How to Get onto Google – Part 2


When I started my first web hosting company in 1999, I didn’t know much about marketing.

(That’s kind of an understatement, actually. Someday I’ll share a bunch of very embarrassing stories about my early mistakes and missteps, but that’s not what I want to talk about today.)

But I stumbled upon a brand new form of online marketing called “pay per click”, and I kind of figured it out. To my amazement, that one traffic source helped me create a really big hosting business faster than I could have imagined. And I did it profitably.

Fast forward almost 11 years, and you may have heard of “pay per click” by now. In fact, that form of advertising represents about 99% of the revenue of a little company you might recognize: Google.

Google’s pay per click program is called AdWords. The good news is, it’s still one of the best kept secrets in marketing today. I mean, how many of your friends and neighbors have even heard of AdWords?

One of IX Web Hosting’s guest experts is my friend Howie Jacobson, who wrote the book, Google AdWords For Dummies. Not only is he an AdWords expert, but he can explain it to the rest of us :)

Here’s a short video tutorial by Howie, exclusively for IX Web Hosting customers, on how to use AdWords to bring hungry prospects to your web site.

Watch the video here:

If you find this helpful, make sure to sign up for the zero-cost webinar on January 20, co-hosted by Howie and David Bullock, our resident SEO and Social Media expert. The topic: “How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market.”

“How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market”
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Noon EST (9 am PST)
  • Is an online market worth your time?
  • How much profit can you expect?
  • Messages that will attract the perfect buyer
  • What to show visitors to predispose them to buy

You can find details and register just below Howie’s video clip.

The webinar is in just 9 days, and space is limited, so don’t procrastinate and miss out!

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,

Fathi Said, CEO
IX Web Hosting


39 Comments to "How to Get onto Google – Part 2"

  1. Sheila -

    This video was very informative. I was disappointed in the sound quality. I had my sound completely up and had to listen very close. The part not talkiing about ad words was loud and clear. It was the host who needs to michrophone.

  2. Any chance this webinar could be made available offline? It'll be on at 2am local time – a bit inconvenient!

    • Brian Murphy - -

      I am like you, I will not be able to attend the webinar as it will be 4am (I think) Thursady for me.

      I believe that Fathi Said mentioned in a previous email that the Webinar videos will become available on demand at some stage after the Webinar itself.
      Weather they will be available offline or not is another thing (I certainally do hope so, then I can load them on my laptop & learn from them where ever I am).

  3. Davztrk -

    The audio volume on your videos is so low I cannot hear it.

    • There is an error on the recording (which was done in two parts by Howie), and that's why you hear relatively low volume in one part, and acceptable volume in another. We will try to get this fixed ASAP.

      I apologize for the inconvenience. Try to have your speakers to a maximum setting in the meantime (I know, that's lame advice, but can be workable depending on your speakers).

  4. It was ok but not superb. Sal

  5. docellis124 -

    no captioning. no reason to watch. do you actually read this comment?

    • Yes, we do! This webinar series will not have captioning and I do apologize. I've noted down your feedback so that any series we produce in the future will have proper captioning and downloadable transcripts.

  6. dragonward -

    I am legally blind and trying to get my business to really become my financial support. I have enjoyed what I have seen so far. I have made changes to my website based on the first training, and I feel it has increased the business already. I look forward to more!

  7. davidsonnenschein -

    Good info Fathi, thanks. I too noticed the audio problems, and in fact, that is related to the service that I'm marketing online, which is consultation and teaching of Sound Design for audiovisual and interactive media. My book “Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema” is #1 in its field on Google and Amazon, so when it comes to monetizing a brand product, this is one of those opportunities to confirm “the media is the message”. Please contact me so I can help you help us!

    • Hello David,

      Thanks for your feedback and following my blog. We've since fixed the audio problem so there should be no more issues.

  8. I signed up but i have a conflict with the time. Is there going to be a recorded session. I would like to get info on that is it is going

    • Helen-Ursula Katz - -

      When will we have info on shaking out the “time conflict” kinks? Also, will the Webinar break down minimum and maximum costs which are sure to eventuate? (I do not do my own web-design.)

      • Yes, I commented on that above. We'll have a download available for everyone who opts-in. In regards to costs, we'll be touching on that subject briefly in the Webinar, and we'll have live a Q&A webinars following it in which we can discuss the various options in terms of cost if you were to hire a third party to do “the work” for you.

    • There will definitely be a recorded session (in fact, the Webinar itself will be recorded in advance, but it'll be follow-up with several live Webinars) and it will be available for download by anyone who is opted-in below.

