Important Hosting Account Updates


Fathi Said here, with a couple of important updates about your hosting account here at IX Web Hosting.

But before I share them, I want to acknowledge something that hasn’t made me very happy.

When I look at the world of web hosting, I realize that IX Web Hosting – my company, the one I founded and the one I run – is just about average. No worse than the competition, but not much better either.

We have a giant data center in Columbus, Ohio that looks really impressive, we have a big support staff to answer your emails and phone calls, and we offer competitive pricing, but when I look at all that from my customers’ point of view, I have to say: “So what?”

I didn’t go into business to just create an ordinary service. And yet that’s where I find myself in the last month of 2009.

And that’s going to change. In fact, it’s already changing. In two big ways.

First, we’re changing the way you receive support when you have a question or problem with your site or hosting account.

The new system is called “Support representatives” – and my commitment to you is that it’s not just a catchy name, but also a fundamental improvement that makes your life noticeably easier.

Second, we’re redefining our business model to move from “hosting provider” to “strategic partner” as you grow your web site.

When I sat down and thought about the contribution I want to make, it wasn’t enough to be a reliable place to stick your website. We decided to actually branch out from being just a “boring hosting company” and actually show you some of the killer techniques we use to get thousands of hits to our website each day!

You’ve created your web site with a goal in mind. Maybe to make money. Maybe to spread the word about an important idea. Maybe to connect people. Whatever your goal, I want to help you achieve it.

We’ve teamed up with some of the top online marketing experts to provide cutting edge strategies, tips and techniques to get more visitors to your site, and to get those visitors to take action once they get there.

So without further ado, here are the details about the two big improvements to your IX Web Hosting account:

Support Representatives

What if you had a personal contact at IX Web Hosting – an “insider” who knows your name, knows your business, and can pull strings to get you exactly what you need? We’re in the process of assigning a personal Support representative to each IX Web Hosting customer. Your Support representative will be an actual person who works in our Ohio office.

When you have a question or a problem, you can send them an email. You can phone them directly. Or you can IM them.


Your Support Representative is responsible (and accountable) to get you what you want as quickly as possible, and not to leave you hanging. Since they’re your personal “account manager,” you won’t have to explain your problem again and again as you get transferred from one technician to another. And if you get disconnected, your Support representative knows how to reach you, so you won’t have to dial the main number and be told your “wait time is approximately 26 minutes.”

Each Support Representative will handle your issue as if they were the owner of the company, because their bonus is based on how long you stay a customer, and how many of your friends you refer to us.

So the happier you are, the happier they are, and the happier I am. (I believe the business books call this a “win-win-win.”)

Now, sometimes our Support representatives sleep, or take vacations, or are “busy helping other customers” (as the phone company voicemail messages say). What then?

Without boring you with the details, we’ve set up teams of Support representatives who will pinch hit and report back to each other. And each representative has their own team of technical specialists around the world, whom you may also get to know. But the ultimate responsibility for your satisfaction rests with your individual representative.

Look for an email from your personal Support representative within the next several weeks.

Online Marketing Advice from Top Experts

As you probably know, just having a domain name and a website doesn’t guarantee that anyone will find your site.

And if you use your site for business, it’s crucial that people find it when they’re looking for what you provide.

We’ve partnered with some of the top online marketing experts to provide you with exclusive videos, articles, and even live webinars – all completely free for IX Web Hosting customers.

You’ll discover:

  • quick and simple tweaks you can make to your site so Google can find it and know what it’s about
  • how to “cut to the front of the line” on the three big search engines
  • how to get some of the most popular sites in the world to link directly to your site
  • how to find out where the traffic you should be getting is going right now – and how to stick your site in front of all those people
  • what to show visitors once they arrive at your site, so they stay, play, and pay

Here’s the first video for you to watch:

My friend Howie Jacobson explains some killer techniques. It’s only 7 minutes and 29 seconds long and reveals the first thing you need to know if you want to get your site ranked high on Google.

