Important (New Domain Stuff)


Here’s the details on the five-featured knock-out punch for your domains.  All five fall into the “you’ve been asking for it forever” category.

You would not believe the amount of emails I get from my customers asking about these features.  They’re finally here.  Let’s get right to it:  (Drum roll please…)

Number 1: Domain WHOIS Privacy

When you register a domain, you fill out your name, address, phone, email, etc., right?

I’m not sure if you know, but this information is PUBLIC.  It’s stored in the so called “WHOIS” database, and anyone, including bad guys (like spammers, identify thiefs (or phishers), and other online fraudsters go there to get the goods on domain owners like you and me.)

There’s actually a close-to-home story that I have of how one my colleagues almost got shafted because she didn’t have her domains protected.  I’ll tell you about it later this week.

The only way to solve it:  Domain WHOIS Privacy – it hides your information and tells the trolls that it’s off limits!

 Click here to protect the domains you already have registered.

To honor the release of this feature – for a very, very short time, we’ll offer new .com domain registrations for the crazy low price of $4, when you register them with Domain WHOIS Privacy.


Number 2: .ME and .NAME Domains

Have you ever wanted to grab a personal piece of web real estate for yourself, your children, or grandchildren?

We’re talking .name and .me domain names. Very cool. They’re the perfect way to put your unique, personal stamp on the internet, and get a really sweet email address. Over 14,000 domain names are registered every hour, so act fast if you want to secure your name.

See if yours are available here.

Number 3: Internationalized Domain Names.

Did you know that domain names can be registered in non-English language characters?

If you get traffic from other countries, your should snap up your domain in those languages and redirect the traffic to your site. Right away. Why? Because it will help your site rank higher in Google, and it’s likely that you’ll start getting more traffic.

It’s fast and easy, and now you can do it right in your control panel.

If you don’t know how to spell your domain in the language you’re looking for, simply visit Plus, it’s easier to copy/paste than try to figure out how to make a ¨, Б, or 买 using your keyboard.

Number 4: Premium Domains

I’m sure you’ve run into this problem before.  You think of your perfect domain name.  Alas, it’s not available anymore.  Just like all of the other good domain names – all taken.  But really, a lot of them are for sale!  And with any luck, the name you really want is too.

They’re called “Premium” (or pre-registered) domain names, and they’re a great way to get the exact domain name you want.

But, like all good things, they’re not cheap.  They can get pretty pricey – but you get what you pay for. Premium domains are often a big source of immediate direct traffic, built-in SEO rankings, and a reservoir of pre-existing backlinks (and all that stuff is really good for ranking your site higher on search engines.)

Take a look here to see if there is one you like, or if your perfect name is actually available!

Number 5: Easy Domain Transfer

For years, both my customers and my customer service specialists have been beating me over the head with this little tidbit: It’s a pain in the neck to transfer domains into our system.

So finally, we created something new: An automated tool for domain transfers that lets you extricate your domains from the grip of your former registrar, and transfer them quickly and easily to your account, directly in your control panel.

You can do it fully automated, and it doesn’t require any phone calls to our team.  So transfer away!

That’s it for now. We’re all very excited about these enhancements. I hope you will be too.

Talk soon,

Fathi Said, CEO
IX Web Hosting


PS:  Pesky Disclaimers:  $4 .com domain registrations good for initial registration period only. WHOIS Domain Privacy Protection is available on .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, and .mobi top-level domains only.

PPS:  To get handy screenshots and instructions for all of our new features – check out the online hosting manual.


46 Comments to "Important (New Domain Stuff)"

  1. Earlybird36 -

    Is my and protected from being stolen?
    Wayne Vipond

    • Hi Earlybird,

      Domain security is something we take very seriously here and we want you to know that if you have domain privacy or just a standard domain registered with us your domain is secure with IX Web Hosting. Please let me know if you have any other questions.


      John Richards

  2. Baljinder Singh -

    Domain WHOIS Privacy was the one for which i waited for. now my domain purchase will be definately from IX. thanx to the owners.

    • Balijinder,

      Thanks for the love and if you have any questions about domain privacy please let us know.

      Thanks for choosing IX!

      John Richards

  3. Bahij Barhoumi -

    Well, let me say it gets more and more exciting with IXwebhosting


  4. All of this is well and good and much appreciated, but lets get back to basics.  Some of us are on servers that run
    php 4 and can’t get migrated unless we pay big for it.  I have five or six domains on one of the php 4 servers and one of them needed php 5 to upload the latest version of WordPress.  I had to pay $25.00 for the migration of one domain  to one of my other accounts that runs php5.   IN order to migrate all of the domains I have on the php 4 servers it would cost me
    $1000.00. ( although they did come down to $700 later on)     I don’t mean to throw cold water on these latest features but I would be more appreciative to just have all of my domains hosted on php 5 servers.  I know that when we open a new account we automatically open on a server that runs php5  but my old faithful accounts that have been with your for years, languish.

