Important Hosting Account Updates


Fathi Said here, with a couple of important updates about your hosting account here at IX Web Hosting.

But before I share them, I want to acknowledge something that hasn’t made me very happy.

When I look at the world of web hosting, I realize that IX Web Hosting – my company, the one I founded and the one I run – is just about average. No worse than the competition, but not much better either.

We have a giant data center in Columbus, Ohio that looks really impressive, we have a big support staff to answer your emails and phone calls, and we offer competitive pricing, but when I look at all that from my customers’ point of view, I have to say: “So what?”

I didn’t go into business to just create an ordinary service. And yet that’s where I find myself in the last month of 2009.

And that’s going to change. In fact, it’s already changing. In two big ways.

First, we’re changing the way you receive support when you have a question or problem with your site or hosting account.

The new system is called “Support representatives” – and my commitment to you is that it’s not just a catchy name, but also a fundamental improvement that makes your life noticeably easier.

Second, we’re redefining our business model to move from “hosting provider” to “strategic partner” as you grow your web site.

When I sat down and thought about the contribution I want to make, it wasn’t enough to be a reliable place to stick your website. We decided to actually branch out from being just a “boring hosting company” and actually show you some of the killer techniques we use to get thousands of hits to our website each day!

You’ve created your web site with a goal in mind. Maybe to make money. Maybe to spread the word about an important idea. Maybe to connect people. Whatever your goal, I want to help you achieve it.

We’ve teamed up with some of the top online marketing experts to provide cutting edge strategies, tips and techniques to get more visitors to your site, and to get those visitors to take action once they get there.

So without further ado, here are the details about the two big improvements to your IX Web Hosting account:

Support Representatives

What if you had a personal contact at IX Web Hosting – an “insider” who knows your name, knows your business, and can pull strings to get you exactly what you need? We’re in the process of assigning a personal Support representative to each IX Web Hosting customer. Your Support representative will be an actual person who works in our Ohio office.

When you have a question or a problem, you can send them an email. You can phone them directly. Or you can IM them.


Your Support Representative is responsible (and accountable) to get you what you want as quickly as possible, and not to leave you hanging. Since they’re your personal “account manager,” you won’t have to explain your problem again and again as you get transferred from one technician to another. And if you get disconnected, your Support representative knows how to reach you, so you won’t have to dial the main number and be told your “wait time is approximately 26 minutes.”

Each Support Representative will handle your issue as if they were the owner of the company, because their bonus is based on how long you stay a customer, and how many of your friends you refer to us.

So the happier you are, the happier they are, and the happier I am. (I believe the business books call this a “win-win-win.”)

Now, sometimes our Support representatives sleep, or take vacations, or are “busy helping other customers” (as the phone company voicemail messages say). What then?

Without boring you with the details, we’ve set up teams of Support representatives who will pinch hit and report back to each other. And each representative has their own team of technical specialists around the world, whom you may also get to know. But the ultimate responsibility for your satisfaction rests with your individual representative.

Look for an email from your personal Support representative within the next several weeks.

Online Marketing Advice from Top Experts

As you probably know, just having a domain name and a website doesn’t guarantee that anyone will find your site.

And if you use your site for business, it’s crucial that people find it when they’re looking for what you provide.

We’ve partnered with some of the top online marketing experts to provide you with exclusive videos, articles, and even live webinars – all completely free for IX Web Hosting customers.

You’ll discover:

  • quick and simple tweaks you can make to your site so Google can find it and know what it’s about
  • how to “cut to the front of the line” on the three big search engines
  • how to get some of the most popular sites in the world to link directly to your site
  • how to find out where the traffic you should be getting is going right now – and how to stick your site in front of all those people
  • what to show visitors once they arrive at your site, so they stay, play, and pay

Here’s the first video for you to watch:

My friend Howie Jacobson explains some killer techniques. It’s only 7 minutes and 29 seconds long and reveals the first thing you need to know if you want to get your site ranked high on Google.

Also, look out for a survey I’m going to send you in the next few days. Please make sure to fill it out, this way we’ll know what kind of free “traffic getting” videos and webinars you want us to make for you. This is going to be fun, and I can’t wait to hear stories about you receiving boatloads of traffic.