Also, look out for a survey I’m going to send you in the next few days. Please make sure to fill it out, this way we’ll know what kind of free “traffic getting” videos and webinars you want us to make for you. This is going to be fun, and I can’t wait to hear stories about you receiving boatloads of traffic.

I want to close this entry by stating publicly what an honor it is to have earned your business, and that we’re going to do much, much better in 2010. I’m truly jazzed by the opportunity and I can’t wait for you to share my excitement when you experience what we have planned.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,



IX Web Hosting


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  1. Wow, this is great info! I’ll definaly be making use if it, Thanks!

  2. No other hosting provider has this concept, looking forward to meet my supper hero :)

  3. I have been with IX for years, I keep my site simple and all of the issues of problems have been very well handled and quickly. I like the notion of help videos, but I would like it to address me in a more “educated” fashion. Seemed a bit oversimplified. I look forward to more….

  4. Great news. And helpful video.

  5. Anonymous -

    It looks like IX is forming its business model much like a combo of what is was and the very successful Lyrus site where each employee has amazing marketing skills.

    Brilliant move. Let us hope they can carry it out.

    I hope there will be more support for Newletters expansion.

  6. I think SEO helps will be awesome in getting better page rankings. Any help to do better in the Google system of things is good. too,very nice,,I like IXWEBHOSTING

  7. SEO videos are a great start! thanks

    Phone support has never been an issue for me.. but the live chat is another story.

  8. Anonymous -

    Thank U Howie for these basic tips,…and allow me to offer one for you.

    To give validity and quality to your video presentation, may I suggest you improve your set lighting. It helps prevent the subliminal negative impressions in comparing your message’s value to the poor quality of the video presentation.

    Looking forward to your future tips,…thanks!

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the suggestion. My “set lighting” currently consists of a bank of fluorescent lights on the ceiling, so I'm sure just about anything would be an improvement.

      My haircut, however, is perfect ;)

      If not, I have a hat…

      • mikeneale - -

        Thanks for writing back,…a simple inexpensive clip-on lamp with a 200W bulb lighting your face would help brighten you the speaker, and make your presentation video BETTER!

        Who ever said anything 'bout your hair cut?,…we use reflectors all the time on the set!,…..;-)))

        Thanks again,…more tips please!

  9. Do I have a website with you? I have never seen it and dont know how to access it if I do. I am being billed each month fore something I know nothing about. Talk to me

  10. Fathi, glad that you confessed your sins publicly. I just went through literal hell with your company trying to get PCI compliance – which BTW, IX web hosting failed miserably. To try to get a supervisor or anyone on the phone who would help and admit that your company had completely dropped the ball was a nightmare – my office staff and I would literally take turns being on hold with your folks who, when we did get a live person to speak to would blame our site – it was not our site. Which, by the way, making that determination cost me about $700 in web master “Analysis” fees. You have a long way to go in the customer service department – your shit does stink!

  11. Kmaiella -

    This is wonderful!!!!Cant wait to see more.

  12. Lynn Haas -

    I had two top level accounts, the Gold account and then the renamed super duper account, or whatever it was. They where multi Hosting accounts. I always prepaid months in advance. I had been a customer for 8 plus years, then I asked to put a site up that sold adult products DVD adult toys and such. You gave me an example of what I could do. I did and received nothing but grief over it, had multiple TOS violations, but they were NOT after you agreed many times. Then all of a sudden since that did not work I kept having folders mysteriously opened up to writing. You blamed it on the software, the funny thing was my gold account which had the same type software never had a problem, yet the equivalent newer site had nothing but problems. I even had one of your Techs tell me that that server had been hacked and they were working on it. Bottom line you did not want that site up, you should had said so in the first place, not shut all my sites down so I could not get backups and get my sites back up easily. Like I said I had two of the top accounts, Most expensively priced. Both used the same setups and software, one just happen to have the adult store that you OK’D! I very rarely ever had any technical problems, I have been running my own server now through another company and NEVER HAD A HACK running the exact same software.

