The 15-Minute Morning Routine That Will Make You Entrepreneur of the Year


While it’s easy to spend the first few minutes of your day pressing the snooze button and hiding under the covers, many highly successful individuals know that their most powerful moments—the ones that have the most significant impact on the rest of their days—are those first few minutes after waking up.

Stick with this simple, 15-minute morning routine and before you know it, you will have a leg up on the competition as you begin each day with a fit mind, less tension, and a clear vision of your success.


  1. Make Your Bed (two minutes): While many people tend to crawl out of bed leaving rumpled sheets in their wake, taking two extra minutes to make your bed sets the tone for how you view the rest of your day. By tidying up your bed, you are placing an emphasis on organization and order. Additionally, making your bed gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment, which will drive you to succeed throughout your day.
  2. Drink Water (one minute): After you sleep, your body and brain need replenishing with water to function at their full potential. Drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach helps purify the body’s internal system. With help from water, your body is able to produce new blood and muscle cells, allowing you think more clearly. This will help bring forth new ideas for success
  3. Stretch (three minutes): Taking a few minutes to stretch your body can be vital to your well-being throughout your day. Not only will you experience physical relief from using muscles that have been inactive for hours, you will also enjoy mental release first thing in the morning. Stretching can speed up the release of mood enhancing endorphins, improve circulation, and increase your mental flexibility as you proceed throughout your day.entrepreneur tips
  4. Map Your Day (five minutes): Planning out your day can help you focus on what events lie ahead, helping you to stay organized and on track with your goals and tasks. Put together a calendar of events, make a list, or even add your tasks to your cellphone. When you envision each task as a step toward completing your goals, you can actually increase your motivation to work and get things done.
  5. Dream (four minutes): You haven’t been out of bed long and may even have just woken from a dream, but believe it or not, daydreaming can be a very important motivator when it comes to an entrepreneur’s ability to soar. Choose a peaceful vision that makes you feel successful, think about how you will feel once you have reached your goals, and allow yourself to dream big.

As an entrepreneur, you know that your productivity level is significantly based on your ability to manage time effectively. Starting your day with a routine that combines the maximization of your time with an emphasis on motivational activities is essential.

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Breaking Down the Basics: What is SEO Anyway?


Did you know that the heavy equipment manufacturer Caterpillar, often abbreviated as Cat or CAT, ranks above the domestic animal of the same name, as well as the insect, in a search on Google for the word “cat”?

How can a company that has been around for little more than a century outrank an insect and a feline that have been around for thousands of years? There’s always something else ranking higher than you on a Google search results page. That, my friends, is the awesome power of search engine optimization, or SEO.

So, What Is It?

As the full name of the abbreviation implies, SEO involves the optimization of online content to appeal to various guidelines, standards, rules, and preferences used for displaying search results to Internet surfers, searchers, and shoppers.

People use search engines, primarily Google, to find things on the Internet. If you want to be found, you either have to give your website address to each individual personally (which is impossible), or you need to optimize your content so the search engine will find your site worthy of being included in a result list.

Why Should I Care?

The goal is to have first-page ranking because studies show that many people don’t even look beyond the first page. Even more so, such as in the case of Caterpillar, you want to have the No. 1 rank, because 33 percent of search traffic goes to that coveted position.

Some things search engines like to find on websites when considering them for search placement include the following:

  • Contextually relevant keywords and key phrases within the site copy that pertain to the search terms, including long-tail and geo-targeted keywords for niche and location-specific searches.
  • Content that is original, valuable, and meaningful. Duplicate content can get penalized by search engines.
  • Authority, content that’s back-linked on relevant expert sites, and a large quantity of social shares.
  • Optimal site performance in terms of page load times, functioning links, bounce rate, and easy navigation
  • Log into your control panel at

basics of seo

There are also things search engines do not approve of, like keyword stuffing, duplicate or “thin” content with little substance or value to the visitor, back-links to questionable sites, and the use of coding tricks to superficially create visitor or search engine appeal.  Some of these techniques are referred to as “black hat SEO” because they are unethical, improper, or frowned upon by search engines and marketing experts.

When you’re ready to take your online marketing to the next level and gain the exposure you need to achieve your marketing goals, start thinking about SEO. Ensuring that your site is properly optimized for search engines is an essential requirement, and there are plenty of tools to help you along the way.

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Happy Holidays from IX!


Raise your hand if you spent the last few days running around like crazy, buying, wrapping and giving gifts for what feels like forever. A lot of really tired hands just went up at IX!

We do all this running around, buying presents, making food, trying and failing to avoid crowds, because we want to see the people we love smile!

The “smile countdown” has officially begun. And this year, the IX team got together to make 127 disadvantaged kids smile, and smile they did!

