Happy Holidays from IX!


Raise your hand if you spent the last few days running around like crazy, buying, wrapping and giving gifts for what feels like forever. A lot of really tired hands just went up at IX!

We do all this running around, buying presents, making food, trying and failing to avoid crowds, because we want to see the people we love smile!

The “smile countdown” has officially begun. And this year, the IX team got together to make 127 disadvantaged kids smile, and smile they did!

Supporting the Franklin County Children Services Holiday Wish charity has become an IX family tradition, and this was our most successful year to date!

Have you ever seen what a IX-Mas Tree made out of gifts looks like?  Watch below.

Enjoy these times, savor the smiles, and don’t forget to smile yourself!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from IX Web Hosting!

Your Team at IX

PS:  Leave us your comments below! We’d love to hear what you think!


Get Your Site Featured with IX’s New Website Directory


Earlier this year, we mentioned a few of the features that would be launching alongside MyIX, and one of the first ones is ready for you to see:

Introducing the IX Web Hosting Website Directory!

With this new catalog, we’ve made it possible to see how similar sites and competitors in your industry are creating their websites. You can also browse each others’ sites to get some ideas for your own, as well as cross-promote your services to help improve your SEO.

Additionally, we will pick new websites from our network every week to be featured on our site directory. Those customers will get a badge to add to their site so they can show off their cool new status!


And guess what? YOU can be part of this new feature!

Check out the sites we currently have featured at http://www.ixwebsites.com/. While you’re there, browse through the different categories and see if anyone has a site that has a similar focus to yours.

And, if you want to add your site to our directory, just login to your control panel at my.ixwebhosting.com and follow these steps:

1. Click “My Profile” on the top tool bar.


2. Click “Website Information” on the left.


3. Click “Add Website Profile” at the top and fill out the information about your site!


The more detail you provide, the more information we can be list for your site in the directory!

So go ahead and check it out now! You can be one of the first to get your site added and viewable by other IX customers.

Have fun!


IX’s New Kitty Commercial


Everyone knows the internet wouldn’t survive without its two most vital ingredients:

1. Web hosting. No web hosting means no web sites, and no web sites essentially means no internet.

2. Cats. It’s common knowledge that the internet is dependent on people sharing cute cat pictures and videos in order to remain relevant.

So, when our VP of Operations adopted an abandoned kitten that was rescued from an empty storage facility, we took the opportunity to combine both major components of the internet into one adorable commercial.

Click here to watch!



A Gift from the Heart



You know, we’ve always said we LOVE our customers, but with February 14th fast approaching, we get to prove it!

That’s right, Valentine’s Day is coming, and since digital candy doesn’t exist yet, we thought of another way we could spread the love and convince you to be ours.

So, light the candles and open the red wine, because IX Web Hosting is going to woo you with some seductive savings this Valentine’s Day.

Starting February 7th, on our popular Expert Plan, we’re taking 55% off our original price of $6.95. The lovely new price is a stunningly low $2.96! Not only that, but we’re offering almost 50% off all other shared hosting plans!

That’s better than a mediocre dinner at the bistro and a handful of chalky heart candies, right? Just remember, this dreamy deal ends the day after V-Day (February 15th), so stop dodging Cupid’s arrows and check it out now. We guarantee it’ll be love at first sight.

Keep us in your heart!


heart IXOXO Web Hosting heart




Put Down Your Champagne and Read This


It’s New Year’s! A happy time?

A time for reflecting. A time to party. A happy time!

For most of us, it’s a time of making promises to ourselves that get seem to get harder to keep as the year goes by… so instead of that, I resolve to focus on what makes happy times even happier. (Hint: it’s not alcohol.)

It’s gratitude.

I’m not recycling an old “Thanksgiving” email about being thankful here. I will make this new year the happiest it can possibly be and I’m taking you with me.

This new year comes with a bunch of awesome new stuff; new products we’ve worked really hard on like our Domain Club that will save you money, great projects that will continue to improve our hosting services (I even hear whispers of a new hosting control panel, “zzzz…. cPaaahhnellll…. zzzz” in the ice-cold winter breeze), and our new account control panel, which you may have already seen.

So, my ambition for 2013 is to be happier. Happy people make better partners, parents, business owners, thinkers, and well, people. The way to get there is to be grateful for everything you’ve got and to constantly search for things to be happy about. If you can spend your time focusing on the positive around you, you will influence your world to be more positive toward you.

I hope you start searching for all the good in your life until it just becomes obvious on its own and all your struggles appear smaller by comparison. There is a lot to be grateful for, in anyone’s life, and it is all too easy to forget.

We’re incredibly grateful to have you as our customer and partner in doing better things with the Internet.

I hope this year will be a happy one for you.

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Any specific ones in regards to your business or website?

Happy IX Leader

PS: I’m really interested to hear what you guys think. Put your answers in the comments and we’ll try and answer each one – especially if you have any confusion about what you can do to reach those goals with your site.

prism glassesPPS: So, check this out. I got myself this really cool Christmas gift called “prism glasses.” They’re awesome and totally weird, but I love them. Who knows, you might like them too!

Also, if you want to read more about gratitude and happiness – I recommend you check out “The Happiness Advantage” book. I will be using my new prism glasses to read it in bed, but don’t judge the book by that. It’s actually good and has inspired me in many ways!


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Your Dedicated Support

At IX, we take care of our customers. And dedicated support is one of the ways we prove to you again and again that we are here to help you every step of the way, regardless of your skill level. With IX dedicated support, you get a support technician personally assigned to assist you. You get their name, number, email, social media connections, and work schedule! It's just one more facet of our service which proves our deeply rooted belief that being a great hosting provider requires more than just cutting-edge technologies, but the best in support and service.