Important Hosting Account Updates


Fathi Said here, with a couple of important updates about your hosting account here at IX Web Hosting.

But before I share them, I want to acknowledge something that hasn’t made me very happy.

When I look at the world of web hosting, I realize that IX Web Hosting – my company, the one I founded and the one I run – is just about average. No worse than the competition, but not much better either.

We have a giant data center in Columbus, Ohio that looks really impressive, we have a big support staff to answer your emails and phone calls, and we offer competitive pricing, but when I look at all that from my customers’ point of view, I have to say: “So what?”

I didn’t go into business to just create an ordinary service. And yet that’s where I find myself in the last month of 2009.

And that’s going to change. In fact, it’s already changing. In two big ways.

First, we’re changing the way you receive support when you have a question or problem with your site or hosting account.

The new system is called “Support representatives” – and my commitment to you is that it’s not just a catchy name, but also a fundamental improvement that makes your life noticeably easier.

Second, we’re redefining our business model to move from “hosting provider” to “strategic partner” as you grow your web site.

When I sat down and thought about the contribution I want to make, it wasn’t enough to be a reliable place to stick your website. We decided to actually branch out from being just a “boring hosting company” and actually show you some of the killer techniques we use to get thousands of hits to our website each day!

You’ve created your web site with a goal in mind. Maybe to make money. Maybe to spread the word about an important idea. Maybe to connect people. Whatever your goal, I want to help you achieve it.

We’ve teamed up with some of the top online marketing experts to provide cutting edge strategies, tips and techniques to get more visitors to your site, and to get those visitors to take action once they get there.

So without further ado, here are the details about the two big improvements to your IX Web Hosting account:

Support Representatives

What if you had a personal contact at IX Web Hosting – an “insider” who knows your name, knows your business, and can pull strings to get you exactly what you need? We’re in the process of assigning a personal Support representative to each IX Web Hosting customer. Your Support representative will be an actual person who works in our Ohio office.

When you have a question or a problem, you can send them an email. You can phone them directly. Or you can IM them.


Your Support Representative is responsible (and accountable) to get you what you want as quickly as possible, and not to leave you hanging. Since they’re your personal “account manager,” you won’t have to explain your problem again and again as you get transferred from one technician to another. And if you get disconnected, your Support representative knows how to reach you, so you won’t have to dial the main number and be told your “wait time is approximately 26 minutes.”

Each Support Representative will handle your issue as if they were the owner of the company, because their bonus is based on how long you stay a customer, and how many of your friends you refer to us.

So the happier you are, the happier they are, and the happier I am. (I believe the business books call this a “win-win-win.”)

Now, sometimes our Support representatives sleep, or take vacations, or are “busy helping other customers” (as the phone company voicemail messages say). What then?

Without boring you with the details, we’ve set up teams of Support representatives who will pinch hit and report back to each other. And each representative has their own team of technical specialists around the world, whom you may also get to know. But the ultimate responsibility for your satisfaction rests with your individual representative.

Look for an email from your personal Support representative within the next several weeks.

Online Marketing Advice from Top Experts

As you probably know, just having a domain name and a website doesn’t guarantee that anyone will find your site.

And if you use your site for business, it’s crucial that people find it when they’re looking for what you provide.

We’ve partnered with some of the top online marketing experts to provide you with exclusive videos, articles, and even live webinars – all completely free for IX Web Hosting customers.

You’ll discover:

  • quick and simple tweaks you can make to your site so Google can find it and know what it’s about
  • how to “cut to the front of the line” on the three big search engines
  • how to get some of the most popular sites in the world to link directly to your site
  • how to find out where the traffic you should be getting is going right now – and how to stick your site in front of all those people
  • what to show visitors once they arrive at your site, so they stay, play, and pay

Here’s the first video for you to watch:

My friend Howie Jacobson explains some killer techniques. It’s only 7 minutes and 29 seconds long and reveals the first thing you need to know if you want to get your site ranked high on Google.

Also, look out for a survey I’m going to send you in the next few days. Please make sure to fill it out, this way we’ll know what kind of free “traffic getting” videos and webinars you want us to make for you. This is going to be fun, and I can’t wait to hear stories about you receiving boatloads of traffic.

