Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar


Ok, I’ve been promising this to you for some time now, and I’m finally able to announce it:

As an IX Web Hosting customer, you’re invited to our first “Online Success” webinar!

The webinar topic is “How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market” and we’ve scheduled it for late January.

Which means I now get to reveal our “secret” presenter, David Bullock, author of the social media study and book titled “Barack 2.0″. David is a well-known expert in the Internet marketing space and I’m really excited to have him share his vast amount of online marketing knowledge with you.

David, together with Howie Jacobson (author of “Google AdWords For Dummies”), will be showing you exactly how they use Google and other tools to discover:

  • Whether an online market is worth entering
  • How much profit can you expect to make in a market
  • What your customers want (and can’t find right now)
  • The messages that will attract the right customers to your web site
  • What to show visitors on your web site that will predispose them to buy from you

In short, you’ll discover a 45-minute protocol for quick, zero-cost market research that can potentially DOUBLE the effectiveness of your website.

We’re making this webinar available as part of your regular hosting package, so you won’t have to pay a dime to attend. (In fact, you won’t even have to worry about using your phone minutes – you’ll listen in right on your computer.)

Space is limited though, so register now to reserve your seat.

“How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market”
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Noon EST (9 am PST)
  • Is an online market worth your time?
  • How much profit can you expect?
  • Messages that will attract the perfect buyer
  • What to show visitors to predispose them to buy

If you can’t make the event, register anyway and we’ll send you a video of the presentation later.

See you on January 20, I hope :)

Happy New Year!


IX Web Hosting

PS: Remember Howie’s recent video on how to get into Google in my last blog post? Keep an eye out for a post with another video – this time from David Bullock – real soon.


64 Comments to "Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar"

  1. Don G. -

    I've been an IX hosting customer for quite some time.
    I really have been astonished at the level of support.

    As a sole person using various domains to develop technologies, IX has given me the necessary means to do it.
    Whereas if I was an end user I would be satisfied, as a developer, I am grateful.

    @ Mr. Said , using an image as a signature opens you up to all sorts of bad stuff.

  2. I am definitely going to be attending this webinar. I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge and getting motivated.

  3. Hi Faith…
    its excellent to see that you want to provide better service for your customers (me being just one of them), but I am really anxious to meet my Super Hero Team!
    Please keep me posted as a Hero is just what I need to get my site up and running after all this time.
    ( I am including me site hosted by another company….because I wish IXWebhosting was as easy to use…please feel free to check it out)

    I have signed up for the upcoming Webinar…but once again…it is marketing and not development of our (my) sites.

    One of your very patient clients,looking for a Hero


  4. Hi,
    Can you please tell me the GMT timezone so I can synch my calendar to match that of yours.
    Thank you. (Im at GTM +2).

  5. Hamad Al-Absi -

    Thank you for your concern ,but if you add reseller you will be the best .

  6. Anonymous -

    Looking forward to it, but it says space is limited! How can that be?

  7. I used IXWebHosting for about four years. It was nothing but a good experience. I recently tried StarLogic and due to a bad bad bad experience, I came right back to IXWebHosting. These “Webinars” are a perfect example of what makes IX so great. So, I say Thank You to the wonderful folks at IX!

  8. Anonymous -

    Thank you for the excellent support over the years from some of the best on-line professionals.
    I look forward to this webinar.

    A prosperous New Year to your company and staff.

  9. Anonymous -

    Hi: I think this is great, in my country this sort of info comes at a cost. It is great to have value added to your services. Plz keep it up.

  10. Anonymous -

    One of our hosting companies are offering a free webinar “Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar”. we will be on it. just a suggestion. @IX_Web_Hosting

  11. Rick Mayer -

    I’ve been with you four years now and am very pleases. We have some large sites on your service and even though we have two other hosting providers, primarily for back-up, we prefer yours becasue of the way we can work subdomains. Google doesn’t like the /name approach and your system lets us put in which Google will rank. That is a big deal.
    I notice several comments of people wanting to put sites up. We could help in that regard but I cannot charge for that service. I sold my website development b0usiness and my agreement is I cannot compete, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help people on a no-charge basis.
    I’ll be attending the seminar.
    Doc Mayer

  12. Anonymous -

    I consider myself expert in online marketing and search engines optimization but still the website is getting some traffic due to my monthly eNews, and specials but not generating sales. I am looking forward to gain more knowledge.

