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File Transfer Protocol (FTP) FAQ

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

1. What is FTP?

FTP means File Transfer Protocol and is an internet protocol with which you can transfer files over the Internet. It is fast, reliable and convenient.

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2. What does "unlimited FTP accounts" mean?

You can create a certain number of FTP user accounts on any of our Linux hosting accounts (depended on the plan). Each FTP user can have separate access information. Because of this great feature you could offer small hosting services to mini websites that do not need their own domain name. Once you order a hosting account at IX Web Hosting, simply login to your control panel and start creating FTP users.

Detailed information on FTP set-up can be obtained at:

Now, you also have the ability to create FTP accounts for our Windows hosting plans. They are called System Accounts and, unlike Linux FTP Sub-Accounts, do not have the ability to restrict access to certain folders.

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3. What is difference between FTP Service (Virtual FTP) and FTP sub-accounts?

FTP sub accounts are the simplest way to authorize your friends and colleagues to work with the files within your account. Each FTP user of a Linux hosting account can be given a separate username and password, which gives full FTP permissions to a single directory, without giving access to the parent directories, or the control panel. No dedicated IP is required for FTP sub accounts. Each FTP sub account has a login which is different from yours. For Windows accounts you can also have several FTP user accounts, however, you cannot restrict access to certain directories.

Virtual FTP provides more possibilities than FTP sub-accounts. You can give your authorized Virtual FTP users access to more than one directory and specify a different set of permissions for each directory. Virtual FTP users log right into your root, but can enter only those directories you allow them to enter.

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4. Can I upload my websites using FTP?

Yes, you can upload your website using FTP protocol. The hostname (also called destination address / target address / ftp address, etc.) for your account is always or the IP address (looks like this: "") Please note that will not work before you have changed the nameservers of your domain name to ours. To connect please use the username and password you received in your account information email. The directory that you should upload your HTML files (the web pages) to is /

The directory that you should upload your cgi-scripts to is /

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5. Which FTP program would you recommend?

If you don't have a FTP client already, we recommend using FileZilla - a free, fast and reliable FTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface. You can download FileZilla at

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