    I lost a lot of money, 10,000++ The problem was, it took this other company almost 3 months, me over 2 months to recreate everything because you did not let me get backups. It took months and they just never did come back and I lost all credibility because of of you. I kept the gold account until I had time to make backups and they transferred much smother and are fine, but I find myself with an 1400.00 dollar a year overhead for nothing. You had a top level admin that cost you very little in service calls as a customer, knows true PHP and SQL programming, HTML, CSS Scripting of most all other kinds and you kicked me out. Seems to me you need to be honest with yourselves as well. I was a cheap customer who did not screw my site up constantly and ask you to fix it.

  13. Well, there are a lot of angry clients, and a lot of happy ones. I am a business owner myself, and yes, sometimes you don't get it all right, and sometimes you drop the ball big time, especially if you have many, many customers.

    I appreciate your eMail Fathi, and of course as we all do, I hope it is seen in action, and more importantly your staff share your enthusiasm… the CEO may be able to do back-flips and make coffee at the same time, but staff is what we all face and will judge the company on.

    We have been hosting with you guys for almost 3 years now, and I have been tempted to leave on at least 3 occasions, but have decided to stay anyway – there are some issues, but at the end of the day I will still recommend IX to everyone I deal with. At first I hated your interface, but now that I have gotten to know it there are many things about it I love more than others. Yes, I do also host at other locations, and of the other 3 I do prefer IX.

    I do think there are a couple of extra tools you can put in place to get your shared servers jacked up -mainly some monitoring stuff, but all in all things are still not too bad at all. What people all need to realise is that (as one person below did mention), it is all a fine line, and you can reduce the amount of users on a shared server, but that has a direct impact on cost… of course this is taking into consideration that you are not milking your clients as it is, but rather playing the game fair. But I do think there is some room for improvement.

    So, I am happy for the idea of “Support Hero”, and look forward to meeting mine, and see where this goes. There is nothing like being able to deal with someone that has a personal record of your interaction, and can remember you, and can act for you, and heck, maybe exchange a joke or two with.

    As for the videos and documents and help, etc on SEO and anything else – of course it is all welcome, and to those of you that want to turn it down and ridicule it… for once, just for once, pull your head out of your ass and realise that there is always someone smarter than you, always someone you can learn from, and always someone you can teach… and perhaps there are a lot more people that host with IX that do not have your extreme, divine knowledge on SEO and would like to learn!! So instead of being a pompous fool, say thank you for free stuff, and if you choose not to use it, then don't, as there are more people that will appreciate it.

    So well done, and I, and I am sure many more look forward to the changes, and we hope the benefit us all, we all need all the help we can get, and give each other in these hard times.

    • Anonymous - -

      I agree with you. Be thankful if someone gives you free info. I have learned from it and I am sure a few others too. If you already know the stuff, don’t be selfish keep your comments for your self. Well said my friend. Thanks

  14. Jo Sanders -

    The Google video was good and the tips were great.


  15. samruffalo -

    Thank you Fathi Said,

    Your service given to me is excellent and now you are adding more benefits for a more personalized service that is bound to help to add more benefits for our association. Your support staff is excellent and always willing to be helpful. Expert reviews such as your video above is welcome because it applies to what I do and wnat to do better.

  16. Anonymous -

    Great stuff!

  17. Anonymous -

    Very cool Fathi. Very smart to have the SEO lessons. Love it.

  18. Anonymous -

    Hi Fathi,

    I am impressed with the idea of the Support Heroes, and will certainly look forward how it works..
    the above video of the keywords as good, But there are many questions running in my mind…like what if i make total flash website? will google spiders will be able to crawl my website…?
    and many more…
    looking forwrd for the good SEO videos which will really help me to grow my business and to kip you in business too…

    Reali appreciate your efforts and feels good to know that you are taking the efforts to keep us happy…its good to realize that we are definately a “part of a great family”.