  13. Anonymous -

    I am web designer and eMarketing expert, I need website developer and programming support from iX design team. I requested many times a programmer to contact me to discuss easy steps on using CMS on iX website like wordpress and Joomlat to develop more websites for my customers. I am anxious to meet my hero team for developing sites and support. How soon will you assign hero team?

  14. joesalmon -

    Hi Fathi & Team

    Thank you all very much for your help advice and support over the last 4 months . I would recommend your hosting services to any one , First Class support and Advice , money well spent and I have't even started yet .

    I personally want to thank all they guys on the support phones , if it wasn't for them I don't know what I would have done .

    I'm looking forward to the webinar and again I would like to express my gratitude and respect to a wonderful team .

    God bless you all and may 2010 bring you success beyond your wildest dreams

    Kind Regards


  15. Newton C. -

    Fathi & Team,

    My company is a web and desktop software development house. Whenever we develop new web sites for our clients the first thing we request that they do is to switch their hosting to IXWeb Hosting. The reason is because your hosting enviroment is one of the best and it gives our company a quick and effective way to development dynamic web sites for our clients. We own many domains and 3 different accounts all under IXWebHosting.

    All I can say is keep up the good work!


  16. charlesvrennaker -

    I have built and manage 4 web sites, 3 are with IXWebhosting, the other one with another hosting co. All are non profit groups so merchandizing is not the primary thrust. There are no employees, all organizations are manned by voluteers. AWSTATS tells me what I ned to know about who visits the web sites. The fact that IXWebhosting provides AWSTATS is a plus for the hosting co, and is a requirement when I look for a hosting network.

  17. Mohammed -

    Thanx for the invitation :)

  18. Eugene -

    That will be really nice! THANK YOU!

  19. A great way to get 2010 started. Excellent idea.

  20. azeezolaide -

    Your 24/7 support really amazed me, so I believe in you.

  21. Perfect timing! I'm looking forward to this presentation, and remain appreciative of your company.

  22. ashuvirbhan -


    Right time to revamp. Though we do not have very long association, but proposed model definitely have potential and we are looking forward to go long along.

  23. I will be looking forward to seeing how this will add to knowledge I already have. Thanks for offering this webinar.

  24. jncohen -

    Thank you I have already found your information of great value and I have completely amended my web pages – I am hoping by doing so my keywords will be more informative to Google and other search engines. So I look forward to this webinar with a great deal of interest. Thank you again, my site if you are curious is

  25. litide -

    Thank you for the excellent support over the years from some of the best on-line professionals.
    I look forward to this webinar.

  26. oldtool2 -

    I was hosting with some one else and having nothing but trouble. Switched to you 3-4 years ago bringing 6 others with me and have been very pleased. Now you are making it even better, keep up the good work. “Amateurs” like me can use all the free help we can get to improve our sites. Thank you!

  27. blogger2009 -

    This is a great service.. that your trying to reach out to your customers

  28. studentdebtrelief -

    Ok Im all signed up and waiting. Thanks for the offer and Im anxiously wait untill then.

  29. jalwebdominicana -

    Best regards and thanks for inviting me I hope to get the maximum.
    Saludos cordiales y gracias por invitarme espero aprovechar al maximo.

  30. tommarks -

    I am looking forward to the webinar, I know there is a lot I can learn.

  31. I can't wait to see what comes out of this, it seems the more you know the better your sites and income can get. And one thing I have noticed is that the beginning stages seem to be the most important, meaning what niche you are looking for and how you attack it. Thanks for the oppotunity IX…

  32. kissnapper -

    Thanks this is great ! hope to learn much form this!!! and Cheers to this New Year 2010!

  33. I can't make it so looking forward to the video presentation

  34. robert -

    Hello thank you for the invitation, but that day I'm not going to be available, is there any chance to download the webinar later?
    Kinldy regards

  35. vanremovals -


  36. vanremovals -

    great i will be there van removals

  37. Rebecca -

    Am a web designer and I have more than 10 websites with you, so I am definitely interested in what IX Webhosting has to offer. Thanks for the offers, hope we all have an exciting 2010.

