Adding/Managing Email Addresses (Plesk)

Once you have logged into Plesk, you can start creating or managing email addresses by clicking the ‘Domains‘ link in the left navigation bar.


Next, select the domain you would like to manage email for by clicking either the domain name itself or by clicking ‘Manage hosting‘ to the right of that domain name. On the following page, click the Mail tab towards the top of the page.


The Mail tab will allow you to create mailboxes, change mail settings, and also do mailing list management.

Creating am email address

From the Mail tab, click the button labeled ‘Create Email Address‘.  You will be directed to a page that asks for the name of the email address and password.

Create Email Address - Marked

If you want this email address to collect mail, leave the check next to the word  Mailbox.

Create Email Address2

You can change the default mailbox size if needed here on this page. You can also allow this username access to the Control Panel so the user can make changed to the subscriptions.


Next to the General tab within the email address you selected, there will be a tab labeled ‘Forwarding‘. You can click the check box to enable forwarding to one or more email addresses. If you have the ‘Switch on mail forwarding‘ selected, adding a forwarding email address in the empty box below and a copy of all messages will be sent to the address you have entered. You can add multiple email addresses in this box if needed.

Email Aliases

If you create an alias and someone sends an email to it, the email will be received by your main mailbox. You can use this option to keep your main email address private but still receive email to your public mailbox.


The auto reply tab allows you to return an email message to anyone who sends to your mailbox automatically, when you’re not available. This auto-reply can say whatever you want by entering html code or using the plan text format and can even have an attachment.


The last tab, labeled ‘Antivirus‘, will let you enable incoming, outgoing, or message scanning both ways and block messages which contain malicious content.

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