    • Ron,

      I’m sorry to hear what’s going on. I am notifying Tass, your personal agent, to look into your account a little closer. We are currently migrating our customers to newer servers because of issues like yours but I want Tass to look a little closer to see what we can do to assist you.

      Thanks and we will be in touch!

      John Richards

  5. Great new features. Thanks IX. The live chat support is the main reason I have been with IX for so long. Keep up the great work.

  6. Ripley -

    Any news on updates for ColdFusion? or Using the CF scheduler? There is no scheduler (i.e. cron jobs) for windows.

    • IX: Mike N. - -

      Hello Ripley,

      We don’t have any news on CF updates yet, but we’ll be certain to update you once we’ve made any changes.

      – Mike Nichols

  7. Jeetendra -

    Great! Thank you for adding new features..
    these are really imp and helpful for every member of ixwebhosting.

    Thanks Fathi…

    • Hello Jeet,

      Thanks for the praise and if you have any additional questions about IX Web Hosting please contact us at anytime.

      Thanks again!

      John Richards

  8. PhilTheDudeJ -

    IX has continued to improve every year.  Keep up the good work – you guys rock!

    • IX: Mike N. - -

      Hello Phil!

      Thanks for the kudos! We’re always happy to hear from our customers!

      Mike Nichols
      IX Web Hosting

  9. Varun Gupta -

    Dear Fathi & John,

    Thanks so much for the awesome feature upgrades. I for one will definitely be adding domain privacy to some of my domains.

    We are facing similar issues as Rozi/Ron who has also commented. Our website is built on wordpress and now needs a PHP5 upgrade for us to use certain tools. We have put in several requests for the same but have not had any results. I would much appreciate if you could have someone take a look at our account and hopefully upgrade our PHP.

    Warm Regards

    Varun Gupta
    Travelling Lens

    • IX: Mike N. - -

      Hello Varun,

      Thanks for contacting us. I’m going to have your personal agent contact you directly about options on how to make PHP5 available to you.


      Mike Nichols
      IX Web Hosting

  10. Nice upgrades, but, the ONE thing my customers are screaming for is POP3, SMTP and IMAP encryption security. Are there any plans for this in the near future ?


    • IX: Mike N. - -

      Hello Kevin,

      Unfortunately we have no short term plans for mail encryption at this time, as it would require an overhaul of our shared hosting system. However, we will announce any such changes in our mail security system as soon as they become viable.

      Mike Nichols
      IX Web Hosting

    • S.Parzatka - -

      I have been an IXWebhosting customer for well over 10 years and have been wanted POP3, SMTP and IMAP encryption security for a long time. I do think that this kind of upgrade would be benificial to most IXWebhosting customers.

      • Steve Algarotti - -

        Hello, Right now we do not offer any type of encrypted connection for our shared hosting accounts. This type of encrypted connection is available on our VPS and Cloud hosting services.

  11. Iconnicemanager -

    it’s great!

  12. Who cares about this domain garbage? When will you make your servers faster, provide gzip and keep them from crashing? Your hosting is cheap and that is the only reason why I’m still here. You could provide a so much better service if you would enable gzip and make them more stable. I have a service that keeps track of my down times and this month alone my site has been down at least 20 times… that is just bad for business…

    • IX: Danny M. - -


      We do offer gzip with php if this is what you are referring to. I’ve placed a phpinfo.php file within your domain if you would like to see what different php modules you have pre-installed on the server. I hope that this has helped.

      Best wishes,
      Danny Mullins
      IX Web Hosting

  13. One really good feature to shut down spammers is to actually block certain email addresses from sending to our domains hosted at IX. When can this be implemented or rather, considered ?

    • IX: Danny M. - -

      Tadjuddin Sukardi,

      If you are receiving spam messages please send all information within the e-mail including the header information of the e-mail in a ticket through our 24/7 Help Center and we will review it and report it as spam for you. However if you would like you can also setup custom filters within Horde or your e-mail program as well. I hope this has helped.

      Danny Mullins
      IX Web Hosting

  14. B Kuhn -

    Good upgrades but when if ever do you plan to upgrade your apache server. Some features for wordpress require the latest version which is now 2.2.21. If I recall correctly IX is using version 1.6 which is no longer supported by Apache.