I want to close this entry by stating publicly what an honor it is to have earned your business, and that we’re going to do much, much better in 2010. I’m truly jazzed by the opportunity and I can’t wait for you to share my excitement when you experience what we have planned.

Wishing you health, happiness and prosperity,



IX Web Hosting


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  1. I have asked for two simple additions to my service over the last 8 years and never gotten any progress — fancy marketing if fine, but what about filling out basic services that are missing first. Why can’t you allow (1) secure pop3 email using SSL and (2) WebDAV support?

    • Anonymous - -

      YES! same here. I find secure email very very important. SSL and/or TLS is what I want and I’m actually, how painstaking it may be, leaving IX Web Hosting for that simple reason. Quite a few competitors offer it on their low budget accounts. Having support suggest to me that I should switch to dedicated hosting (VPS) @ 10x the price of my current account is not very heroic in my opinion!

  2. Actually, I am very happy to hear about these changes. Sound promising.
    Thank you for all your hard work in 2009 and happy New Year!

  3. I will pay, and pay…and pay, and pay for php+asp+mysql+mssql. We need you.

  4. Hi Fathi,

    Your idea of Support Heroes certainly was impressive and exciting. I’m certainly looking forward to what IX WebHosting has to offer in 2010.

    Keep the good stuff rolling in !!!


  5. Thank you for the email and the blog. i think is very important for the customers the feeling to know “we are not alone” and “be part of a great family”. i hope with this “hero” concept the service will be more than a 100% recived until today. Congrats and hope this new experience make us (i love the therm win-win-win (me, your people and you)) a sucesssfull customers services.
    PS. When we will recive a spanish support!. Thank you.

  6. Anonymous -

    Unable to view video

  7. Hey Fathi! Thx for the news! I’ve been learning exaclty that (Google SEO) in the past months and the video is very easy to understand. Where and when will the other ones get posted?

    I’ll try out one of the “Support Heroes” soon. ;) When I’ll get in trouble.

  8. Anonymous -

    need videos in Spanish or with subtitles thanks

  9. Chester -

    First, let me start off by saying that over the past 5 years, I’ve been extremely happy with IX in both reliability and customer service. Since that time, I’ve sent MANY people to IX and they’ve not been shy about thanking me for doing so.

    So… it pains me to receive emails like the one above from none other than IX’s founder. Let me tell you something, Fathi. The reason why I like hosting my sites with you, and the reason why I so highly recommend you to my private clients is because you are, as you put it “just about average”. In the business world, that is EXACTLY what we expect, because “average” means it works 99% of the time.

    We don’t care about flashy smoke up your ass rebranding like “Support Heroes” and “Strategic Partners”. As a matter of fact, I think I speak for many developers when I say we prefer our services to say what they are. You are a web hosting company and you have customer support representatives like everybody else no matter how many flame decals you slap on the side of your desk.

    We’re developers. We build stuff for the internet all the time, so you can’t fool us! That includes working for smoke and mirrors companies sometimes that require us to write the same kind of long winded, underwhelming sales pages designed to prey on people’s impulses and stupidity… kind of like the garbage in this blog here.

    I’m a black and white Capitalist Fahti, and believe me, you being “just average” in a world that celebrates mediocrity makes yours an above average company. Please, drop the embarrassing sales pitches. You don’t need them. The consistently good service and reliability of IXWebHosting already speaks for itself.


    • Anonymous - -

      Couldn’t agree more! I’ve got 20+ domains, and I know what I want (and I’ve got it with IX)

    • Brian Tiberius - -

      I like the way you tell it like it is. I think this Fahti move for Hero crap is to bait in a bunch of “newbies” by telling them you have staff that will hold their hand. Newbies at a hosting company are like people with gym memberships that never go to the gym…they pay the same as a power user but never use the equipment. When I was new to creating websites I used frontpage and also learned to do php and mysql. being the only visitor to my website, I would sometimes notice downtime with the mysql server. Same as everyone says, they tell you that they are working on it and it works fine for a while, but the problems come back. Now to address Frontpage, when I used it I wondered why people trashed it. It is because it creates messy html that takes longer to load and can cause bugs as your site grows. I used it because I was too lazy or thought it was too hard to learn HTML. Well I kept trying to learn HTML and after a while it seemed natural and easy so I moved on. My secret weapon now… Ruby on Rails, but you can use your framework of choice, they are all better than using Frontpage like programs. Now dealing with Dreamweaver, I have no (read 0) experience so I hope someone that knows it well will post some comments. thats all, CHUNCKY BACON!

