You may have heard by now, but some highly sensitive, highly interesting material leaked from our corporate offices recently. We were advised not to comment, but it seems we’re past the point of staying quiet. Before you base your opinion on some bad reporting you saw elsewhere, check out these redacted materials for yourself. Is something big coming at IX?

Check out these suspiciously obscured photos and this redacted letter to our CEO:


Q:  Hello, this is Web Hosting Expose Weekly, talking to Mack Jensen, public relations manager at IX Web Hosting.  How’s it going Mack?
A:  It’s going well, how are you?

Q:  Just fine.  Well, I suppose you know why I’m here.
A:  Yes, yes I do.

Q:  Earlier this, week, a top secret document was leaked on your own blog, detailing a classified project your company is working on.  Can you give us any details on what this might be?
A:  Nope.  Not even a little bit.

Q:  You can’t comment on this project at all?
A:  Truthfully, I cannot confirm or deny that this so called ‘project’ even exists.

Q:  So, are you saying the leaked documents aren’t authentic?
A:  I can’t even confirm or deny these alleged ‘documents’ exist.

Q:  Well… we know they exist, they’re posted on your blog.
A:  Blog?  Is that even a word?

Q:  Please Mr. Jensen.  You can’t just deny everything and expect us to believe th-
A:  I’m sorry, who’s this Mr. Jensen you’re referring to?

Q:  Come on.  That’s your name.
A:  Is it?

Q:  ….Yes.
A:  Okay, you got me.  I guess you’ve got your big story now.

Q:  No!  That’s not the story!  Look, a top secret doc was leaked on your blog, which is silly anyway, because it’s YOUR blog and it hasn’t been taken down yet. Regardless, the public wants to know what you’re working on.
A:  Look, a document may or may not have been leaked and posted online. It may or may not be about IX’s brand new control panel, which may or may not feature an entirely new interface, customization options, and helpful new tools.   Tools that may not even be there.  And my name may or may not be Mack Jensen.  However, I simply can’t comment on these things at this time.  Plus, you can’t believe everything you hear on the internet, that’s how the Civil War got started.

Q:  I, uhh… wait, what?
A:  Yes?

Q:  Did you just confirm a new control panel for IX?
A:  No, I did the opposite of that. I vaguely mentioned it and then indicated I couldn’t confirm or deny its existence.  That way you won’t know it’s our big secret.

Q:  See!  Right there!  You did it again!
A: No I didn’t.  Look, if you read into everything I say, you can concoct all sorts of nonsense.  The bottom line is, I just can’t talk about the new control panel, because it’s top secret, and if I let the cat out of the bag, I’ll get in big trouble.  Assuming it even exists, which it doesn’t.

Q: …Okay.
A: Thanks, I’m glad we understand each other.  Now, you’re not going to report any of this, are you?

Q: What?  I’m a reporter,  that’s what I do!
A: THAT’s what reporters do?  Oh no, I thought you did that thing with… ahh, what’s the thing where you roll a ball at some weird sticks and wear funny shoes?

Q:  What, bowling?
A:  Yeah, that!  Oh no, oh God, oh no, I’m in so much trouble…  oh God…  this interview is over!!

link to mp3: http://assets.ixwebhosting.com/media/hosting_expose_weekly.mp3


42 Comments to "IXleaks"

  1. Haha nice.. Can’t wait

  2. I’m glad IX web hosting has a sense of humor and entertainment, I always viewed them as just another web hosting service. I was wondering what kind of email I was getting about this, and had to find out more!

    • Jared Elick - -

      We definitely have quite a bit of fun here. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoy publishing it!

  3. MickeyElliott -


  4. Love this. It is wonderful to see a company with a sense of humor and – ummmm…so, how many piegons do you have?

    • I’ve been told that we may or may not have pigeons (you’d think I’d know.) The so called Pigeon Service may or may not be a decoy for something else. Something else that may or may not exist.

  5. Rather effective marketing :P

  6. posiedon -

    Waiting Team IX !!!

  7. I think that you contracted one of Woots’ writers. Style is identical… and hilarious.

  8. Jeanne -

    Cute! good to see such a sense of humor.

  9. Alan Parker -

    What a great, fun way to present this (alleged) new control panel. Keep it up!

  10. Stephen -

    When are you guys “moving on” to server 2008 for instance?

  11. I’ve been with IX for MANY years. They’re offerings and services are great and their support and customer service has always been top notch. I always recommed them. I too wondered what this email was about. It’s great to see this kind of humorous marketing – keep it up! If there happen to be changes (wink, wink), I look forward to them!