I want to close this entry by stating publicly what an honor it is to have earned your business, and that we’re going to do much, much better in 2010. I’m truly jazzed by the opportunity and I can’t wait for you to share my excitement when you experience what we have planned.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,



IX Web Hosting


182 Comments to "Important Hosting Account Updates"

  1. services comes first customer i do not need more customer supports if some basic things can not be resolve..i always view my sites..without login to my cpanel..what i saw is it always down..maybe 60% uptime a to get traffic like this?..some function on the account control panel can't be used..such as..switch the hosting plan..if the services excellent we do not need more will not get any complaint right?..think…hosting basic come first please…

  2. Hi Fathi, I am reassured by your recent email and really hope you give it your best shot. I have many websites hosted with you and agree you can’t be beaten on price, but I have suffered with non-english speaking support staff.
    I think your traffic generating help is a good gesture. I run Mr Google which also helps people with SEO, something often over-looked and mis-understood.

    Good Luck Fathi

  3. RFranko -

    Good video – will look forward to more of the same. Nice simplification of a complex topic.
    If and when I create another website for “selling other peoples products” what do you feel is the best way to pick a niche? Of course we want to create more sites and purchase more domains through IX WebHosting.

  4. Why no word about the new Imperia cloud network and control panel in this blog post? I have been waiting for an update on this… sigh, don't forget about current projects, before focusing on new ones.

  5. johnespin -

    I'll only be happy if my Support Hero wears a cape.

  6. Very nice. Thank you ! I would like it if you can email us more often.

  7. I have been with IX Webhosting for at least the past 5-7 years and I think it may be time to move my website. All i care about is getting a few pictures of the family up on the web for family that are not able to just stop by. This website needs to really look at what they offer us customers as in a way to build a site. At first it was OK and the picture pages only allow you to up load 8 pics on a page what a waste. I in fact have been looking the past 2 weeks and think just last night I turned off the atuo billing for my site. I'm thinking about moving it in the middle of the contract. In fact I have a company ready to give me 6 month free if I change over which is almost when I would be rebilled (nothing to lose). If the site builder doesn't get a boost I will be forced to change after all these years.

    Not to mention a few months ago I never receiced an e-mail stating that the mail port was going to change had to mess with mail for thre to four days then finally called. Are you kidding me, who does that?
    would love a reply from IX on this post.

  8. I WAS a customer for four years, not anymore, promised one price in August in writing, you reneged on it, took a week for a decision and they “allowed” the price to be as if I just signed on. I don't think so.

    What about the web hosting rating sites registered under the name “Fathi Said” that all claim IX is number one? That's a curious thing….

    Overall, your technicians were fair, a little slow, but Just OK.

    Email problems were at the top of the complaint list. White-lists that don't work, Black-lists that don't work half the time.

    I could go into outdated scripting programs provided by you, but that's a long story.

    Other nasty problems were unusual hacking of several domains hosted by you, including one of mine, by link spammers from Moscow Russia. I don't know, it could have been my password was hacked, but several other customers hosted by you?

    I'm sorry, I'm out of here, I'll be paying a bit more in the end, but security, I believe, will be better.

    Good luck to all who remain and as a bit of advice to all, watch out for the link spamming hackers.

  9. Thank you. This is such a terrific idea that IXwebhosting come up with Tool&Tips for our web. I find this very helpful. I am very new in e-commerce biz. I have already have web hosting w/ IXwebhosting, but i still do not know how to put my domain up in my hosting. My domain intend to use wordpress but i think i need to download or set up wordpress in webhosting before i can work on my domain. Last time, i called but answer i get is very basic.. kind of read and follow the guidelines. Might be easy to most, but i am in a few who find this so difficult to proceed. So, Both Hero and vedio ideas are TERRIFIC !!

  10. i love the educational tools! But, I am primarily a brick and mortar style bussiness; on many levels, I do want to just 'park' my site. Sometimes in an effort to 'help' customers, web hosts take away control/freedom. making things user friendly often imposes limitations.

