Mike and Tim Deliver Agile Message at HostingCon in San Diego


From August 8th through 10th, 2011, all eyes in the hosting universe were on HostingCon, the premier conference and tradeshow for companies that provide website hosting, hosted messaging, and Software as a Service. Our very own Mike Harris, VP of Information Technology, and Tim Perry, Chief Technology Officer, were there with a message: Using Agile Project Management can make your hosting company, well, more agile.

Mike’s presentation was focused on the ways that Agile can be used to transform the customer experience through better methods of workforce collaboration while building software. Agile Project Management is way too deep of a subject to deliver in a blog post, so we have embedded the presentation below so you can see what the folks in the audience at HostingCon learned with Mike’s patented brand of precision presentation.

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Here at IX Web Hosting, we’ve been going to HostingCon since around 2005, and the conference never fails to deliver in terms of learning, collaboration, and networking. This year was no different, with a wide range of quality presentations from industry leaders (like Mike Harris) covering topics ranging from Social Media strategy to SEO to Public Policy and its implications for the hosting industry. Heck, they even had a massage center set up to ease the tension of sitting in those, well you know, terrible hotel chairs for two full days.

Much was learned, and a good time was had by all in attendance. After all, isn’t that why we go to these conferences? Not only to see and be seen, but catch up on the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of hosting.

As Mike puts it: “[…] HostingCon was a lot of fun and a great place to meet new people and network with colleagues. Both vendor and attendee participation increased over last year which seems to be a good indicator the industry is growing and full of opportunity. I was impressed with the quality of the presentations in general and the keynotes in particular. The focus of the conference seemed to be on cloud, creating vibrant ecosystems around products, platforms and tools, and offering service catalogues focused on consumer goals.”

Here are some pictures both brought from San Diego:


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