  12. Nice.. Looking forward to this. Sounds good so far..

  13. Your email should be submitted as Exhibit A on how to write an email. And the interview was better than a screenplay. Thanks for this treat. Now I’m anxious for the Really Big Treat, if it’s really under control.

  14. vivenandha -

    All of a sudden i logged in my ix account :) lets wait n check

  15. Any discounts in Xmas sales? This is what can make me excited.

  16. Sweet, cant wait. Great marketing guys!

  17. Hasan Jaffal -

    U got me to read the full article.

    Effective Marketing :)

    Good Job

  18. I have to admit, I normally would have deleted this email. But I read this. Cute. Good marketing.

  19. Clever.

  20. Jack Lovelace -

    That’s Funny! Great Job Thanks.

  21. well considering I have had an account with IX since 2003 and there have been almost no changes to the —- since then, it’s about time for something exciting…

  22. Jane Ellenberger -

    So, when will we see these new results? I was almost ready to drop my IX, but I am willing to wait. I need help fixing my site, so I hope either you can fix it yourself, or I can get the help I need to fix my own site.

  23. Entertaining. As a very long term customer I’ve been very happy.
    Although… are you sure that Mack Jenson isn’t some sort of political figure in public office?

  24. Notso Happy -

    I am hoping that all of this top secret voo-doo fixes my crap-tastic site speed and service. I left IX several years ago for the same reasons, but got lured back in by their cheap prices. Turns out you get what you pay for.

    • Jared Elick - -

      We would certainly be happy to discuss any issues you’ve had, and work to resolve them for you. Please contact us by phone, chat, or ticket, and we will do our absolute best to help you out.

  25. James Deal -

    All this time I thought IP stood for ‘Internet Protocol” and it looks like it stands for ‘Internet Pigeon’!

  26. Jared Elick -

    I can neither confirm nor deny this.

  27. Karyne Richardson -

    ok, so you are going to have a new look and stuff. We just love you for SAFE, EFFECTIVE, websites
    where people with Special NEEDS Kids can find us and get help that is working, year after year. You guys all ROCK.
    Karyne Richardson.com YourHealthYourChoice.us SetiADD.org SetiSMART.com ISHIM.us
    all of us, all the ways you keep our websites functional. THANK YOU so very much
    Merry Christmas from our hearts and minds to yours!!

  28. Good one! When I can see the new control panel? I hope the functionality and the performance of the control panel will remains the same. I love your file manager tool with complete control!

  29. Carmen -

    OMG!!!! My website will not come up on the internet…Is that the SECRET??

  30. shasha_acharya -

    Very funny and glad i read this post.

  31. Kelson ONeil -

    It looks great. What about improving the speed of WordPress on your servers? AND, what about allowing the easy app collection wordpress install to be installed directly to the parent domain, rather than a subfolder or subdomain? These two things would be great! I’ve been with your hosting company for many years, and its becoming painful use because of the speed. I suspect my userbase is also experiencing poor load times as well… not good. I hope someone can fix these…

  32. Webmaster -

    This is hilarious!! GoDaddy has nothing on IX, I know I manage a site there. I have been a customer for and afiliate for about 7 years now almost as long as I have been an IT professional. Superb customer service and support. Keep up the good work and enhancements.

    Webmaster for many sites and one of the biggest Transit Systems out there.

  33. Long time IX web
    hosting customer and I’m so tired of the very poor email client they have. Your web email is soo slow and old with no good
    tools to block spam, no MS exchange email offered, and no smartphone apps.

    I just wish IX
    web hosting will put they energy to improve their email hosting!!!!

    • IX: Robyn M. - -

      Hi Uri,

      We are looking into a new email solution as well. If you need help setting up your email in a mail client please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you set it up. Thanks!

  34. […] Secondly, I need friendly service for the RARE times I need to contact IX WebHosting. I’ve only spoken with a Rep or Technician from this company a few times in my life, but each time I do they are always kind and considerate. Once, I even got a call from them just to see how I was doing, and if I had any questions. This wasn’t a sales call, it was just a “Hey, how are ya, is everything good with you and your websites” kind of call. Thanks – I’m doing well. Oh I forgot to mention, their Marketing team has a sense of humor! […]

  35. Would really like to see IX participating in clean energy, maybe purchase credits to offset their carbon footprint.

    I was a client for a few years, service was always good. My present company purchases renewable credits to more than offset their carbon footprint. If IX could implement something similar, I’d definitely consider coming back.

    • IX: Robyn M. - -

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the suggestion. We are always looking into ways to improve!

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