  11. I do not like the term “Support Heros”. Hero is a word that has lost it's meaning over the last 20 years because of misuse by those who do not understand the significance of the word. The use of “hero” as an adjective to describe a computer technician is absurd and insulting to me. Mr. Said please choose your words more carefully and with a little more thought.

  12. I have been with IX for about 5-6 years, and have been very satisfied. When they dropped FrontPage, it was the most frustrating thing that could have happend to me. Dream weaver or Visual Studio, etc. werE to costly and had a terrible learning curve. I tried every way possible to make things work, and could not. I was ready to change hosts.
    But then I called Support, and connected with a young man that was exeptionally friendly, and competent. In a very short time he had things working.

    If your Super Hero support is anything like that young man, YOU HAVE A WINNER.

  13. I must disagree with one of your initial statements, Fathi. You feel that Ix is “average” but I've had experience with a few different web hosting companies and yours has been the best. When I took over web management for a professional association web site, which is hosted by your company, it had just been hacked and google gave very dire warnings under search results for our site.

    That was my first experience with ever having a site hacked (the former web admin used an extremely basic password). I contacted your support people and within a few hours I had the problem solved. I was VERY impressed with your support service, the level of help they provided and the extra time they took to outline the steps I'd need to take to correct the issue.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing a good service made even better.

    • Anonymous - -

      Hi Fathi

      I have had both good and bad experiences with your hosting services. Your statement about having a new support hero is a pretty bold statement considering your hosting services are average at best. If you are actually going to be able to follow through with your promises it would be great but if its just smoke and mirrors and sales BS you are going to loose more customers loyaty than you gain.

      I was fairly happy with the hosting for the first year but your servers have been overloaded and under powered for the last year. The server load times are horrible now and pages take forever to load at night, and FTP often times out they server is so slow.

      Tech support claims server load is still low but load times are so slow it could be you have no bandwitdh on your pipe or hardware issues but you clearly have issues.

      We have been recommending new projects be placed on web hosts that can serve pages and data much faster than your IX servers currently do and moving domains off the IX server to fix the load time issues we experience on IX. We don’t get that many visitors per day or move that data that we are contributing to the slow down.

      Lets see if your Super hero Support can fix the super slow server issues!

  14. rodschmuland -

    Can't wait to have a one-on-one support specialist. First thing I would ask for is a breakout of the countries in the STATS offering. I was told long ago, that the Countries breakout would take too much CPU cycles……in this day of GHz CPUs, I doubt it?

    Second, I would like to know what internal measures IX takes for Cyber “attacks”? Of course, this public forum is not the place for this answer.

  15. Strategic partner?

    If you’re a CEO of a company that unilaterally shut down a site with no previous warnings and had representatives citing on multiple occasions that “10,000 unique visitors a day were too much” for your service. Also, the way how the site was defaced the site broke DMCA.

    I am not saying that IX Hosting is bad, as I have some friends and business partners that use your service… and they were the reason why my business started off with your company. Unfortunately, there are severe limits to the service and to the way customer service was approached. Every business is based on trust, that trust was broken and there were consequences to unilateral actions in the terms of other company getting my business.

    I hope that you learned from past mistakes. Who knows?

    All the best,


  16. Hmmm… Ok, lots of smoke and mirrors and more promises from IX. Just what I need. I went with IX initially based on price and on that count they have been very competitive. The support is ok at times, it all depends on the luck of the draw and who answers the phone. The technical side of IX is also a mixed bag. Ive seen you guys screw up majorly and cost me clients, but no more so than I have done myself.

    All this mediocrity pales in comparison to one thing I would ask of you as the people I pay and trust to take care of my business. BE HONEST. When IX was severly hacked over and over and over in late 2008, every call was answered the same: “Its YOUR fault.” When I pay someone I expect to be treated honestly and fairly. When I am told I have done something wrong, I take that very seriously and investigate thoroughly. In the 2 or 3 dozen hackings I experienced, 100% of them were caused by scripts uploaded to another client of IX’s space. Files were constantly appearing “owned” by other IX users… And still… Every call was the same, “Its your fault.”

