Additional Mail Options in cPanel

Creating an Autoresponder in cPanel:

Autoresponders are used to inform senders that a user is unavailable and to provide additional information. To create an autoresponder first click the Autoresponders icon in the cPanel:


On the following screen click the Add Auto Responder button:


The next screen will present a form to configure and enable the Autoresponder:


Character Set: This can be left default.

Interval: This is the interval in which the Autoresponder will respond to a specific email if multiple messages are sent.

Email: This is the email account to set the Autoresponder on.

From: This is the displayed sender on the messages sent from the Autoresponder.

Subject: Message Subject.

Body: Message Body.

Start: Set a custom start time for the Autoresponder.

Stop: Set a custom stop time for the Autoresponder.

Once complete, click the Create/Modify button to add the Autoresponder.

Creating a Forwarder in cPanel:

A forwarder can be use to route all incoming messages from a single account or an entire domain to another account or domain locally or externally. We¬†strongly ¬†recommend against setting up forwards to go to third party mail services as this will also forward all SPAM received at the account and will assuredly get the mail server IP blacklisted on major RBL’s. This can negatively effect the domains ability to send mail to hundreds, if not thousands, of popular networks.

To add a forwarder click the Forwarders icon in the cPanel:


There are two types of forwarders; a single account forwarder and a domain forwarder. Click the Add Forwarder or Add Domain Forwarder respectively to add the forwarder type that is desired:


For a standard forwarder simply add the address that you wish to forward and the destination for the forwarder. The additional options can generally be ignored. Once complete, click Add Forwarder to add the forwarder:


To add a domain forwarder simply select the domain you wish to forward and then enter the destination email in the empty field. Once complete, click Add Domain Forwarder to add the forwarder:


Creating a Mailing List in cPanel:

To create a mailing list, click the Mailing Lists icon in cPanel:


On the following screen fill out the list name, set a password for the list, and click Add Mailing List to add a mailing list. To manage or modify an existing list click the corresponding link in the table below for the list you wish to modify:


For more information on managing mailing lists with MailMan you can visit their site here:

The E-mail Trace Feature in cPanel:

The  feature in cPanel allows the user to see the delivery route and results of a message based as it passes through the mail server. To access this click the Email Trace icon in cPanel:


In this form the user can search for a specific sender or see all traces based upon any combination of the following options by selecting them to filter the delivery list. It can also be set to show all messages or only failures by clicking either the Show Blocked and Failed or Show All buttons:


Additional information for managing spam at the domain level can be found in the following article:

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