Adding/Managing databases (Plesk)

To get started adding a database to the Plesk interface, find the domain you are working with by clicking the ‘Domains‘ link in the left navigation pane.


Next, select the domain you would like to manage the databases for by¬†clicking¬†either the domain name itself or by clicking ‘Manage Hosting‘ to the right of that domain name. On the following page, you will see a link called ‘Databases‘. Click on either the icon or databases link.


On the Databases page you will find a button that says ‘Add New Database‘. The following page will allow you to create a new database, database user, and password for that user. Once you have created the database, you should be returned to the databases page. You will see links for ‘Webadmin‘ and ‘Copy‘ functions to the right of the database name.


Clicking Webadmin will load the PhpMyAdmin interface for direct web-based management of that database, and by clicking on Copy you will create a copy of the database. This function is usually used for backing up a database.

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