    I dont care about fancy marketing. I market my own quite well. I dont care about support heroes unless they are going to be honest and upfront with me. Treat me like what I am – a paying customer just trying to solve a problem.

  17. All in all never had any issues with IX, they provide a good service and whenever I have had any problems their online support is always at hand to help. However please drop the lame sales pitch it makes me cringe and what is with the hero thing, whats wrong with plain simple support. What are we 5 year olds???? K I S S – Keep it simple stupid. Does what it says on the tin, thats all I want and I guess everyone else. It would be preferable if time and money was spent upgrading the Control Panel and other areas. Why create the cure for problems when u could kill the source of them.

  18. Anonymous -

    My biggest problem with my sites is ways to promote them on the cheap. I don’t have a ton of money to do so. I thought it would be cool if you guys had a “Featured Site” spot on your home page show casing the cool sites you guys host. It would help some of the sites get some promotion while showing customers what you can do with IXWebHosting.

  19. Thanks for teaching me about the Google Keyword Tool. I’ve been an IX Web Hosting customer for several years and I recommend it and, as a web developer, put my clients’ sites on IX Web servers. Good company, getting better! :-)
    — Peter

  20. If I were the CEO of this company- server performance, mail server reliability would be task one. Get rid of cartoonish webmail and get a better interface for webmail. Your support is marginal at best. Most of which is off-shored to who knows where. If you resolve the first two there should be know need for support heros. If people have a need for Web Dev support issues…they should have to pay for it. Seriously!
    I had 12 clients using IX…I only have one more to move to Godaddy.

  21. Anonymous -

    Very useful. Will follow-up videos be coming?

  22. Anonymous -

    I just read hundreds of comments on this blog, both good and bad. I am a retired computer science tech and have been with IX for over 5 years. I don’t care who you think is better qualified in this world of hosting, you will never find another company as sincerely concerned about their clients as these people are. I have first of all only been down for 12 hours in the 5 years time because of the change when IX moved, but lost nothing, and any problem I have ever had was discussed, fixed, and done in no real time-loss framework. I will use IX as long as they are a company and those that don’t are losing real customer sensative and satifyied hosting. Thanks for your never ending search for keeping us on the apex of web-hosting.

  23. Anonymous -


    Thank you for the update and the great video introduction to using the Google Keyword Tools.

    I have been hosted my domains with IX for a little over 2-1/2 years, I have no complaints about the services and help system.

    I have a suggestion for all those complainers about the provided WYSIWYG website builder and the loss of the junkie FrontPage program. #! go to some of the online tutorials and learn the programming languages (i.e., or #2 grab one of the many free WYSIWYG/HTML Editor website builders (NVU is a good one), or buy a cheap HTML Editor with WYSIWYG website builder (CoffeeCup or ACE HTML Editor or HTML Kit are good ones).

  24. Chris Lataniotis -

    I am a new customer in IX Web Hosting and a junior Web Developer. I began building an e-commerce site here using ASP .NET and although the customer support is great and helps me with all the minor and major problems I face, I am not satisfied with the fact that in Windows based servers you don't support Url Rewritting at all, which as you point in your video here is the #2 most important feature (after the title name) that will make one's webpage get better ranking in Search Engines.
    So I think it would be great if you could add more features to the Windows based servers in the near future.
    Anyway, concerning the improvements you are about to make, I find them really interesting (especially the support representatives one) especially for developers with little experience in the field (like me).
    Keep up the good work.

  25. I have been very happy with IX's support, which I have needed several times. The IM support has always solved my problem or answered my question immediately, and I've appreciated that. I'm actually really happy you're offering the tutorial videos, since I'm still learning to do many things with site development.

  26. I like IX but I have some concerns…. I'm currently a retired computer science educator, having taught technology (39 years) started with “old IBM cards” and CNC tape. I'm no programmer but an integrator of means to an end. IX has done that for me in a professional manner, and the suggestion videos is a good way to help people like me. Now comes the “BUT” – the cartoons are kid stuff and I'm no kid – Please, keep IX to a professional high standard and regard your clients as professional too. I can only imagine how these programmers (these “young programmers” who can run rings around me) must feel if an “old school” person like mysef is feeling like I'm treated as a kid with cartoons.
    Presentation, Presentation, Presentation is key….