  10. Anonymous -

    I have been a customer for a couple of years and will still be here in the years to come. I have left the other company’s for bad service and have never received bad service here at IX Web hosting. When I have had to call for support it was fast and fixed any issue asap. Keep up the good work.

  11. Anonymous -

    I have been an IX subscriber for over two years. I have appreciated the reasonable cost and accessible support… and I subscribed for those reasons. I was disappointed when IX dropped support for FrontPage. It has seriously complicated the management of my site. I am wary of the “Support Hero” message that I have just received. I fear that it a precursor for more difficulties for us “little guys”. Ultimately, I will switch to Dreamweaver or the current cutting edge website-building software… but I don’t wish to be forced into it. Please confirm or alleviate my concerns.

    • I totally agree with you ref. FrontPaGE. I am spending a bunch of bucks to have my site re-done, and will now need to learn DreamWeaver, I guess… unless there is something else out there that is less expensive?

    • Uhh dude, you can turn on frontpage services in your control panel in windows hosting, although frontapge is out, and visual and expression are in.


    • No offense Wildebeest, but maybe you should consider relinquishing your development responsibilities to someone who has a working knowledge of best practices and modern internet technologies. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, there are plenty of budding web developers out there that would be happy to work on your site for little or nothing in order to pad their resumes.

      To be honest, it amazed me that IX supported FrontPage as long as it did, and if I had it my way it wouldn’t support Dreamweaver or any other WYSIWYG for that matter either. Those things are only good at making a complete mess of HTML using 10 year old standards (that aren’t even close to today’s standards) and producing some of the ugliest pages I’ve seen since Geocities was popular.

      It’s companies like IX supporting antiquities like FrontPage that keep IE6 from dying once and for all. In short, let go and move on. Not only will your pages look and function a thousand times better, but you’ll be helping the web evolve into faster and to be frank, even cooler technologies.

      • I used Frontpage when I was a teenager. It made coding a little less of a hassle, but I'm surprised to hear it's still in use today. I haven't heard about it for YEARS.

        On the other hand, I'm confused… Dreamweaver = 10 year old standards, not today's standards, makes a complete mess of a page? WHAT?

        I really don't think you've got a lot of room to be bashing a component of Adobe Creative Suite 4, released on October 15, 2008, as a relic or below industry standards. :P

        Now, I'm not entirely sure where you get your information from, but I'm attending a design college to buff up on my skills… Professionals from the field act as instructors there. I've seen their work which is years ahead of most sites, I've seen their awards. THEY use Dreamweaver, the school teaches us Dreamweaver, and quite honestly, other than color coding things and some beneficial shortcuts, it really is no different than building it in Notepad.

  12. I liked this video — already a help. I’m such a novice with my website and I don’t have time to research all this. It’s great to be able to go to my own webhost to get this kind of basic and useful tutorial. Thanks for the effort in these new directions!

  13. Anonymous -

    I’m happy with what you guy are doing.

  14. OK, I know. Thanks.

  15. I think SEO helps will be awesome in getting better page rankings. Any help to do better in the Google system of things is good.

  16. I may not be typical. I have no interest in my pages appearing on Goole. In fact I include a robots.txt to send them away. Video had little interest.

  17. I like IXWebhosting. Having been a customer for several years, I like the price-point for the service I’m getting. And I must say that the technical and customer support are second to none. I think this is one area where, even before your Support Heroes initiative, you are above average.

    However, I would like more support for dynamic languages, like Python, Ruby, Perl, etc… And not simply through cgi, but via a true SSH. Any time I’ve asked about this, security is always given as the reason it’s not available. Yet many hosting services offer secure SSH shell access to install, for example, dynamic language scripts, such as Django for Python, among several others.

