Paypal Integration: For Our Business and Yours

We’ve just integrated Paypal into our system, so you can now purchase domains, hosting plans and soon, even renew your existing plan with your Paypal account! There were a couple of reasons that we didn’t integrate it sooner, but in retrospect, they were all bad. I wish I had gotten this project rolling sooner.

Did you ever think about using Paypal to get paid on your site? It’s strikingly simple and if you’re interested in learning how to do it, keep reading.


When I started IX Web Hosting, Paypal didn’t even exist.  It’s a really good time to be a business (forget the economy!).  The integration of Paypal has already coincided with a sharp increase in sales (let me also give credit to the bustle of the Fall season for that, though) and a warm welcoming from a couple of you who were hoping for this change.  It was easy to integrate and had a big impact.

Being able to accept online payment from your customers is for sure the most essential part of operating your business online.  You lose a lot of business every time you ask a customer to call in or come into the store to make a sale in almost every single business case.  The audience we can reach is bigger now than ever before.  Don’t think people weren’t trying to sell web hosting in stores[1] at one point.  They were… and they became really irrelevant really fast.

So many of our clients have what is called a “brochure website,” or a website that tells you a bit about the nature of their business or what they do, the history behind it and what kind of services are offered, but isn’t actually selling anything via the site itself.

I personally don’t understand this.  If you have something to sell, why not put your site to work for you? That’s like going through the trouble of having kids and not making them do housework (just kidding Department of Labor!!).  It doesn’t cost much or anything, depending on how you do it.  The payoff is great if you’re willing to put a little effort in… and there’s no reason not to put that effort in especially in today’s economy (which we should have forgotten by now).

Imagine the convenience for your customers and the growth potential for you if you were to start accepting payments online… or even just start making gift certificates for your products or services available on your site! People who were once only visitors to your site are now potentially paying customers and your best salesman is now working 24/7… for free.

<b>The "Good Part" </b>

The "Good Part"

It’s sad, but I’ve noticed that over the last decade, the power of a website is so seldom harnessed by their owners and instead, business owners dredge through more “traditional” paths that don’t make them much money and more often than not, lead them to giving up before they even get to the good part.

Hopefully, you’re reading this and ready to start getting paid.  Paypal is probably the best, easiest, most painless way to get started accepting payments online. There’s a free plan that allows your visitors to use their credit/debit cards or their Paypal account to purchase your stuff and it’s actually easy to set up.

So how easy is it?

Well, a quick summary would tell you that depending on how you’d like to integrate Paypal, it will either be very simple (about a 15-minute commitment): using Paypal’s shopping cart and easy HTML integration, or semi-simple: installing and integrating into your own shopping cart from our Easy Apps. You’ll also find that it can either be free or cheap ($30/month).

The free solution, “Website Payment Standard,” can be popped right into your existing shopping cart or installed using Paypal’s easy setup.  You don’t have to go through any kind of credit check to get paid and your customer will follow these simple steps to purchase things on your site:

Buy Now

  1. Your customer clicks on the “Buy Now!/Subscribe” button that is available on your site via either your shopping cart or an HTML integration of Paypal (“HTML Integration” is literally just using their “Buy Now!” buttons to link to their shopping cart).
  2. Your customer is then sent to Paypal’s shopping cart on the Paypal website (with your site’s header and footer still in tact — the process will be seamless to the buyer, but there’s not much you can do with the shopping cart look and design.  This is why many people choose to use their own shopping cart).
  3. Your customer is sent back to your site to complete the process (usually to a “thank you for ordering!” page that you’ve created).
  4. The cash from the sale goes into a Paypal account that you’ve created at the beginning of this process.  Paypal will issue you a debit card if you want one and you can transfer funds online from your Paypal account to your own bank account.

Paypal has a great in-depth tutorial here, but you can also watch their demo -which is pretty cool- to make sure it’s the right kind of thing for your business.