  27. Ok it says optional; log in below. Well I can't see it anywhere but never mind. First of all I must say I don't have a CLUE as to what I'm doing on my web site(s). I started out with a couple of different host companies and eventully ended up at IX because unlike everyone else for some reason I could navigate the control panels and the appearence seemed good – to a web site idiot like myself anyway. Second, I don't even know what all the people here are talking about here since I have no idea what all these acronyms mean, I wouldn't know WebDAV if it fell in my coffee. After some time of self teaching I managed to produce a web site that seems to function good and I have always been very pleased with the service, cost and features of IX. Naturally as soon as I finally did manage to work with Front Page in a novice level – Microsoft decided the world didn't need it anymore and looking at the money they have to spend on lawyers in a single year I can understand their reasons for creating another revenue stream forcing us all to buy Expression or whatever. I have no feelings positive or negative on Fathi's new position names and I don't have a clue what those are either. All I know is my site works, I get loads of compliments about it, and the “up” time seems to be 100% since I've never known it to be down. I'm very happy after 3 years now and I recommend IX any chance I get.

  28. bronzebogen -

    I don't care about support representatives so much as I care about reliable service and quality hosting. We hear about all these supposed upgrades, but in reality it seems like the quality of service is going down.

    My sites are running slower, more downtime and more denials from customer support. I know you can't make everyone happy, but if you put half as much energy into improving your service as you are into writing these amateur emails you might actually get somewhere. :)

  29. I've always been impressed with the technical support I receive from IX Webhosting. On numerous occasions they assisted me in solving issues with third party software. In the past I received help with OS commerce software. Most recently I received tons of help with WordPress. What can I say? If you're a Blogger, Webmasters, Publishers, or have a business, you should consider this company.

  30. David Bermeister -

    Looks like your support heros are kept very busy. Perhaps you need more planners and fewer representatives.
    I signed up for a new Expert Plan yesterday and today the email service is down for hours with no ETA. So for now I deeply regret my choice to use ixwebhosting yesterday. The 24 hour response center is good. I got one of the representatives very quickly. She was polite and deeply apologetic, which was nice, but at the end of the day you have to keep your systems up and running.

  31. justinlivingstone -

    Personally, I've been very happy with my service from IXwebhosting, and the 3 problems I've had in the past 2 years, were repaired immediately. Calling the tech staff “support representatives” may be a true description of these awesome employees, but will most likely scare folks away. No fancy gimmicks are necessary guys….
    Just keep providing the same great service, while keeping up with the majority requests, such as being able to accept secure secure pop 3 email!!!??
    Many people are being forced to modify or change their email settings-this is ridiculous. If any of us miss a customers online contact- that means a potential loss of a sale- completely unacceptable.

  32. traceyshaw -

    That video was great. Thanks. I like that it was not about a sales pitch for Google Ad words, which I do intend to use but that it was about how to do the right words in your page text.

  33. Hello Fathi
    I like your ideas to promote my site. Keep it up.

  34. I love the proactive stance but I would love if someone could simply update the help files and help documentation. Example, all the ? that instead of just explaining the basics refer you to open a ticket.
    Plus each add on should have a basic help file on how to deploy the product properly. Example: Wodpress is installed into a sub-directory with no info on how to get it to work from your root. It should list how and what different ways it can be setup, from htaccess, index refresh and if you can simply move it to the root and the pros and cons.

  35. Fathi – can we get a PHP upgrade? Some newer apps are starting to require it. Don't fall behind!

  36. Since I post my creative writing on my web site, with the hopes of getting a publisher interested, I need to keep the formatting of the original document. When I post large amounts of text, sometimes the formatting is intact and sometimes it changes. This is disconcerting and makes it look as if I don't know how to write.

    I would love to be able to copy and paste large amounts of text without any problems.

  37. kevin Barnes -

    I just got off the phone with tech support and we can no longer expect mail from IX hosted domains to get through to Yahoo or Bellsouth. The support desk said those domains are blocking (throttling) Ix mail. That mean my customers with contact forms can get mails from their clients when they use the contact forms on my customer's sites. Fathi could you please comment on this. If this can't be fixed quickly I need to change ISP's.

