Backing up a website in cPanel

Creating a backup of your website and associated files  within cPanel is very easy to do.

First you will want to log into your cPanel account at https://cloudIP:2083 or https://cloud.domain.tld:2083 with the username and password associated to your cPanel account.

Once logged in, you can either search for “Backups” or direct to Files >> Backups with in the front interface of cPanel. You can see an example shown below:


The next screen will provide you options to customize your backup. It is recommended when downloading a full site backup that you also download a copy of any databases that are on the account. This is to ensure that all of the data is backed up.

When doing a backup from cPanel the content will be downloaded to your local machine rather than to the server.

The backups created here will download as a compressed file, specifically .tar.gz format. This type of format can be decompressed utilizing almost any unzip program within Windows, Linux, and MacOSX.


The image above shows the options you will be presented with after selecting the ‘Backups’ option within cPanel. More information about the options provided is listed below:

Download a Home Directory Backup- This will download everything that is listed with in the /home/cpanelID directory of the server. So in this case if I were to select download here, I would get everything that is with in the /home/support4you directory.

Download a MySQL Database Backup- Using this option will download any selected MySQL database that may be listed under ‘Databases’. Same thing applies for ‘Email Forwarders’ and ‘Email Filters’.

The backups that are obtained through cPanel can also be uploaded to the server within the same area as you can see by the image above.

You can also create backups of your content is by creating an FTP account and logging in via any FTP program of your choosing. Databases backups can downloaded utilizing either PHPMyAdmin within cPanel or any MySQL utility.

If you would like further information regarding FTP on cPanel, you can go here and here for the official cPanel documentation.

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