  38. Othello Phillips -

    Yes I think this would be great for me because not really knowing how to set up web pages is hard if don't have anyone to show you how its done. And any information On knowing how to make money will be a plus.
    Thank You very much.

  39. TriLogic -

    I'm very interested in learning new marketing techniques.

  40. Thank you for the invitation, I am looking forward to this web seminar.
    I have been with your company for 6 years and the service always has been excellent.
    Your tech support professionals have been so patient and helpful with my right brain thinking
    that the deserve a big raise for putting up with me.

  41. I think you need to offer auto install add ons (free or pay) like GoDaddy. That would keep me with you guys.

  42. Hey! This sounds great. Really looking forward not just the Webinar but the applying your new found winning marketting techniques!

  43. jeanetteschuler -

    After having had a horrible experience with another hosting organization that stole my domain and offered to sell it back to me for $1,700, your hosting company is the greatest.
    Just to find an honest company with great technical support is awesome.
    And now you are offering free webinars on marketing – WOW! Thanks a lot.
    I think I have finally found a great home for my domains and websites!

  44. Milton -

    I have four websites hosted with IX Web Hosting. Never a cloudy day. Thanks, IX!

  45. Richard -

    I have been with IXweb for several years and am really becoming disappointed with the direction your service is going.

    1) when you go from area to area on your website the interfaces, look-and-feel and general design seem incredibly inconsistent… ranging from cheesy confusing glitz on the front page that doesn't guide the visitor and is confusing, to the manageixwebhosting product management page which is really well laid out, useful, easy to navigate, with reasonable minimalist and tasteful artwork, to the cp4 console which is ok but somewhat dated looking. Overall it seems to be an inconsistent hodge-podge assembled together with duct tape with parts aging rapidly.

    Overall, navigating your website is VERY confusing. Oh, and what's up with the “virtual chat advisers” that literally trap you from navigating away from shopping cart? You can't get any cheesier and tackier and frustrating than that. Also, the shopping cart follows the pattern of being inconsistent in layout, usage and look and feel and artwork from all other areas.

    2) While it at least seems there is no gameplan to address #1, most of the effort appears to be on a positive-thinking self-help marketing style seminar push which at least from a web host user vantage point looks more like an infomercial than anything. I think most web host customers would think all this is pretty useless to their everyday problems maintaining and developing a website. IT geeks aren't in the marketing department.

    My gameplan would be:

    1) Make your interfaces of the various “departments” of your website me consistent in look, feel and usage.

    2) Get rid of all the gimmicky sales stuff and focus on attracting and supporting web developers.

    3) Focus MUCH more on supporting support for languages, tools and development and deployment resources and learning. Make it easier for developers to learn and deploy new technologies.

    4) Build a community/forum of, by and for web developers and LISTEN to them and begin to redisign your site and services for them.

    I think you guys are going downhill FAST and alarm bells should be ringing. Just my opinion…

    Again, I can't emphasize how much that all this marketing stuff in an info-mercial self-help webinar style is WAY off base for people who care about hosting services. Marketing people don't know jack about web hosting and don't want to know….. and web developers don't care about marketing and don't want to know.

    To be honest, my account with IX Web is just a home for a friend of mines site about his wood carvings plus a place for me to play around with some simple web pages…. but im looking for a new home. One that focuses on support for web site design and deployment technologies.

    18 years systems and software development

    • Hello Richard,

      Your points are well taken about our user interface and uniformity. We are currently reformatting our “old” and outdated Hosting Control Panel to give it a more modern and user friendly look. It's a huge undertaking, we're talking about several hundred screens that have to be redesigned and re-factored. That said, I expect this to be released before the end of Q1. This will be the first step towards consistency, however, achieving full consistency will be taking up the better part of the year.

      As far as our website is concerned, it is merely a marketing vehicle that is in the process of changing dramatically. We hope to have a completely revamped version in production by February. Of course, it shouldn't inconvenience our existing customers (ie. virtual chat agents, difficulty of ordering additional domain names, etc.). I will be sure to address the points you mention in the next update to our site.