    • Luna Faye - -


      The current version of WordPress 3.2 lists the requirements as: PHP 5.2.4 or greater, MySQL 5.0 or greater, and The mod_rewrite Apache module. All of which are fully supported on our servers. I can tell you for certain that the current version of WordPress does work on our servers. I hope this information is helpful.

      IX Web Hosting

  15. Jorge Manta Bulhoes -

    I getting a little tired of the BIG news of ix webhosting. They are all shot handed. I still remember when they said they were going to upgrade the interface that is so 90’s and I’m still waiting for that upgrade. If anyone is focus on the content we all see that they don’t offer nothing that other offer and better. Sure, it’s cheap, but that argument is falling short by a long time.
    Consider this as I don’t think no one would recommend you services because they don’t offer nothing that is really innovating.
    Sorry for the thumbs down but it is deserved. This email is a five feature knock out punch in the face of the clients. Be sure to know that I will not renovate my account when it expires.
    Sure the servers run fine (it also has to be said!) but that’s not enough any more for me.
    Please think thoroughly before announcing big changes that never come to life. I haven’t seen a really big change on the service since I am a costumer since 2008.

    • IX: Danny M. - -


      I apologize and understand that in the past we have fallen short of the new control panel but we have been coming up with a lot of new ideas that we are wanting to deploy and actively working on the right solutions to move this company forward. I hope that we can restore your faith in us in the near future.

      Danny Mullins
      IX Web Hosting

      • Jorge Manta Bulhoes - -

        Hello Danny,

        The big problem in the picture is that you don’t have new ideas… None whatsoever.
        You just copy what others offer. That should not be a problem if you excelled in the other fields that you fall short.


    • Johann from SA - -

      I just like to say that I have been with Ix Webhosting for
      more than 2 years. I was very sceptical at first as I read a lot of negative
      comments. I also had my problems through the 2 years, which I may say was
      quickly resolved. I am sure there will always be something to complain about,
      like the interface, but I am a happy customer and I have seen a real drive to
      improve customer service and improving the stability of the servers….. I
      believe Ix Webhosting offers a good hosting product/service at a competitive good
      value price.  I like the fact that they improved
      their customer service by keeping the customer more up to date on what is
      happening putting a face to the solutions desk.  

      Fathi thanks for what you have done and achieved. I am
      grateful for affordable, good value hosting that is reliable and functional.  Keep on doing the basics right and you will always
      have me as customer.

  16. I don’t care about domain privacy.  As far as I’m concerned hiding domain registrants offers a haven for all the scum scammers of the world and that names shouldn’t be hidden at all!
    The “hiding from spammers” or “identity theft” ideas are just red herrings which are easily overcome with sensible care.  I’ve had no problem in years.

    • IX: Danny M. - -


      I completely understand and we have released this feature as requested by a large amount of customers as well as to keep up with web standards other hosting companies provide. We are very active in our approach to stop spam as well as preventing our customers from receiving spam.

      Danny Mullins
      IX Web Hosting

      • Danny,
        hiding domain registrant information is not a “web standard” and you know it.  Far from offering any weird idea of “security” to any potential business start-up, I suggest that they pay heed to what I do…

        – in short, if I’m buying from a business that I’ve not heard about, I check their WHOIS.  If it’s hidden, I don’t buy from them and they’ve lost a sale.  Simple. 

        After all, why should I give my hard earned money to someone who wants to hide in the shadows?

        The original domain registration process was partly set up open, precisely for this purpose.  Now you’re just jumping on the bandwagon of businesses like Domains by Proxy whose main purpose, as far as I can see, is to cloak the thousands of dubious sham businesses in Utah & Nevada from casual prying eyes and very little to do with hiding registrant email addresses from bots.  As PWP said in your follow up posting here,, just use gmail, or as I do, feed all emails to your registrant addresses through GMail’s excellent spam filters for nothing.

        • Miscellany - -

          I’ve had letters from that fake register your domain with us for $XX several times – I have three active websites.  I knew my name etc was on WHOIS, but it didn’t bother me, I throw any letters I get in the [recycling] bin, and delete any emails I get offering me a domain name/extension for my sites.  If someone wants to find you, they can, they don’t need to use the internet to do so!  (I speak as someone who was stalked for a while by an over enthusiastic admirer – he took the hint when a cop knocked on his door!)

          TBH I’m a bit dubious about having to pay to have my details kept private ..

  17. Great idea with the automated domain transfers. As someone who has had to transfer domain names several times, I know what a pain it can be- especially from certain registrars.