Also, let me know in the comments if you’re not at the Paypal / “Get Paid” phase with your business. If you’ve read up to here and you’re not selling something now, you’re motivated enough as far as I’m concerned to start making money with your site.  I need to get you to that point because the more successful you are, the closer you are to your goals, the happier you are… and if I can have anything to do with that, well, you know the rest.  :)

Talk soon,

Fathi Said, CEO

IX Web Hosting

[1] Mostly telephone and internet service providers.  Look around, you can still find a few!

83 Comments to "Paypal Integration: For Our Business and Yours"

  1. Er.. nothing is free… u forgot to to mention the 3% or so fee for withdrawals..that’s a a staggering $300 for a $10K withdrawal

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      Unfortunately, there are always going to be fees when accepting automated payments online. Most shopping cart applications can integrate several different online payment providers.

  2. Lisipooh -

    This should not be automatic payments only. This was frustrating for me and I gave up. I like to do my renewals manually, especially with paypal. Paypal always ask me to select what credit card or bank account I wish to pay with. You can not do that with auto payment with paypal. Its impossible.

  3. Good Move.

  4. MTA-Accounting -

    You should mention that Paypal charges a fee for each receiving transaction, even in their free account. Please let me know if I am wrong.

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately, this is a standard practice for most online payment providers. If PayPal's fees are higher than you are comfortable with you could look into integrating other payment providers into your shopping cart. Most shopping cart applications allow integration with various payment systems.

  5. Joan17258 -

    pay pal charges too high comission 3,5%, that’s the problem.

  6. Jackieloveslucy -

    Paypal, being owned by ebay, will surely follow the path of ebay. Simple and affordable in its' beginning but eventually becomming far too complicated and expensive for many of us.

    The same applies to Ix hosting. What was 31.00 August 06 is 41.00 today. Do the math. Eough said

  7. I used to sell video files from IXHosting ECommerce, which was hacked so often I gave up.
    Will this innovation solve this security problem?

    I also have a site domain with IXHosting.
    The question is who benefits and how much.

    So could I set up an account for each beneficiary, so if people wanted to donate to Haiti relief, they would access, type amount and press “Donate” .
    Do you think this might be feasible.

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      Hello Frank,

      There is nothing at all stopping you from setting up the sort of payment system you are describing. You could set up various subdomains and have a donate button for each of them. The only way this would not be possible is if PayPal has a problem with it. I suggest contacting PayPal with your scenario and see how they feel about it.

      As for the security aspect, the ability to accept PayPal from your website does not affect the security of your site in any way. Most hacks that we encounter come from insecure applications, like shopping carts. Keeping your applications, and any plugins, up to date is the first step in making sure your website remains secure.

  8. I set up a Paypal account on my site for the conveinence of my customers, thinking it would boost my sales, and It hasn't earned me a cent.

  9. Happy! Happy! Happy!

  10. For users from China, and is easy to use Alipay.

  11. Also, the shopping cart of Paypal is too simple.

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      Hello Louis,

      While the shopping cart provided by PayPal may lack a few features, you could install your own shopping cart software and integrate the ability to accept PayPal payments. This will give you more features, while still accepting PayPal.

  12. Google checkout would be a better integrated solution, I suspect PayPal is run by crooks:

    Caveat emptor.

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      If you are running a shopping cart on your site, you should be able to integrate Google Checkout into it in the same way PayPal integration is possible.

      As for being able to use Google Checkout to pay for your IX services, we don't have any plans at this time. That doesn't mean we won't have it in the future. There was a point in time when we didn't think we would be accepting PayPal either.

  13. good think youve integrated paypal. this really helps lots of people

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      Hello Bani,

      Accepting PayPal payments for services is something we should have implemented long ago and we regret waiting so long to do so. We're very glad that you've been able to benefit from this change.

  14. Hi
    I had a Paypal account, but had to close it again, since paypal did not accept payments from any where in the world to South Africa. The biggest complain was from America it self. I wrote to paypal but got never an answer. Sorry, it would help a lot for our customer but paypal does not work for us.