      In regards to 3), could you give me some examples of what you would like to see vs. what we already have? The more feedback you can provide, the better so I can include your suggestions in our plans as much as possible.

      And finally, we will have a forum released soon. We're in the process of rolling out our new support platform (representatives) within the next few weeks. Shortly thereafter, we'll enhance the community features (including a forum).

      In regards to all the marketing information, we've received overwhelmingly positive feedback and the majority of our customers appear to be find the information very helpful. There may be an assumption that our audience is mostly comprised of web developers – but it isn't. It's mostly small business owners who run and manage their own websites and struggle every day to make their sites more successful, look good, and perform well for their business. And that's what we can and will help with.

      I can assure you that these efforts are not taking priority over the more important standardization or reliability improvement efforts.

      Thanks for your feedback!

  46. You should try securing your servers and identifying attacks on users websites so they can be prevented from happening again. Getting my site hacked multiple times is not fun, especially when all I hear is (it is your ftp password) Anyone who uses wordpress on IXwebhosting MAKE SURE YOU SECURE YOUR BLOG there is a vulnerability (trust me 95% of the sites affected were hosted by Ixwebhosting) I sent a message to ixwebhosting and they just said it was my ftp password.

    Why not use SFTP??

  47. webnetone -

    Hi to Ixwebhosting,
    I have been a loyal customer for the last 4 years. I love the service and products.
    I am looking forward to the webinar. It is funny that in this Blog Fathi Said only answered to
    a negative comment by Richard Who mentions “I think you guys are going downhill FAST”.
    Obviously he is related to another host company who is spreading rumors about ixwebhosting. Please be positive and appreciate what ixwebhosting is offering. I think Richard should know that change is not always for the better. I would like to see more Easy App Collections that can be self installed. Thank you

  48. Goh Yi Xiong -

    Hello Fathi,

    I am a newbie in the web-designing world, and I have joined IX webhosting 2 years ago. What I appreciate most about IX is the phone in help support which is absolutely great. So far so good and thanks for the invitation on the webinar! :D

    I think your interface is easy to use, but like what Richard said, yeah it may look kinda old fashion now. Anyways look forward to the more “modern” look, and hopefully its as straight forward as the current one.

    Thanks loads again for the webinar, i'd be looking forward to learn more about internet marketing :D

  49. AskHugo -

    Firstly, Happy New Year and best wishes to all.

    1. Thank you for your kind offer of this free webinar and looking forward to benefit from it.

    2. While it has been over a year now hosting my domains with IXweb, I have not actually started any serious sites yet but mainly personal site like family photo galleries and images of condo units for rental, etc.
    The overall services of IXweb were satisfactorily good.

    3. Then recently, IXweb alerted me by emails about my FTP account have been compromised and took the initiative and steps to change the password in order to protect my account. It's most commendable for the quick action taken by your tech staff. Thank you and congratulations for a job well done. Keep up the good work.

    4. Web hosting is a very competitive business and many successful ones are just resellers that were able to make a difference. However, there's always rooms for improvement and enhancement of one's existing support and services.

    One of the most significant change that IXweb can do is to replace the existing control panel to the most popular and proven one used by top web hosting companies. Not sure the name but am certain you know which one I am referring to. The sooner you do this the better for all concerned.

    5. One of the existing security concerns is the lack of a feature that enables one to create a different access password for each domain/site. Have about ten domains/subdomains created in my hosting account and currently one id and password access to all domains. Same with FTP access too. This presents a security risk when a hacker can access all the domains/sites to do damage once he is able to hack into the hosting account.
    I am no expert in web hosting but it's time hosting company and especially IXweb to put in additional security features to tackle this. One way is to enable each addon domain to have its own ID and password or just its own password. This will at least help to minimize damage and in a way benefits both IXweb and its hosting customers.

    Having said that and with your current or intended overhaul of your existing setup/systems, I eagerly look forward to an enhanced and effective hosting experience with IXweb.

    Regards and to our mutual success in the new year and beyond.

  50. […] Really looking forward not just the Webinar but the applying your new found winning marketting techniques! Ryan. I think you need to offer auto install add ons (free or pay) like GoDaddy . Excerpt from: Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar | IX Web Hosting Blog […]

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