Adding/Managing Domains (Plesk)

Starting with a fresh account, you will need to add a subscription for your first domain. Subscriptions are used with the Service Provider view and are sometimes used by resellers to manage access to domains and various control panel features. Further down the page we will go over adding a domain to existing subscriptions.

Begin by logging into Plesk and clicking Subscriptions:

Subscriptions link for Plesk

On the Subscriptions page, click the button that says ‘Add New Subscription‘. The following page will ask for the domain, username, password, and other information relevant to that subscription.



Any subscriptions you created previously will be listed on the Subscriptions page


You can add a new domain(s) to any subscriptions that do exist by clicking the ‘Manage hosting‘ link to the right of the initial domain. After selecting the subscription you are working with, make sure you are on the ‘Websites & Domains‘ tab


You will see a button that says ‘Add New Domain‘ which will allow you to create your new domain inside the existing subscription


Once the server has processed your request, you will be able to upload your website files and work with the new domain.

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