  15. Surferz World -

    waiting for moneybookers integration…

  16. I am a non USA user of your hosting. Its not clear if the PayPal offer works for me, in the UK

    • IX: Jason H. - -

      Hello Phil,

      According to information I found on PayPal's website, you should have no problem making, or receiving, payments from countries other than your own. Transaction fees differ based on the countries involved though.

  17. Genmgr -

    and what will you do when YOUR clients sign up with this EBay bank and have their funds withheld on a mysterious 91 day HOLD by PayPal??? Have you NOT checked the EBay and PayPal Sucks websites??? I have extensive experience. Why do you think they are so intent in signing YOU up when they have (or had) MILLIONS of clients in EBay??? Mark my words, you will rue the day you got in bed with these robbers!!!

  18. I use paypal for everything…paypal is taking over our world!

  19. AAlex Wildlexanderwild -

    instead of trying to add the new fancy trash, perhaps you should sort out your in house problems first and keep your existing clients.

  20. Tulsi joshi -

    hi. I think some serious problem is running at your end from last week I am not able to retrieve my mails from, and shows folloing msg :

    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Cannot connect to POP server (, connect error 10060', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90

    Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

    we have generated several times ticket also but of no use.

    If its continue we are forced to change our hosting company.

    kindly do the needful on urgent basis.


    tulsi joshi

    • Hello Tulsi,

      I wanted to let you know that your problems matter to us and I’m sending all of the information you provided us to your personal support agent Jason Hazel. Jason or someone from his team will contact you as soon as possible about the unfortunate email issues you are having right now.

      Thank you for the comments and for being a customer of IX Web Hosting.

      Have a great day,

      John Richards

  21. I like Paypal and will never again use a normal credit or debit card for subscription type payments. with Paypal you can stop the payment from your personal control panel. Never again have to contact a company and wait to cancel a subscription. Even if the payment is one time a year I like the control. Most companues are fast about taking payments but slow to stop.
    I also use Paypal for by sales. Since I do a low volume the 1% extra over some other providers is still a good deal. I also like instant access to my money using the debit card. Any other service I have used requires 3-4 days for a transfer. Just helps with cash flow.

    • Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the great information on Paypal. It's great to hear from our customers that Paypal is working for them and I'm happy to hear how well Paypal works for you Jeff.

      Thanks again and have a great day,

      John Richards

  22. Bearasauris -

    google check out is much easier to use —

    • Hello,

      I don't have a a lot of experience with Google Checkout. What makes it better for you then Paypal?

      Thanks and I look forward to learning more about Google Checkout from you,

      John Richards

  23. Daseffekt -

    As a hosting customer, I'd like to say that each time I use IX's services, I continue to be more impressed. I've used a variety of hosting services in the past, but my great experiences with IX have made me a loyal customer. As a web designer, I insist that my clients go with IX or else I won't agree to develop/maintain their site. I've got a few more sites I'll be taking over, and I look forward to hosting them with a company that is competent and professional, and just as importantly, fun to work with.

    I find that resolving issues with IX is so much easier and friendlier than other sites, and that's a big reason why I just won't deal with other hosting services any more.

    I know this is in a comment form for a completely unrelated topic but I'm in a bit of a hurry and am posting this to the first place I find.

    Thank you again for your great service :)

    Eric (

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      Thanks very much Eric! Your support goes a long way on our end and we definitely appreciate it.

  24. paypal is a great alternative for cards specially if you want to buy smth from unknown source

  25. Bernys3030 -


  26. PayPal has changed…!!!

    You now have to “Sign-up” for a “PayPal Account” if you want to purchase anything off a Website that accepts PayPal ! You can't just pay with a credit card for purchases anymore with them. They have never done this since they have been in Business!

    I believe this is going to hurt them and the clients/customers they deal with. A lot of people are not going to want to “Sign-up” for a PayPal Account to buy something off the Internet. I think this was a very bad move on their part!