    Thank U for a great & prosperious future.


    Stencil Studios.

  19. Tooradin -

    I think it is good to get tips on how to improve page rankings & drive more traffic to our sites.
    I am looking forward to more tip, tricks & other stuff to come.
    Chester is prob right when speaking for developers, but it is not only developers who use IX.
    I dont use developers, I do not have the budget for developers. If I could afford developers, I more than likely would use them to get all the bells, whistles & gloss.
    I fumble around making my own website (as a very small part time business) to get potential buyers & I need all the help I can get without begging.
    Thanks for this initiative.

    • By all means, I do understand that not everyone on the internet are full fledged developers. My point is that using phrases like “Support representatives” to describe the same old CSR's not only cheapens a businesses image, it's extremely condescending to their clients. My point of view is that since you aren't the professional, this kind of sales pitch is designed to take advantage of your ignorance on the subject by simply putting a new paint job on an old car.

      Seriously, how many times have you heard a sales person use words like “rockstar” or “guru” to describe some run of the mill “thing” and found yourself rolling your eyes? It's that kind of marketing I'm speaking agains and given that someone exactly like yourself represents a lot of the clients I work for, it pisses me off that IX are essentially taking you for a ride with flashy words that don't actually mean anything.

      My original comment was actually in response to this pitch being emailed to me. The last one I got, I literally thought was junk since it was written in such a “pitchy” garbage style and had called IX to let them know someone was sending spam under their name. To my unfortunate surprise, the woman on the phone advised me that it was indeed genuine, and I asked not to receive anymore of this crap… so here I am, calling for a higher standard now.

  20. Anonymous -

    Awesome! This can help alot of people, so Thank you! Anything we can do to direct more business our way is a godsend in these tough times!
    Keep up the great work.

    Justin Livingstone
    JL Custom Goldworks
    970 577 0213

  21. Anonymous -

    Appreciate the new feature of having tutorials. Thanks.

  22. Anonymous -

    I truly hope the support team idea works out great for you. The NUMBER ONE thing a company must do to keep ahead of the competition is customer service.

    IX did something for our several sites that NOBODY (that we found) on the internet would do for us. Our websites were built on a 2000 server and when everything changed over to 2003 and 2008, our site went crazy. this was 100% our fault for using a cheesy website designing program called webshop (stay away from this one).

    Now it might be cheaper for IX to keep s on the old server, and maybe not. The point is that they were willing, and did it, to host our sites on the older server just to keep us up and running, and most importantly, keep a customer.

    I was very thankful for that and have always said “IX will always have our business just because of that simple thing they did for us”.

    Now I’m not saying that IX is the best, I mean they (like any company) have quirks and problems that arouse, and yes we do get upset, but as long as that company realizes their mistakes and try to fix them (like you are doing with these updates), you will always have satidfied customers!

  23. Rwothomio -

    Hi IX, we thank you for the new developments and look forward to many more years of business:)

  24. Anonymous -

    I truly hope the support team idea works out great for you. The NUMBER ONE thing a company must do to keep ahead of the competition is customer service.

    IX did something for our several sites that NOBODY (that we found) on the internet would do for us. Our websites were built on a 2000 server and when everything changed over to 2003 and 2008, our site went crazy. this was 100% our fault for using a cheesy website designing program called webshop (stay away from this one).

    Now it might be cheaper for IX to keep s on the old server, and maybe not. The point is that they were willing, and did it, to host our sites on the older server just to keep us up and running, and most importantly, keep a customer.

    I was very thankful for that and have always said “IX will always have our business just because of that simple thing they did for us”.

    Now I’m not saying that IX is the best, I mean they (like any company) have quirks and problems that arouse, and yes we do get upset, but as long as that company realizes their mistakes and try to fix them (like you are doing with these updates), you will always have satisfied customers!

