Look Who Made it into the Web Hosting Industry Review!

Michael Harris of Ecommerce, Inc. talking about The Innovation Initiative at HostingCon 2012

Congrats to Mike Harris who made another appearance in Web Hosting Industry Review magazine!

Earlier this year, you’ll recall Mike having done a talk on his Innovation Initiative for HostingCon 2012. Apparently, WHIR enjoyed his talk so much, they decided to do a feature-length article on his ideas.

Every company faces the challenge of developing new ways to sell their products, solve a problem, or improve efficiency. Mike’s concept is for companies to use their entire workforce to drive innovation and develop creative ideas, rather than only relying on members of management or hiring outside consultants. Mike explained this in the article, but also gave us some ideas on how even smaller teams can take advantage of his ideas. So, keep reading to find out how you might be able to use Mike’s concepts for yourself!

When describing why his approach is so effective in the WHIR piece, Mike said, “What’s so interesting about the approach is you get a really good variety of ideas and backgrounds because you’re grabbing from different areas of expertise and you’re bringing them together,” He continues. “They come in as if they were all co-founders in a startup company to solve whatever problem it is they want to solve.”

Mike also explained how his method can be very beneficial to companies that have a limited amount of staff and financial resources.

“This is a way to leverage the resources you already have and achieve results that you didn’t believe possible before. For a company like us… we’re not the biggest company in the world, but it gave us a big company research and development group on a budget, if you will.”

Some of you might be wondering how to use these concepts for your own purposes. Well, we asked Mike for some insight on how some of our customers can take advantage of his ideas.

“The approach to innovation that I am sharing will work for small and large companies alike. The concepts do not depend on company size at all, but rather the ability to create small, diverse teams with the freedom to focus and the autonomy to create change. The challenge for very small companies will be to create team diversity when it comes to member’s backgrounds, skill sets, and experience. To achieve this diversity you could ask a customer, vendor, friend, or family member to participate. Once you have a few diverse thinkers on the team, the concepts and practices will apply just as they do for larger companies.”

After overcoming the challenge of creating team diversity, it’s up to those smaller organizations to then carry out the innovation concepts that Mike outlines so they too can propel forward.

To read the WHIR article in its entirety, check out “The Innovation Initiative with Michael Harris of Ecommerce, Inc.”!

Thanks, and once again, congratulations to Mike!


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