  38. Fathi, if you can follow through on everything you said above – your company will soar. Great ideas!

  39. annawang -

    It is heartening and timely that as a web host, IX Web Hosting is implementing ways and means to make hosting more user friendly with Support representatives to serve us.

    When do we get them? I have a question on hold.

    Happy New Year
    Anna Wang

  40. This Hero customer support sounds good — hope it works as well as your current Tech Support. I've seen this kind of “one point of contact” in Corporate America — it usually works well in the beginning. The challenge is has your company and products become even more popular, the demands on the representatives will be great. As long as you are growing the hero pool with the growth of new customers – you will do well. In Corporate America greed rules – and customer support/service are usually an after thought. I hope your vision is where customers will be first, not last.

  41. mohangeorge -

    Still waiting for that email from my “Support Hero”!

  42. Very helpful!

  43. BodySculpting101 -

    Great job Howie – Especially in the light of so many Google accounts
    being banned for bad landing pages. Fathi – your approach towards
    hosting improvement at IX is much Appreciated. I have used your
    hosting services for 5 years personally. In addition, I recommend you
    to all of my clients globally at

    - Glen

    Glen B. Stewart

  44. Good news from you and I'm glad to hear it. I've got a problem I need help with — I've been banned from Google. They won't even talk to me. I'm a beginner and the first time I tried to advertise on Google, they let me lose my money for a few weeks and then told me I was banned. Don't know why and they won't tell me why. What can I do about this? Tell me what you know; I need your advice. Thanks.

  45. Anonymous -

    First of all, From the begining i am most peak fan for your hosting services, support and staff kind nature of dealing.

    All the time i am waiting for your articles, and really those are very knowledge able.

    Heroes Support will be another milestone serviced added.

    Keep it up.

    Appreciate for understanding the needs of all the clients.

  46. i really like the video, but my listening ability is not very good, so i cann’t fully understand what was said in the vedio.
    and it would very appreciated if anybody could supply or tell where i can find a english typing version .
    thank you very much!

  47. I find these videos helpful for a relative newbie. I always seem to find new tips to improve my site: And look forward to more. My wish is for more info on how to generate more traffic and a magic button to fix my mistakes. : )

  48. michaelJessie -

    I am stumped I didnt think that IX's support could be any better … thats for sure!

  49. goforitspamers -

    Hi… When is the Support Hero concept going to be kicked off? I have been hosting with IX for a long time, and for the most part am happy, the problem is, I find when things do go down-hill, there is not much accountability… it just seems like all you get from IX support is “Our engineers are working on it”. The problem is, I refer customers to IX, and I also bill some clients for hosting… and when their stuff does not work right, the leave to go somewhere else. So, it touches my pocket, but in some cases it never touches IX's pocket.

    So, right now, the reason for my complaint is the fact that servers have been slow for the past 3 weeks, I have logged tickets, spoken to agents online, called IX, but still, there is not real stable improvement, all I get is “Engineers are working on it, and we are sorry about the inconvenience”. It is not an inconvenience…my clients are leaving… that is more than just an inconvenience. So today, when I make yet another call to IX I get told that they have been hit by a DOS attack – come guys, I know that even the BEST places get hit by a DOS attack, and even the CIA and NASA has been hacked, this happens… but feedback, it is all about the feedback, and if the service was not in a bad state for the last 3 weeks already, then the DOS attack would not have been icing on the cake, it would have just been a speed-bump.

    Come on guys, finding a host that is good is not easy, I do believe I (and many other have found one in you), but sometimes you really do let the ball drop, and right now, for the past 3 weeks you have let it drop – GET THE SUPPORT HERO concept rolling, so that we have our people to talk to, and those people can really know what is going on internally, and what is going on with your clients… I know this will make a difference, now stop dragging your heals on it before we start thinking it was just a marketing blitz.

  50. Thanks a lot for providing an Online Marketing Advice from Top Experts. I gain much knowledge reading this article. Thanks for the post!

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