How do I move my MobileMe site?


Attention all Apple users!

If you haven’t heard, come June 30th, Apple will no longer be supporting MobileMe accounts. Because of this, any iWeb site you have uploaded to MobileMe will no longer be up and running.

But don’t worry!

IX Web Hosting provides web and mail services which will allow your site to remain active, and moving your site over to us is a snap. I’ve put together this quick walkthrough to show you how easy it is to switch your iWeb site from MobileMe over to IX Web Hosting in just 5 simple steps:

1. When you create a hosting account with us (if you don’t have one already click HERE to sign up) you will receive a ‘Welcome’ email detailing all login and server information you’ll need. If you signed up previously and lost your ‘Welcome’ email, contact us and we’ll help you find this info.

2. Log into your IX Web Hosting account. Click the ‘Manage’ button for your hosting product and add your domain name under ‘Domains’. Ignore the message about ‘top level domain’ and be sure ‘Web Service’ is turned on. Also, once finished, write down the IP address. (Take note if the word ‘shared’ appears next to it).

Domains List Screenshot

3. Open iWeb. Click the domain name on the left to bring up the publishing settings. You will see “Publish to: ‘MobileMe’“. Instead, select “FTP Server” from the drop down menu and enter your IP address or web server name indicated in your welcome email.

Mobile Me Publishing Settings Screenshot

MobileMe publishing settings screenshot two

4. From the welcome email, you’ll need your Server Address, Username, and Password to fill out the rest of the “FTP Server Settings”. Leave the “directory/path:” field blank.

5. Once finished, click ‘publish’ and thats it! You’ve migrated your website over to our service just with a few simple clicks inside your iWeb program.

To make sure your site is up and working the way you want it, open up a browser window and type in the IP address you wrote down earlier unless it had ‘shared’ next to it.  If you have a ‘shared’ IP address, you click ‘Web Options’ in the ‘Manage’ section of your hosting account, click the domain name, and scroll to the bottom to click ‘Instant Access Domain Alias,’ as seen below.

Instant Access Domain Alias Screenshot

Once you’re sure it’s working, update your name servers with your current registrar using the information provided to you in the ‘Welcome’ email. If you’re not sure how to change your name servers, consult this:

If you have any issues with this process, feel free to reach me Sunday – Thursday, 8AM – 5PM EDT.  I’m considered the ‘mac guy’ in the office and would be happy to ensure this transition goes smoothly for you. My number is 800-385-0450, extension 014.

If I’m not available, any one of our helpful staff members can assist you. Just visit if you have any questions.

Good luck!

Robert Graham
Customer Relations


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