Basic cPanel Email

This guide information regarding creation, configuring, and access your email on the cloud. To start you will want to log in to your cPanel account that you are looking to configure or access email for. If you are unsure how to access the cPanel account, please check out our page on creating and managing cPanel accounts in WHM.

Account Creation and Management

Below is the mail section of your cPanel account. As you can see, there are many options that can be utilize to manage, and maintain mail for your account. 


Once you click on ‘Email Accounts’ you will be directed to the screen shown below. This screen displays current mail accounts, options to create new accounts, and the default email account. The ‘default email account’ will always be the cPanel username. cPanel will disregard any email sent to this account by default. The end of this article explains how you can change this defaulted option.


To create an email account simply enter in a username in the ‘email’ field and set a password. It is important that the password is strong, if you would like to you can use the password generator provided in cPanel. You will also have the option to set the mailbox quota. This determines the amount of disk space allotted to the mailbox you are creating, you have the ability to change the disk space quota at any time. Once you have completed the set up click ‘create account’ and your mailbox will then be active.


After the account has been created it will be listed under the ‘Account@Domain’ section of the email accounts screen. From this screen you have the ability to ‘change quota’, ‘change password’, and ‘delete’ the account. If you select the ‘more’ option you will see that from here you can view information on how to ‘configure email client’ as well as ‘access webmail’.


Webmail Access

Once the accounts are created you can access it through webmail, or by setting it up in an email client such as Outlook, or Mac Mail. To access the mail through webmail you can launch it through cPanel or go to either of the following addresses: https://cloudIp.tld:2096 or https://webmail.domain.tld

After logging into your webmail you will see the following screen:


This screen provides you with three options for loading webmail. Each one of them do the same thing feel free to check out each of them to find which you prefer. Once you decide what webmail option you like you can choose to auto load it so that you will be directly sent to your email instead of the screen above after log in.

Default Email Settings

cPanel will automatically discard email sent to the default cPanel email address. You can change this option by selecting the option with in cPanel labeled as ‘Default Address’ as seen below:


Below you can see the options and explanations on what they do. Currently for this account mail is being forwarded to the system account. With in the default address options, you will be able to set a catchall mailbox. You can also set the email to be deleted when sending to a mailbox that does not exist.


If you would like to read more on email management on your server and what the other options provide to you with in your cPanel account, you can view the official cPanel docs here.

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