    • IX: Trevor L - -

      Dear Adam,

      Thanks for the message of appreciation. We have been attempting to implement this for some time. Most registrars require you to call, chat, or ticket to transfer a domain. Hopefully this will no longer be needed.

      Thanks again!

      Trevor Lowe -IX

  18. I like the automated domain transfer feature addition. Although I don’t do a lot of domain transfers, it nice to know it’s easier to get done now.

    As for the Premium domains for sale. I think this is a huge problem when hosting company (which is one of the main reason I stayed away from Go Daddy) starts to buy up domain names just to sell back to their customers for higher profits.

    In many cases, before purchasing a domain we search to see what is available that we would like. We will search for a few and then decide which one would be best and most likely we would go to our own hosting company to do these research. The problem I had with some hosting companies in the past is that if I do my research today for possible name that are available (which I later present to my client for consideration) when I come back to make the purchase it is already bought (and usually on the day I did my research). I can understand if I researched a common domain name like “superdeals” or even “redcars”, but when the research happened to be the name of the client’s company, “stush” (a Jamaican slang) is taken the day you checked for it and BY the hosting company, you have to wonder if that company can be trusted. This was the case with GoDaddy. A domain that was $15 suddenly cost $200.

    The idea that a hosting company is collecting these domains for resale is quite bothersome. If you search now for domain name, I can assure you that more than 50% of them is running an ad/search engine script (very much like the one IX places your domain on the second it expires and some times, newly registered.

    The email Fathi sent out to use (account holders) seemed more like some kind of scare tactics. It was ineffective however mainly because your real clients are the web designers and developers and they already knows about spam prevention methods. Yes, you do have accounts that are from website owners, but I can guarantee that these website owner were recommended to IX by one of those web designers/developers. Why should this matter? Simple! When you sent out that email, the website owners just forward it to their web designer/developer asking if it is needed. This is what I told one of my clients:

    Don’t let Fathi scare you.. It’s not as bad as he makes it
    sound.. lol
    These Whois search engine doesn’t just list these information.
    You have to actively search for a particular domain name to get these
    information. It is true that there are bots that rides these Whois search
    engines, but not for spamming purposes. They search to find out domain
    expiration dates and registration status.
    As for where spammers get the email addresses. One of 3 main
    1: When they discover a domain name (which can be found from
    any search engine,
            1A: They use popular pre-determined names (before the
    “@” symbol), like info, sales, support, webmaster, etc.
            1B: They use a bot to search through your webpages for
    email addresses and/or unsecured contact forms (secured contact forms usually
    carries something like captcha).
    2: Through chain letters which includes those cute little
    uplifting messages that you feel you should just click the “forward” button and
    add everyone in your contact list to. It’s fine to pass on the message, but most
    people don’t take the time to blind copy it to their friends or better yet, copy
    and paste the message into a new email and send (instead of just forwarding). As
    you can see in these emails, the list of EVERY person that it has ever been sent
    to is visible to everyone.
    The next problem is that most people don’t name sure to set up
    their contact list with proper names. Instead of “Firstname Lastname
    ” which would show just the name and no
    email address when forwarded in an email. They just use the email addresses,
    So, when the email is forwarded it shows the full email address.
    The worst thing about chain letters is that by the time you
    get one, you’re email is already compromised. Thanks to your friend that sent it
    to you.
    3: Spywares that scans your computer for address books/contact
    lists. These usually try to send emails to your contacts as if your sent it.
    Newer versions to these will scan your browser history and cookies for social
    network, email accounts (web based) and any other account. If they get your web
    based email account info, they will try to do the same as they would with your
    email clients. They send all your contacts spam mails as if it was from
    Spam can be controlled if you pay attention to these 3 areas.
    IX just installed a new service which they will soon charge for.. Domain
    Privacy. So, this email from Fathi is just to scare you enough that you will
    want to pay for it. They don’t say it as yet, but I’m sure they will offer it as
    an additional service that carries an additional charge.

    IX Web Hosting should cater to the web designers and developers when putting their plans together and marketing efforts. Website owners only care that their website is working and nothing else. We, the designers and developers are the ones that recommend your company and have to work with you to keep our clients’ websites running.

    Of course I have written about this a long time ago. It was said to have been forwarded to the proper department, but here we go again.

    Instead, IX needs to focus on strengthening what they currently have. Customer service is great (which is the main reason why I came and is still with IX). IX is not the most reasonable hosting company anymore and this has been true for a very long time now.

    Focus on your upgrading to Apache2. Yes, all the popular opensource scripts (WordPress, Joomla, etc.) runs on IX servers, but there are extensions for these scripts that depends on SSI that are not offered in IX’s current version of Apache to work properly.

