Migration: 1 Year Anniversary in Ohio!

Migration- noun. Fleeing the coop for bigger, better things.

Migration- noun. Fleeing the coop for bigger, better things.

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When I was a kid, if my mom had sat me down, looked me squarely in the eyes and said: “Son, we’re moving,” I would have been furious.  Firstly, because I’m female and it wouldn’t be the first time she called me “son” and secondly, because I hate moving.  I like getting to know my area, seeking out the best neighbors to spy on and knowing the full story behind why, for example, the squirrel in our backyard is courting a lawn gnome.


In essence, moving for a child means being stuck with whatever Mom made.

To a child, moving means exchanging friends that would have willingly traded their superior lunch for your own if it meant 10 minutes on your Nintendo DS for new friends that wouldn’t trust your lunch even if came straight out of a factory-sealed Lunchables ™ box.

Worse, they don’t even know what you own yet, so how can you lunch-leverage?

This is kind of how we felt when we moved our data center from Hopkinsville, Kentucky to Columbus, Ohio almost exactly one year ago.  Except…in our adaptation, we were not planning on filling lawn gnomes with acorns to attract local squirrels and we certainly weren’t playing with anything “Nintendo” as servers and workstations took up most of our time (though our Mom’s were still probably making most of our lunches).

Actually, our move was not very much at all like what I just described, so I’m going to let everyone else describe it for you…I at least contributed the breathtakingly beautiful migration picture up top.

On the Move:

In the words of our CEO, Fathi Said: “This move made it possible for us to focus on what really matters: customer service.  Bandwidth and space restrictions have not been an issue since and we’re able to find highly talented staff in Columbus.  I am very pleased that we’re well in schedule for 2009…a year to bear many fruits of the same kind: service, service, service!”

Our VP of Systems Operations, Rick said the following: “Thankfully, our move brought us to Columbus, which is a very nice place with good people and many opportunities. I’m glad I made the move up along with IX. With a world class data center and lots of bandwidth connectivity available, I look forward to our continued growth and development.”

The always-friendly Chris Testerman (Director of Sales) had a lot more to say: “When I think of the move, the memories that stick out the most are of our team the night of the big move. I was working in the Kentucky office at the time and had signed up to come out in the middle of the night to do the worst thing imaginable. We were going to violate the sacred law. We had to unplug servers. Hand to hand we passed servers filled with family photos and private thoughts. This one probably held someone’s family business and that one could have stored the corporate brands of someone else. It just felt .. …. BIG. A year later, I’m excited about the big changes we’ve made and the bigger improvements we are working on for the future. Things that just wouldn’t have been possible without the move. I’m glad we’ve made the investment in our customers and ourselves. But what really gets me excited, what makes me glad to come into work everyday, is that sense of commitment to each other, and to each customer that I saw the night we all came together to move your servers.”

Tiberiu Ungureanu (affectionately known as “Tibi”) is a customer-favorite for his vast amount of knowledge and complete willingness to go above and beyond for each customer. He said of the move: “I already feel as though I am a pro at moving. Coming from Bucharest (Romania’s capital) to Kentucky was not an easy task. I had become accustomed to noise, insane traffic, plenty of people surrounding you at all times, the Romanian language…but Kentucky was a different kind of place. Just as I was getting used to my new home, we were told of the upcoming move to Columbus, Ohio. Honestly, I was pretty excited. Like any man, I like extremely fast, low-latency, zero packet-loss, totally amazing bandwidth served on a platter of redundant fiber-optic loops. Well, maybe these are not the wishes of “any” man, but they are certainly the wishes of any Senior Network Engineer who cares about his customers…and these were things that Columbus offered us.”

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