Adding a MySQL Database User

Your control panel provides you the ability to add or remove a user to any database currently within your account. Having multipul database users is helpful when you hire a design firm to work on your site. They may request access to your database therefore you may want to create a specific user for them. Please remember that if you do allow a developer into your database it is a good idea to create a database backup before you give them access so any changes can be reverted back to the original state if the need arises. If you need help with creating a back up of your database check out our article on how to create a MySQL database backup. You can also see how to remove the database user in our article Deleting a MySQL Database User.

How to add a MySQL User

  • After accessing your hosting control panel you will see the “Databases” row,  click on the icon labeled “MySQL Server”.  If your not sure how to log into your hosting control panel please visit the article here.add-mysql-user-001
  • After accessing the MySQL Server screen click on the icon labeled “EDIT” in the row of the database you wish to add the user to.add-mysql-user-002
  • In your MySQL database management window  look for the row labeled “Database users”.  In this row you will see the list of users currently able to access the database. To add a user click on the “ADD” icon.add-mysql-user-003
  • After you have clicked on the “ADD” icon you will be taken to the Add MySQL user window. This window will require you to add the user information. The second section of the window also allows you to modify the privileges to any user you currently have added to your control panel. To review how to grant privileges to a database user check out the article Granting Privileges to an Existing Database User.add-mysql-user-007The “User Name” contains a text box here you should add the name you want associated with this database user. add-mysql-user-008Remember the username will be formatted connecting the user to the account. In this situation it would be “testing_pixie” instead of simply calling the user “pixie”.
  • After you enter your new database username enter the password you wish to have associated with the user. add-mysql-user-009
  • You will then need to type in the password once again to confirm it. If the password is incorrectly added in either section it will display a red “!” informing you that it should be retyped.add-mysql-user-010
  • Once all the text boxes have been filled with the correct information it is time to select the needed user role for this specific database user. If your designers are needing to work with any Content Management System (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) they will usually need “DBA” permissions.add-mysql-user-011
  • After the “user role” has been selected click on the “Add” icon to complete adding the database user to the account.add-mysql-user-012

If everything was complete successfully you should see the message in “User (name) has been added successfully” and it will listed in the “Database users” section as well.

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