3rd Party Applications

There are a large amount of 3rd party apps available for you to use to improve the functionality & productivity of your website. Looking for a simple and easy to use cloud storage service? Then Amazon S3 may be what you’re looking for. What about an app that can track and report website traffic? Google has you covered with Google Analytic. Google also has several different apps to use for business, education and more including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Calendar, and Google Docs. We will also take a look some some of the most popular & powerful CMS frameworks available to you on the public web.

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service or (Amazon S3) is a simple, easy to use & very reliable cloud storage service with no limits to the amount of storage you can use and fully scalable to your needs. find out more about Amazon S3 here

Google Analytics

As mentioned earlier Google Analytic, is a free web analytic app offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. Some of Google Analytic features include the following:

  • How many visitors your site has
  • How often repeat visitors come back
  • Which pages on your site have been visited the most
  • How your site is doing in social networks

Find out more about Google Analytic here

Google Apps

Google Apps for Work has a wide range of work & business apps offered on a subscription basis and includes the following  popular Google web applications:

  • Gmail - a free web-based email service.
  • Google Drive - a service that provides online storage up to 30TB and allows synchronization & editing of documents, spreadsheets, and more and includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides.
  • Google Hangouts - Google’s version for video, voice and text communication. 
  • Google Calendar - is a Google integrated calendar app that synchronizes with other Google Apps.

Find out more about Google Apps here


WordPress is the worlds most popular free & easy to use website creation tool. With thousands of themes to choose from you can create any kind of website imaginable without all the knowledge of HTML or website coding. Find out more about WordPress here


Joomla, like WordPress, is another popular content management system or (CMS) but with the added benefit to easily create social networks and very simple online shopping cart support for your eCommerce type site. Find out more about Joomla here


osCommerce is a popular free online shopping cart that many use today to run their online businesses. osCommerce provides the ability to partner with many types of payment merchants and other services like PayPal. Find out more about osCommerce here

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