    Kind regards,

  18. Anonymous -

    Support Heros? How about starting off with System Administrators that can run your systems properly. Over the last year since I have had one of my accounts on CP8, the quality of service, especially the performance of the mysql on mysql506 has been pathetic. The response is slow and the server is not configured properly or is overload. Numerous times I have received TOS violations in regards to the load on the SQL server and queries hanging. This is not due to the queries in my application but the poor setup/operation of your server. I have the same app hosted on other SQL servers and it is just fine. I have submitted numerous tickets in regards to this all resulting in everything is fine and it is normal for shared hosting . I have since moved this database to my private sql server and not had on single hiccup. I have query time monitoring and it has never even triggered it once. The CPU load does not even register.

    You want to help us build more traffic? That is ridiculous as well. My sites cannot even handle the load on them now due to the terrible hosting environment. what would I do with more traffic. I guess just have even more angry lost customers and revenue and even more effort trying to keep it running.

    Due to the poor quality of service I have had to invest more money in management that my hosting costs. Just to monitor the poor service so I know when it keeps breaking.

    If you want to separate yourselves from the competition, do a better job at hosting, let us do what we know how to do and that is run great websites and build our own traffic. The best marketing plan is good service, not having extra bells and whistles and gadgets when the core product is not any good. Also I would not even go as far to say you are on par with your competitors, in fact in my opinion much worse.

    A very dissatisfied customer of 3 years that is in the process of switching hosting companies :(

    • go somewhere else then if you are so unhappy!

      • Obviously you didn't read to end Bill, I am in the transition process of moving to another provider. This one I get root access and control my own server and settings. And everything is finally working correctly. That is why I said they need people there that know how to run the services they are providing.

    • Every shared hosting in the world have limits, If you have much traffic which cannot be handled upgrade to VPS or dedicated. Ofcourse query optimization is your developers fualt, you cannot blame ix for every thing.

      • Anonymous - -

        I have the same problem as jmeier with relatively little traffic. On a new site before publishing it, where I am the only visitor it takes ages for the MySQL database to send the data. Wouldn’t it be far simpler to run the MySQL Server on the same machine as the Web server? Most other Hosts do.
        And blaming developers is nonsense. IX provides one click installs for things like WordPress. So their servers should be setup to handle WordPress and the like properly.

      • There is nothing wrong with the query. It works just fine. It is mysql506 as well as web514 that have issues. Ever since they upgraded to PHP5 with apache running as FastCGI there have been numerous problems. I may not be able to blame IX for everything but in this case they have dropped the ball. This one is thier mistake.

    • I have to agree with the original poster – I’m on CP8 as well and it’s been really bad. I’m on mysql509 which is better than it was but it still sometimes takes several minutes to get a db connection from the control panel. I only have small lightly loaded sites but someone on these machines must be doing something really heavy. None of this happened until they ‘upgraded’ me to php5 servers. Support just say it’s a temporary issue and they’ve fixed it. A day later it’s back to square one.

      • Paul, I was on numerous mysql5 servers there. They all seem to have the same inherit issues, which would make sense as they all more than likely have the same configuration. The mysql4 servers seem to be a lot better. Like you every ticket I submitted, they say it is being dealt with, it gets better and then comes back. I think all they are doing in that case is restarting the mysql service for that particular server. Oh well, the grass IS greener on the side of the fence opposite IX

    • Anonymous - -

      I have only been with IX for about 3 years and I have not intention of changing.. I use to host with godaddy and that was like pulling teeth.. The IX plateform has to be one of the smartest and simplest I have found.. I have sense round down almost all the hosting on my other accounts and transferred them all to the IX Plateform.

      Your online instant help is a 1000% winner.. when I need something answered I am either given the right answer or told to take it up further, I am not fed bullshit, If I am told they are looking at the problem then I am 100% confident that the problem will be fixed..

      Great service, great product, don’t go out of business, if you are struggling in these times put your packages up 10%, i will be happy to pay more so you are hear for another 20 years.

  19. I am currently redoing my Web Page (teaching myself Dreamweaver) since I am not a web design pro I appreciate any help and insight I can get. I don’t have the money for a web design service. I like the idea fo your Support Heros and training videos. Will you keep these videos availiable in some kind of library? I will want to reference them later as I need them.

  20. Anonymous -

    Your structure for each site folder is very different from most other hosting services. Instructions from most trainers say to make public or www the destination for your installs. I do not know if this is possible, but it could be helpful if you could provide an emulator that one could use when following these types of instructions. This has nothing to do with the excellent video but might be something to be placed on a “to do” list?