  25. Anonymous -

    Fantastic ! Thanks for changes, but could you please provide videos in some other languages ? For example we need them in Persian if you can.

  26. Anonymous -

    When you assign “Support Heroes”, remember to take into account their location. I’m in the UK, so any calls or chats that I make are likely to be in the GMT time zone. That said, I also make most calls to the US in the late afternoon, so maybe you should ask the clients which is the best for them.

  27. am very content from your server I already 4 years with you and all problem that there was me solved her and their help me very I am very thanks you

  28. Ahmed M. Galal -

    Just update the hosting panel, fix the issues, (speed up the service and the up time). that will be just fine,

    My site is VERY slow and I already decided to move to another host, which I tried to find much better service quality and speed. and I regret wasting the previous year on this host…

    The tehnical support have a very helpless line keep saying no matter what situation is, “We applpgize but we cannot recreate the problem from our side. everything seems working fine now”.. how on earth can I convince them that my sites are as slow as hell?????

    plaease IX you’ve already failed me,

    sorry Mr. Fathy but this is true

  29. Anonymous -

    I’ve been a customer of yours for almost a year now. This is the first time that I’ve used a dedicated web hosting company and I’ve found that YOU have made the process so smooth and easy. I put a couple of calls in to the help people when I first set up and got very quick, helpful replies back. The pricing is very reasonable even when I only have a small site compared to many out there. I read below about the professionals being happy with things as they are, fair enough, they don’t have to use what you’re offering. Personally, I’m very pleased to hear any tips you’re willing to share as there’s always something to learn, just don’t ruin what you already have! Hopefully I won’t need the support hero but nice to know they’re there if needed. Great work, I’ve been very impressed and would recommend you every time.

  30. The only problem Ive got with IX is the fac that their servers always fail when pushing large content files to my customers. Out side of that I’m happy.

  31. really I have a excellent experience with IX WEBHOSTING and I have 4 hosting planes with them because from my experience with with web hosting companies I know that IX WEBHOSTING have a very high service level and support level so the new improvements is a gift for customers like me because I was happy with the old one before any Improvements and I will be more happy with the new one I hope the new improvements increase the number of users who visit my websites I think IX WEBHOSTING can do this thank you

  32. Fathi, you do no justise to your company!

    My sailing club has had it’s site hosted with you for two years now. We have had absolutely 100% first class service from your support people and virtually 100% reliability for our site (and that cannot be said for other providers).

    I cannot imagine moving to another provider!

    We are completely satisfied with the service you provide and always recommend IX to anyone who asks where to host their site. Your email proves we have made the right choice in hosting with you and I wish you every sucess with you new ideas they are really great and will be of much benifit to your customers.

    I do have agree with Chester’s comments though. Please, drop the embarrassing sales pitches in future. You don’t need them. The consistently good service and reliability of IXWebHosting already speaks for itself.

  33. Christos -

    Hi Fathi,

    I am a customer and your company is the first one that I have ever worked with. So I cannot compare the level of service with the rest of the market, However I would like to say that during those 2 years I have many times cursed the time and my decision to work with you, especially a year ago, with many many interruptions of service, very poor response from the support personnel. However I have to admit that, for the last nine months everything runs smoothly, and I only had to call your support just once. The support is a major issue and you are doing very well to address it in a new different way as you do with your announcement, and I would love to see it in praxis. I am thinking to renew with your company, so I looked your pricing again. What I would like to see in your pricing is, a similar treatment of the loyal customers compared to the first time customers. What I mean is, since I have a 2 years unlimited Pro contract with you, why shouldn’t I receive a better pricing policy for renewing for another 2 years? I stay with your company and support you in a very wild and competitive market and I find it very fair if you do something for all those who do so, in a long term cooperation, by providing better pricing policy for them. As a businessman my self I have to say, that is fairly easy to get a new customer, but to keep a customer for long time is another thing, far more difficult and demanding, but it is the only way to keep you alive and strong in the markets.



