Available Ports on Shared Hosting

Within our company we take pride in making sure our servers are as secure as possible. We realize that the first step in being a secure company is to monitor which ports are open for our customers. In the following list are the specific ports we allow our shared customers to use within their account.

Hosting server

  • HTTP: port 80
  • HTTPS: port 443
  • FTP: port 21

Email services

  • POP3: port 110
  • IMAP: port 143
  • SMTP: port 25 or port 587

Database Services

  • mySQL: port 3306
  • PostGreSQL: port 5432
  • MSSQL: port 1433

The ports we have listed are specific to our share services. If you are in need of port information for our Cloud and VPS services please visit Available Ports on Cloud and VPS services.

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