Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar


Ok, I’ve been promising this to you for some time now, and I’m finally able to announce it:

As an IX Web Hosting customer, you’re invited to our first “Online Success” webinar!

The webinar topic is “How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market” and we’ve scheduled it for late January.

Which means I now get to reveal our “secret” presenter, David Bullock, author of the social media study and book titled “Barack 2.0″. David is a well-known expert in the Internet marketing space and I’m really excited to have him share his vast amount of online marketing knowledge with you.

David, together with Howie Jacobson (author of “Google AdWords For Dummies”), will be showing you exactly how they use Google and other tools to discover:

  • Whether an online market is worth entering
  • How much profit can you expect to make in a market
  • What your customers want (and can’t find right now)
  • The messages that will attract the right customers to your web site
  • What to show visitors on your web site that will predispose them to buy from you

In short, you’ll discover a 45-minute protocol for quick, zero-cost market research that can potentially DOUBLE the effectiveness of your website.

We’re making this webinar available as part of your regular hosting package, so you won’t have to pay a dime to attend. (In fact, you won’t even have to worry about using your phone minutes – you’ll listen in right on your computer.)

Space is limited though, so register now to reserve your seat.

“How to Develop X-Ray Vision in Your Market”
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Noon EST (9 am PST)
  • Is an online market worth your time?
  • How much profit can you expect?
  • Messages that will attract the perfect buyer
  • What to show visitors to predispose them to buy

If you can’t make the event, register anyway and we’ll send you a video of the presentation later.

See you on January 20, I hope :)

Happy New Year!


IX Web Hosting

PS: Remember Howie’s recent video on how to get into Google in my last blog post? Keep an eye out for a post with another video – this time from David Bullock – real soon.


64 Comments to "Zero-Cost Online Business Webinar"

  1. Is this free or free triaL?

    • IX: Lisa G. - -

      The Magic Jack,

      We offer a free trial for our hosting service. Our webinars are available for free for our hosting customers.

      Lisa Grice
      Director of Customer Service

  2. SandraMillhouse -

    These webinars are quite interesting.

  3. rickdouglas85 -

    Very cool – My company has been looking to do some webinars. I'll alert them of your free trial offer.

    Rick, Magic Jack Researcher

  4. rickdouglas85 -

    Very cool – My company has been looking to do some webinars. I'll alert them of your free trial offer.

    Rick, Magic Jack Researcher

  5. I've been with you four years now and am very pleases. We have some large sites on your service and even though we have two other hosting providers, primarily for back-up, we prefer yours becasue of the way we can work subdomains. Google doesn't like the /name approach and your system lets us put in which Google will rank. That is a big deal.

    I notice several comments of people wanting to put sites up. We could help in that regard but I cannot charge for that service. I sold my website development b0usiness and my agreement is I cannot compete, but that doesn't mean I can't help people on a no-charge basis.

    I'll be attending the seminar.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @Rent a Car: Thanks very much for your feedback and for your support in this matter!

  6. I'll alert them of your free trial offer. Really looking forward not just the Webinar but the applying your new found winning marketing techniques! Thanks

  7. This would be perfect if they included an adwords voucher so I can get started with less risk.

    • IX: Rob H. - -

      @ Steven: we do include coupons for Google adwords in our hosting account.

  8. Well, thanks for sharing this information with us. We will go thorough this later. I always like to visit your articles and gain more knowledge on it. Thank you!

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