  9. 20aman -

    Can u please provide the link of Part 1 of this video also.

  10. I find it interesting that you are promoting a “new” technology, yet the last line of this post is still rooted in the “old school” way of thinking. you stated “The webinar is in just 9 days, and space is limited, so don’t procrastinate and miss out!” If this is a webinar, how is space limited??

    • It's a streaming restriction that most Webinar companies impose to maintain stability of their service. We may be running several instances at the same time to get around it… but it's not ideal, to say the least.

  11. Un-interested Marketer -

    Please stop emailing out this marketing crap.
    Users can subscribe to this blog if they want to read this stuff.

    You told us that we'd see Imperia by now, and there has been no update, only this marketing crap.

    Don't spam us, just because we pay you to host.

  12. inspired2C -

    Where is “How to Get onto Google – Part 1″?

  13. johnbdahlman -

    Fathi, just wanted to pass on my comments to Brian Silhanek, Department of Customer Relations. From the first moment on the telephone, he made me feel special. He quickly understood my problem and assured me that my website would be up in less than 3 hours. It was! I can really see the difference in your new approach to customer support.

    –Dear Brian,

    You were just great!

    You corrected the problem in a very short time. It is working fine and it is back up and running with little work on my part.

    If everyone is as kind and caring in the Support Department then IX Webhosting will be the #1 hosting company in the world in a short period of time.

    I thank you and the IX Webhosting Supprt Staff.

    Warm Regards,

    Jack (Dahlman)

  14. IX Webhosting has been wonderful for me, a graphic print designer, to get onto the web. I really enjoy the uncomplicated ways to get things done, and Google Adwords 2 was great. In the 6? years you've hosted, I have rarely had a problem, and if so, it was resolved quickly. Pricing is OK and however you decide to “improve” the business in 2010, please don't forget how the basics are great.

  15. krutarth -

    Hi Fathi,

    I have been with ix since years now.

    And at present I am at australia.

    I would really like to explore an opportunity where in we can get an exclusivity for Australia & Nz market, we are an established company dealing in wed solution with support of inbound care support.

    You may also visit our services on our portal: &

    Looking forward to hear from you


  16. thanks great easy for me(dummy) on this topic to get on board. Cheers

  17. michaelstewart -

    Hi, I really like the service provided by ixwebhosting. When I call I know just where I am in line. The staff is courteous and always willing to help. You should offer some kind of affiliate program (link LinkShare). I would like to give my customers an opportunity to know your business is available. Thanks, Michael

  18. Dave Cannon -

    I signed up for the webinar, but have a time conflict. Send me a link or a recording when it is available.

    Thank You

  19. Anonymous -

    I am from sri lanka, , i am realy like this service provided by ixwebhosting,

  20. Anonymous -

    This comment is unrelated to the post, but important nonetheless. Customer Service Rep Jan Miller is a real asset to your company and an excellent extension of your brand. I want Jan to be my dedicated support agent! I called this morning to ask about intermittent slow performance and Jan not only answered my questions – honestly! – but he also helped me understand the big picture of what IX has in store for me and its other customers. Jan also answered an unrelated sales question and provided a whole lot of valuable information in the few minutes we spoke. Well done, Jan!

    Fathi, is there some other, better vehicle for providing this sort of feedback?

  21. I will not be able to watch the webinar today but look forward to receiving the video at a later time when it is available.

  22. Anonymous -

    Registered today, but will not be able to watch at scheduled time. Please send the recorded version.

    Thank you!

  23. Katy Perez -

    Hello, I am interested in viewing the webinar but also have a time conflict. Please send a link when available.

    Thank You.

  24. I registered today but am unable to participate, please send the recorded version.
    Thanks so much

  25. Hello. Same here…I had a time conflict and did not make it…can we still see it even if not live ?

  26. PPC is a godsend for us. Our product RingtoneExpress ( ) which as the name implies makes ringtones from youtube, itunes, etc is in a highly competitive industry – one which is loaded with scams and ripoffs but that's another story.

    Organic positioning in google is hard for such popular terms so using PPC for the content network really helps us bring traffic through to the site.

  27. PPC is a godsend for us. Our product RingtoneExpress ( ) which as the name implies makes ringtones from youtube, itunes, etc is in a highly competitive industry – one which is loaded with scams and ripoffs but that's another story.

    Organic positioning in google is hard for such popular terms so using PPC for the content network really helps us bring traffic through to the site.

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