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IX Webhosting @ Relay 4 Life

Dunking your manager in a large bucket of ice-cold water sounds fun, in theory.  You imagine him or her sitting in their elevated chair, peering down at their teams, smiling – trying to look strong despite the fear that set in the instant their foot touched the icy pool below.

Still trying to keep her composure...

Yes, in theory, this should be fun.  In reality, you simply don’t know how fun it is until you’re pulling out your wallet and bidding higher and higher to be the one whose aim sinks your boss into that tub.

Managers Beware





We weren’t just being sadistic meanies that Tuesday, we were also raising money for the American Cancer Society’s annual Relay for Life.

Our in-house carnival was a huge success, raising almost $1000 in two hours by selling raffle tickets for awesome thinkgeek.com prizes, promoting some friendly gaming competition, as well as, of course, putting that dunk tank to noble use.

The next couple of days were spent planning for the big event – our local Relay for Life event [link], a 24-hour walk meant to raise awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.  Fortunately, the awesome carnival-themed banner our Customer Relations team put together
was still in good shape despite proximity to the dunk tank, and so it found itself atop our Relay for Life tent.  This tent would become the home of a few of our CR members who camped out all night to make sure that walkers from all organizations had pizza, soda and amusing facemasks.

Amusing Cat Face-mask, Donned by Derek (CR)

We had people walking on the track for the whole 24 hours and raised even more funds toward our goal for the ACS.

As we grow as a company, we have more and more members of our team whose lives are touched by cancer and who really want to get involved.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of our charitable initiatives come from our Customer Relations department, where compassion is a job requirement.  If you take a look through our pictures here, you might even recognize your own dedicated support representative smiling and making a difference.

As we walked around the track Sunday morning, our always-practical CEO, Fathi Said, approached us and asked: “What does walking around in circles do to fight cancer?” Stumped, we weighed the possible answers…walking is good for your heart, but this isn’t about heart disease.  People are more likely to show up for a charity event if there’s a predefined event, but that explanation seemed too heartless.  When we approached our booth, though, no answer was really needed.  We had a tent filled with sleepy team members who’d walked since dawn laughing together, chatting with and selling water to other walkers from other organizations.  It’s a healthy way to socialize and it’s a great way to feel like a team outside of the office.  It’s also a lot easier to sell cold pizza to hungry college-age walkers than it is to any other demographic (you might want to try selling your cold pizza there, Dominos, and not to my house.  Thanks.).

We had a wonderful time and if you want to get involved, you can donate to the ACS directly, or check out our donation page for the Relay for Life here!


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