    Focus on your VPS plans. Your plan description and information is very misleading. Up to now I have not properly resolved the issues with my VPS X2 Linux plan as yet. Why? IX give absolutely no support on the VPS X2 plan although they claim they do. I was told that if I’m to get support, I’ll have to purchase a support plan for $20/month otherwise, they will just give you links to some other website with some article or tutorial of some sort. I honestly do not plan to recommend any of IX’s VPS plans to any of my clients again. Because, I’m not a web server administrator and I already had a lot to focus on with developing the website which I ended up spending countless hours reading articles and tutorials just to get a mail server running.

    These are just my thoughts. I know it’s a bit nasty, but you must understand that as an account holder for almost 6 years (actually recommend IX for the first time about 7 years ago) it’s really frustrating when new stuff are being added and more important issues are not looked at.

    H. Winchester Lyon

    • IX: Kevin M. - -

      Hello Winchester,

      First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to write your response. You obviously feel strongly and put significant time and effort in your comment. Second, I would like to apologize for editing your post to remove the domain links to third parties. I know that your intention was not to advertise them, but to give specific examples to your discussion, so I felt that breaking the links would be an adequate compromise.

      While you are correct that there are many companies that make a practice of registering recently searched domains, we do not do this. The premium domain offering mentioned in this blog post is actually a partnership with 2 other companies that represent thousands of individuals who have registered domains that they think will be worth a premium price. They then let one of our partners know what they are willing to sell the domain for and then we are given access to that database. When you search for a domain in our ordering wizard, we check to see if the domain is already registered, if it is, then we check the premium domains list to see if the name you are looking for is one we have authority to offer to you.

      We will have future blog posts that describe this more in depth, so I do not want to go into this too much further here, but I did want to explain the difference between what you posted and what we are actually doing.

      Next, I want to address your concerns about the Domain Privacy offering. Just before the 3 very valid and accurate points about how spammers gather information, you mention that the bots searching the WHOIS databases are only looking for registration status and expiration dates. While there may be some bots that stop there, many bots will also grab the contact details–that’s how the letter that was depicted in the Privacy blog post occur.

      This is not a scare tactic–those are generally bad for business–this is reality. There are less than scrupulous individuals and companies that make use of the WHOIS databases for their own gain. Sometimes it does make sense to have that data unmasked, we will actually be discussing that in a later blog post. But more often, it makes sense to mask the WHOIS data.

      While it is true this service will generate revenue for the company, we are offering it in direct response to numerous customer requests. I myself have asked for (and purchased) this service for some of my personal domains.

      Your post offers 3 ways to mitigate one’s exposure to spam; I would assert that Domain Privacy would make a valuable 4th means of mitigation.

      I recognize you brought up several other points and I have asked your Account Manager to discuss them with you off the public forum.

      Thank you,
      Kevin M.
      IX Tech

      • Hello Kevin,

        Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my comment. I know it was quite lengthy and may have strayed a bit in some places, but I am pleased you were able to understand my points.

        I have been with IX customer and supporter for a very long time. Before choosing IX, I research and compared many hosting companies — not just plan & prices, but customer service and responsiveness to needs in particular. For the most part, I have been pleased. So much that I would recommend IX blindly with confidence to all of my clients. With this said, I am looking forward to hearing from my Account Manager on my particular matter.

        Thank you,
        H. Winchester Lyon

      • Hello again Kevin,

        It’s been 2 month and still no one as contacted me on any of my issues. To be honest, I really didn’t expect anything, since the last time before this, I was told that I will be contacted – I was contacted but nothing at all came from it after replying. Not even your VPS hosting page has changed to clarify all the non-sense I’ve been told AFTER purchasing it.

        I found a few articles that I think your company should read and take very seriously.;contentBody  

        I just read these and automatically thought of IX Web Hosting. Isn’t this shameful?

        Yours Truly,
        H. Winchester Lyon

        • I’m sorry for the problems you where dealing with have not been resolved. I am sending your account information over to your personal agent and Kevin right away. Your account agent will contact you as soon as possible.

          Thank you,

          John from IX Web Hosting

  19. minihai95 -

    This article was very informative. I thought it provided a lot of info that even the average user could even move their stuff to a new host.hospedaje web

  20. What are we going to get the news about Apache and PHP version upgrades? Developers are now starting to abandon Apache v1.x and PHP v5.2.x. Instead of waiting for ALL PHP script updates to fail at some point, how about Just upgrading them.

    Also I think your customer service close chat in the middle of our conversation just now. This is not the first time, but again I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that may be it was just a bad connection.


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