Supporting the Franklin County Children Services Holiday Wish charity has become an IX family tradition, and this was our most successful year to date!

Have you ever seen what a IX-Mas Tree made out of gifts looks like?  Watch below.

Enjoy these times, savor the smiles, and don’t forget to smile yourself!

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from IX Web Hosting!

Your Team at IX

PS:  Leave us your comments below! We’d love to hear what you think!


Get Your Site Featured with IX’s New Website Directory


Earlier this year, we mentioned a few of the features that would be launching alongside MyIX, and one of the first ones is ready for you to see:

Introducing the IX Web Hosting Website Directory!

With this new catalog, we’ve made it possible to see how similar sites and competitors in your industry are creating their websites. You can also browse each others’ sites to get some ideas for your own, as well as cross-promote your services to help improve your SEO.

Additionally, we will pick new websites from our network every week to be featured on our site directory. Those customers will get a badge to add to their site so they can show off their cool new status!


And guess what? YOU can be part of this new feature!

Check out the sites we currently have featured at While you’re there, browse through the different categories and see if anyone has a site that has a similar focus to yours.

And, if you want to add your site to our directory, just login to your control panel at and follow these steps:

1. Click “My Profile” on the top tool bar.


2. Click “Website Information” on the left.


3. Click “Add Website Profile” at the top and fill out the information about your site!


The more detail you provide, the more information we can be list for your site in the directory!

So go ahead and check it out now! You can be one of the first to get your site added and viewable by other IX customers.

Have fun!




You may have heard by now, but some highly sensitive, highly interesting material leaked from our corporate offices recently. We were advised not to comment, but it seems we’re past the point of staying quiet. Before you base your opinion on some bad reporting you saw elsewhere, check out these redacted materials for yourself. Is something big coming at IX?

Check out these suspiciously obscured photos and this redacted letter to our CEO:


Q:  Hello, this is Web Hosting Expose Weekly, talking to Mack Jensen, public relations manager at IX Web Hosting.  How’s it going Mack?
A:  It’s going well, how are you?

Q:  Just fine.  Well, I suppose you know why I’m here.
A:  Yes, yes I do.

Q:  Earlier this, week, a top secret document was leaked on your own blog, detailing a classified project your company is working on.  Can you give us any details on what this might be?
A:  Nope.  Not even a little bit.

Q:  You can’t comment on this project at all?
A:  Truthfully, I cannot confirm or deny that this so called ‘project’ even exists.

Q:  So, are you saying the leaked documents aren’t authentic?
A:  I can’t even confirm or deny these alleged ‘documents’ exist.

Q:  Well… we know they exist, they’re posted on your blog.
A:  Blog?  Is that even a word?

Q:  Please Mr. Jensen.  You can’t just deny everything and expect us to believe th-
A:  I’m sorry, who’s this Mr. Jensen you’re referring to?

Q:  Come on.  That’s your name.
A:  Is it?

Q:  ….Yes.
A:  Okay, you got me.  I guess you’ve got your big story now.

Q:  No!  That’s not the story!  Look, a top secret doc was leaked on your blog, which is silly anyway, because it’s YOUR blog and it hasn’t been taken down yet. Regardless, the public wants to know what you’re working on.
A:  Look, a document may or may not have been leaked and posted online. It may or may not be about IX’s brand new control panel, which may or may not feature an entirely new interface, customization options, and helpful new tools.   Tools that may not even be there.  And my name may or may not be Mack Jensen.  However, I simply can’t comment on these things at this time.  Plus, you can’t believe everything you hear on the internet, that’s how the Civil War got started.

Q:  I, uhh… wait, what?
A:  Yes?

Q:  Did you just confirm a new control panel for IX?
A:  No, I did the opposite of that. I vaguely mentioned it and then indicated I couldn’t confirm or deny its existence.  That way you won’t know it’s our big secret.

Q:  See!  Right there!  You did it again!
A: No I didn’t.  Look, if you read into everything I say, you can concoct all sorts of nonsense.  The bottom line is, I just can’t talk about the new control panel, because it’s top secret, and if I let the cat out of the bag, I’ll get in big trouble.  Assuming it even exists, which it doesn’t.

Q: …Okay.
A: Thanks, I’m glad we understand each other.  Now, you’re not going to report any of this, are you?

Q: What?  I’m a reporter,  that’s what I do!
A: THAT’s what reporters do?  Oh no, I thought you did that thing with… ahh, what’s the thing where you roll a ball at some weird sticks and wear funny shoes?

Q:  What, bowling?
A:  Yeah, that!  Oh no, oh God, oh no, I’m in so much trouble…  oh God…  this interview is over!!

link to mp3:


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