  34. Claudine -

    Love the hosting – love the support.

    Over the last 3 years not a problem. Support staff are always there to help when i have a problem.

    Will use for my Customers hosting.

    Just one thing – Would love you to include fantastico in the cp.

  35. Fathi – I’ve been a satisfied customer since 2005 on all counts but one. YourUnlimited Pro accounts offer unbeatable value for money for multiple small hosting projects like mine. I’m based in London, UK but host most of my websites here with you, because the prices and service are better. Outages are extremely rare and noticeably fewer than with rival services. I don’t need either a Support Hero or advice on online marketing. BUT… when newbie friends and clients ask my advice on where to host their first website I have to send them to Bluehost in preference to IX for one simple reason. Your Control Panel: the basic interface between the customer and the company. Clients have to use it on a weekly basis for adjusting email settings etc and your interface has always been ugly to look at and counter-intuitive to use. I understand that it would cost you money to switch to a customer-friendly interface such as Cpanel Pro. But what looked good and worked well to a generation of webmasters used to Unix and WIndows NT now looks cheap and clunky to potential clients familiar with XP/Windows 7 or Snow Leopard. Please, please please – hike my fees by a couple of bucks a month, but give me a clean, intuitive control panel that’s a breeze to use and I’ll start sending more clients your way in the future.

  36. Anonymous -

    Hi I am not so much impressed with the all the bells and whistles, but what impressed me is that you are willing to speak to us, your clients. I watched the video and that was really an added value thanks a mil. The fact that you want to make changes in your business to improve customer service is great and shows that your customer is important to you.

    As a customer and user of your service there are only a few things that is important to me, and that is
    1. That everything should work well at least 99.99% of the time;
    2. That I receive good value for my money and that you stay affordable and won’t rip me off;
    3. That if there is a problem I get fast and honest feedback, that will short out the problem in a flash;
    4. That you keep up to date with the latest in web hosting.

    In the past I had a few problems with my outgoing Email server, which was sorted out and I must say I am still a happy customer. Thanks for keeping it that way. Johann (South Africa)

  37. Hi Fathi,

    I think that i ‘m dealing with a very professional people , and these change seems good and promising. HAPPY NEW YEAR FULL OF PROSPERITY.

  38. Anonymous -

    Please don’t change TOO much about IXWebHosting. I moved to IX a few years ago, after having done my own hosting for my clients for a long time – and also after trying other companies. IX most definitely IS a better hosting outfit. Reliable, easy to use, comprehensive… and I’ve always found the support to be very, very good – genuine concern about answering my questions and solving any particular problem.

    So please… don’t change TOO much about IX. Seriously!

  39. What about the PHP 5 that was released 2 years ago? I guess I could care less about Heroes just keep up with the times….I have been waiting to update OsCommerce but can’t because we are still using an older version of PHP

  40. Jill A -

    Super heroes? My account manager has constantly mislead me and promised dates that have not been met. Where is the accountablility?

  41. Ann Oyed -

    Hello Imperia, are you there? Thanks (again) for the Hero, you can put my Hero to work right now getting Imperia for my hosting account. Also, tell my Hero to get SSH running, and to eliminate your server’s inodes limit (of 300K) and then we’re getting somewhere.

  42. Thank you very much IX WEB HOSTING for the last 2-3 years of excellent service..I am so excited about the new changes. I just watched the Google Keywords video which was a great help.

  43. I wouldnt expect much from these guys. It’s probably all talk again. What happened to Imperia??? That Fathi announced in his last Quarterly blog post (dated Sept 1).

    • Green, I agree with you, they have promised stuff for over the last 6 months. All marketing hype. All just to cover up and try and make customers forget about the pathetic service here ar IX

  44. OldMoldy -

    Your message seems very timely to me. Allow me to quote from a support ticket I opened last week:

    Customer-name-anonymous, Tue Dec 15 09:00:22 2009
    Ticket re-opened
    I am disturbed that I composed a thoughtful note in this box and its contents have completely disappeared when I clicked on the rating stars above.