    I have already canceled my PayPal Account because of this ! And we are looking into other Payment Services.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Agent: You have a point there; there may be folks who shy away from using PayPal. Fortunately the change also goes to improve security on their end so its a bit of a trade-off.

    • RobbinYager - -

      We sell to customers all over the planet (travel biz), and they happily sign up for a Paypal account. Occasionally they have problems, then we send them an alternative option to pay by wire, or certified bank draft. We have 100% cooperation for Paypal payments, and Paypal is the best way to open your business to buyers everywhere who want to pay by credit card. I personally think if you are going to balk at making an online “account” then you're creating opportunity for fraud and scams. Passwords and user names are really important! Paypal also has to verify bank accounts and this can take up to 3 days for new users signing on. I say good for Paypal! They at least care about protecting our money when its in their hands. And all our customers agree with us when we explain this when sending them the info on how to pay by Paypal.

      • IX: Rob H. - -

        @Robbin: Thanks very much for your input and feedback on your experience with Paypal.

  27. Nice Move. I Like using Paypal as a simple, secure method of accepting credit card payments.

  28. L_B_Moniz -

    A wise and welcome move! I've tried other online payment methods and they can't compare to the ease of PayPal. I use it for selling excess hobby stuff on EBay and am quite pleased. This will make selling my books in an online store far easier for me. Many thanks,

    Larry Moniz,
    Author, journalist and publicist

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      Hi Larry, Thanks very much! We are also very excited about the incorporation of PayPal.

  29. I use paypal. It is very simple and provide good service.

  30. accept online payments -

    Paypal Integration: For Our Business and Yours is very smart post…..really very nice one……….I like it very much………
    great work……Paypal Integration is very useful for all the business and non business men…..
    Thanks for this informations…………

  31. PayPal asks for a credit card for backup. My company – a small non-profit – does not have a credit card. If there is no credit card, PayPal will still open the account, but only allows you withdraw $500/month. This is not acceptable to us since our major income is from dues, which come in a rush. Not much other activity the rest of the year. Do those rules apply if we go through IX?

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Peg: I am sorry to hear that PayPal's policy doesn't align with your payment setup. I definitely understand your organization's need for an alternative payment method to better mesh with your payment schedule. Unfortunately our contract with PayPal uses the same stipulations (credit card required) so at this time it will probably not be the best option for you.

    • RobbinYager - -

      Why not get a credit card for your company then? Its free and you don't have to use it. I own a small online business, and have used my personal credit card to qualify my business for Paypal. Believe me its well worth it as most buyers now want to use credit cards for purchasing, so they can accumulate points, and using most credit cards offer protection against fraud etc.

  32. Very helpful Info!! Thanks

  33. some time my web site noted ERROR as following:

    The requested URL could not be retrieved

    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    Socket Failure

    The system returned: (99) Cannot assign requested address

    Squid is unable to create a TCP socket, presumably due to excessive load. Please retry your request. why?

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Sales: This error message appears to be an issue with your Proxy Server: Squid. Based on the information found in the forums I'm not sure if there is a solution but you might want to try another proxy if the problem persists.

  34. Tomas Loewy -

    i have an ixwebhosting account (coolpoolmedia, I had it for many years).

    how can i add the option so sell something (just ONE product – a book i am publishing – so i don't even need the full shopping cart experience) to my account?
    happy to go thru paypal (i obviosuly have an account there)

    i want to keep it simple (and inexepensive; i really only want people the chance to buy the book directly from me, rather than going thru amazon…)
    do i need an iXWebhosting 'merchant account'?
    or can i get by without one?

    appreciate your advise

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Tomas: In your case where you are only selling one project you might be better off creating a custom interface rather than using one of the larger open-source shopping carts like zencart or OSCommerce. In order to accept and process credit card payments you would need either a merchant account or paypal. In either event there are some costs associated with setting it up so you may want to weigh them against the cost of going through amazon or a similar vendor.

  35. The US Government does not accept PayPal. Many folks have access to a Procurement Card for purchases up to $3,000 – and they won't deal with you if you don't accept credit cards.

