.

Summary Tab

The Summary tab is an overview of your client’s details. In the window, you will have displayed simple billing and service statistics, links to several management actions, and a list of services they have through your company. summary-tab

Profile Tab

On the Profile Tab, you will find your client’s contact details (name, address, email address etc.) along with other options that affect the billing of their account.profile-tab

Contacts Tab

Inside the Contacts Tab, you can view and manage your client communications and sub-accounts. Through managing your customers contacts you have the ability to add or remove any contact with your customer. contacts-tab

Products/Services Tab

The Products/Services Tab contains the details of your client’s services. The tab also provides the ability to edit, upgrade/downgrade, move to a different customer, delete and run module commands. products tab

Domains Tab

The domains tab displays the details of your clients domains. On the page, you have the ability to edit nameservers, update whois details, lock or unlock the domain, move the domain to a different client or delete the domain. For these features to work correctly, your domain has to be configured through WHMCS.

Invoices Tab

All of your client’s invoices is found in the Invoices Tab along with search tools allowing you to manage better multiple invoices on a single customer. invoice tab

Quotes Tab

A list of all the client’s existing quotes and the ability to edit or delete an existing quote and create new quotes is found in the Quotes Tab section. quotes tab

Transactions Tab

Inside the Transactions Tab, you can locate the summary statistics of all orders made by your client. Also included is a list of all transactions, the ability to edit or delete existing quotes, and links to record new transactions. transaction tab

Emails tab

The Emails contains a list of emails sent to the client through WHMCS since the logs were last purged. email tab

Log tab

The log tab shows the Activity Log as in pertains to a single customer. The logs provide a detailed overview of the client’s history since becoming a customer.

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