    Customer-name-anonymous, Tue Dec 15 09:06:40 2009
    I am not clear on where we stand on the concerns that I have brought to your attention.

    There have been several phone calls and tickets written that suggest that you are waiting for information from me; however, I believe that the next response should come from IX Webhosting. Although several people have looked at or listened to my concerns, there is no single point of contact for me to work with to achieve a complete resolution.

    I have been asked multiple ways for different information and yet when I supplied the information it seems that I was only asked for the same type of information again in a slightly different set of words.

    It is unclear to me if my request to have our account moved to a different server will be completed in a timely fashion. I had also requested an opportunity to see if experiencing a more expensive class of service was worth paying for but have received no answer to this request.

    Customer-name-anonymous, Tue Dec 15 09:11:44 2009
    I realize that you have a support team that works on issues; however, from a customer’s perspective it is very unsatisfactory to hear from a different individual each time who acts as if responding to their thoughts is more important than digesting and continuing the work that his/her teammates have already begun and working them towards a consolidated conclusion.

    I would like to hear a manager’s perspective on these observations.

  45. Anonymous -


    I have been here a long time (my hosting account product number is just over 1000). I have looked at many other hosting providers.

    You want to make IX different from the rest? Expand your support for scripting.

    Most of us don’t want to be the ones updating our software – we have better things to do with our time. Why don’t you pick a number of scripts that IX will update and support?

    Here are some suggestions:

    Coppermine or other photo software
    Wikimedia or other wiki software
    Drupal, PHPNuke or other CMS
    Wordpress or other blogging software

    You get the idea. Add a calendar, social network and a few others, and you’ve got something that will really set you apart.

    • Steven, Tehy already offer those things. Like you I have a very old account. In order to get those things, you need to have your account transitioned to a new CP. I did this as many of my sites wanted those features as well. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. I had downtime for over 2 weeks and the service on the new cps are a joke.

  46. Randy Holcomb -

    Good information, looking forward to more in this series.

  47. I would like to say first that my experience with IX and it's support is generally good to above average, no real problems other than the tool “Site Studio”. I am not a Web programmer, although I worked in IT support for many years. Site Studio was okay, not great, but okay, until Microsoft updated IE to version 8, then it became unusable. So, I tried doing my work to my site from Firefox, still had issues. I am using an older PC with XP and IE 7 to do the work I need to rather than my new PC and Site Studio is just “okay again”. Please give us who are Web-development challenged a set of tools that is current and works with current software.

  48. goldie -

    Just a note, I called IX twice in the last two weeks for technical help and the response was awesome. They each stayed on the phone with me a good long time to solve and test the issues. Thank you!

  49. scottcannon -

    Thanks for your enthusiasm for wanting to provide better service to us. We will take anything you are willing to provide us. Thanks for having a live person answer my calls when I have a problem and for the fast response to my concerns. I was not use to having this kind of service from other companies I deal with. There is no way to make everyone happy but I have been please with your service.

  50. Scott T. -

    Well, we had all ready researched this and incorporated these elements but I'm sure there are many people who have websites and have no clue. This is a nice start and the appropriate place to begin, however I would like to see some more advanced strategies as this new program rolls out. I think Chester has an interesting view, (the post below Dan) but Chester, there are many people using hosting services who are clueless. For those people and people like me who do have a clue, it is encouraging to see someone break out of mediocrity and do what capitalism is, compete. I have experienced being on hold and had to explain my situation to two or three and sometimes four different people before I received any help (with other vendors), so a support hero, or account manager (UPS term) or an assigned individual to handle my needs is a better way to build a mouse trap. Let's not punch the guy in the face because he wants to provide a better user experience. Thank you Fathi, you are just getting started down this road, keep going.

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