    Also – there are problems when a single procurement card is used for purchases for multiple people. A “problem” is identified by PayPal- and the money is automatically removed from your account – even if you have already delivered the product or service.

    This is a problem for me – since I'm expecting most – if not all – of my customers to be “business” users – not consumers.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Becky: Its true that there are limitations to PayPal, as well as other merchant services. One of the added benefits of PayPal's recent policy change to require a credit card on file is an increase in security and reliability. As such it may not be long before PayPal is accepted among some international customers as well as government agencies.

  36. I was satisfied with PayPal for several years. But then they double charged me and refused to do anything about it. The amount was not enough to go to court for, so I simply deleted my account and will no longer do business with them. I'm exploring Google check out, but am willing to hear about other alternatives.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Brandon: I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience with PayPal. Right now we are only setup for PayPal and credit cards for payment but if you are referring to integration into your website there are many different forms of merchant accounts available to you including the one we offer.

  37. Lmlamb -

    can I set up a dedicated email server of my own using my ix account settings.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @ Lmlamb: you can definitely setup a dedicated email server and alter your dns settings in our control panel to forward any or all emails to your server. If you need assistance in doing so please let us know!

  38. Munnaengineer -

    I created some email addresses. I can send email to others and inter server mail address. But Never mail can receive from other server or mail address like gmail, yahoo, and any other.

  39. Do you provide reseller hosting?

  40. wow that's great. earlier i used to renew vie prepaid credit card, which takes time.
    but now paypal its fast.

    thanks guys
    Marry Chrismas

  41. Fulltime Natalya -

    Good day, my website is not online, is something wrong?
    Also I do not answer and the chat does not work, do not send the messages.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Fulltime Natalya: I checked your website and it appears to be up and running; I'd like to contact you to investigate. What is the best way to contact you?

  42. Azee Ran -

    I use an ixwebhosting account server ( and for my email domain /
    From the beginning of Year 2011, we have problem with sent and receive email, I was check
    in my exchange server and Mdaemon there’s no configuration changes and not find the spam.
    is there possibility all in / outgoing emails block by the web hosting?
    how to unblock and restore the configuration as default?


  43. Good Job! I’ve been using Paypal for years and love the service. Never had a problem.

  44. Great News in a New Year

  45. Would adding a paypal account to my business help? I own a service company.

    • IX: Brian S. - -

      Hi Jmarfish,

      That depends. If you think bringing your customers a way to make payments online would be beneficial to your company, then it would definitely help. I am not too familiar with your company, but I think creating an online presence is beneficial to every business and giving your customers more payment options makes things easier for them.

  46. It’s great that you have integrated PayPal, it is definitely my preferred method of payment on any website, simply because it’s so fast and you don’t have to mess around punching your credit card details in every time you want to buy something.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @fusionhost: Thanks very much! We are pretty excited to incorporate it as well.

  47. You made some good points there. I looked on the internet for the subject matter and found most individuals will consent with your blog.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @ Jenniferpryor: thank you for your insight! Definitely appreciate the feedback.

  48. Marcelo Faria -

    I bought a new hosting plan 13 hours ago, but up to now it wasn’t made available yet! I already spoke twice about the problem through the sales / billing chat channel, but nothing was made!!! I need to send a website online ASAP!!!!!!!!!

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Marcelo: I see this issue has been reported and addressed through other media vehicles. Please let us know directly if you are experiencing issues as this article deals primarily with Paypal Integration.

  49. You are changing the domain free registration from one side without the approval of the company that paid for your service in advance, Is this the service you are proud for

    • IX: Brian S. - -

      Hi Nabil,

      We did recently change our free domain registration policy. These domains are free for the first year and then are available at the rate of $7.49 per year, which is a significant saving over our normal domain renewals of $19.95.

      Feel free to email me at brian.silhanek(AT) if you have any additional questions.

      Brian Silhanek
      IX Web Hosting

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