Important Yahoo Mail Update


On Monday, July 15th, Yahoo Mail will be removing all inactive email accounts (specifically, those that haven’t been logged into for the past year) and will be releasing them back into the public domain.

This could potentially affect anyone who currently has a mailing list that includes these unresponsive Yahoo email addresses, because if someone else picks up the released email address and gets an unfamiliar email or newsletter, they may end up marking it as spam.

If you have a mailing list that may include some of these email addresses, you may want to identify and remove them as soon as possible. If someone re-registers one of the released emails, gets your newsletter by mistake, and marks it as spam, it can easily cause ISPs like Google and Gmail to block any further emails you attempt to send.

It’s never pleasant to have to delete subscribers, but it’s better than being marked as spam.

Remember, Yahoo is making this change on Monday, July 15th, so try and contact your Yahoo contacts ASAP.



Nice Try, Tornado


No tornados @ IX!

As some of you may have read on our official Facebook page, IX Web Hosting was recently hit with a pretty nasty storm. The high winds lifted the roofs off of surrounding buildings, toppled tractor-trailer rigs, and shattered windows, both vehicle and building alike.

Shots of the surrounding damage

And, while the subsequent power outage has disrupted many businesses in the area, the employees at IX Web Hosting are still here, chugging away to keep this situation from affecting our customers in any way.

Though the storm struck without warning, we were able to make sure our customers’ accounts were completely unaffected by this incident. Our emergency generators are running at full power to make sure our servers are operating without interruption. We are having additional fuel delivered as needed so that we remain up as long as the power remains out.

This means our shared, VPS, and Cloud services are currently up and running, and should remain unaffected until the power outage is over. We will, of course, update you if anything changes or if we have any reason to suspect that this might change.

Fortunately, no IX employees were injured during the storm, and our building missed sustaining any physical damage. As for an ETA for when the local power outage will end, we’ve heard from our power provider, AEP, that power should be restored by 11:00 PM EST. [UPDATE: Power is restored! We had our generators refueled again just-in-case, but we’re back on grid power!]

In the meantime, check out this video we captured of the storm touching down across the street, featuring our videographer, Stephi Kurz, and me, Mike Nichols, correctly identifying the storm as a “thing.”


We're Always There When You Need Us The Most!

Your Dedicated Support

At IX, we take care of our customers. And dedicated support is one of the ways we prove to you again and again that we are here to help you every step of the way, regardless of your skill level. With IX dedicated support, you get a support technician personally assigned to assist you. You get their name, number, email, social media connections, and work schedule! It's just one more facet of our service which proves our deeply rooted belief that being a great hosting provider requires more than just cutting-edge technologies, but the best in support and service.