    • Anonymous - -

      tom this is probably because the hosting is Windows rather than *Nix based

  21. Mohsen -

    very useful , keep update advice !
    thank you

  22. just fix -

    Weird tactic.

    Some months ago, a client calls in a panic – trade show on the weekend in NYC and google is reporting her site as an attack site. So I call IX – whom I have been recommending clients sign on with – and the customer service representative lists a string of things that have happened – all of them intimating that the fault is on my end. This means I am now panic-stricken – if the site was hacked through fault on my end, everything has been compromised….

    Well, not to worry – it was IX fault and they were extremely negligent in being up front with customers about it:

    The margins for web-hosting business are razor-thin – and you live/die by the reputation; IX is recommended against for new clients, and previous clients are migrating away. IX dropped the ball – but the real fault is in their response to the debacle. And this current hail-Mary – a rebranding of their fork-tongued representatives as “Support Heros” seems like a sick joke – a play on the 4Chan “Be a Hero” is the only logical explanation.

    This continued weak and clueless response by IX is indicative of the failure at the management level – and an insult to their customers. These changes will be huge alright – a huge wave good-bye from clients moving to hosting companies that respect their intelligence and solve technical problems – rather than spinning marketing gibberish.

    • I dont think you have technical knowledge of programming, Reported web forgery does not happen automatically . There will be some security issue in your site which allows the attacker to host the phishing page on your site that led your website visitors to report google about forgery. Its not IX fault at all, I did faced the same problem , i have requested the google to remove it after checking , i found that some body has submitted false forgery, may be the people who dont like your website did that

      • Anonymous - -

        I’m sorry but I don’t agree Syed. My websites also suffered from being hacked. I was told by support that I needed to scan my local machine that I use to upload because it had a virus that retrieved my FTP login details. Some more blame shifting! I did scan my PC, even with the software you recommended and it was clean. I don’t think pointing the finger back at the customer when you’re having trouble identifying and solving certain issues is the right way to go here.

        • FTP hijacking was actually a pretty common problem over this last year, and a result of developers' computers getting infected with keyloggers and the sort. Sometimes it IS the customer's fault and that's that. In this case, there's no “blame shifting” going on. While you might be able to detect and destroy some malware with scanners, the good ones are going to hide in your registry files leaving you with nuking (wiping) your hard drive as the best solution to getting rid of them.

          I've seen a LOT of sites get hacked, and while I'm not trying to imply that your were negligent, they've all been the result of poor browsing habits, lazy security, or just plain ignorance on the developer's end.

  23. I am looking forward to upcoming videos. I have loved IXwebhosting for a long time. And I really love that you guys are taking the initiative to change some things and offer more service. I really look forward to the more personalized support system. I do sometimes get annoyed by your support ticket system. So, I hope that this new system will prove itself. This video was short and to the point. I already know some about SEO. But, I did learn something new about the google keyword tool. Sometimes I don’t know how to apply what I learn. So, I am looking forward to learning more about what to do with the keywords! Keep them coming!

  24. Anonymous -

    I was in the process of finding another server for my site, but this is exactly what you needed to say to keep me. To keep me for the long term will require you delivering on what you are saying.

    I would ask though that you think about how to get the right Support Hero. Getting more hits might be important for most but it isn’t what I am interested in. I am interested in an Support Hero that understands Web services, bottlenecks, databases, and possibly silverlight.

  25. WOW great changed 10 out of 10, You guys are the best hosting. I still cannot find the better hosting than IX hahaa.. Keep Up the good work.

  26. I needed this. This is my second round of hosting with IX and I have no plans to change. This dedicated support will help me learn, and improve at a much faster rate.


  27. Thanks Mr.Said for this communication. Definitely these improvements would help each and every customer of IXWebhosting. However, you had promised major changes to control panel and how one manages the hosting. This was sometime ago. If I recollect, the schedule for implementation was beginning of October 2009. Is there anything happening on that front? This change would make your core offering solid than what it is today.

    I would love to hear your comments/update on above.


  28. I actually found ix phone support to be pretty good the couple of calls I’ve made. But then I guess when I call it is “off-peak” in terms of US time. One thing I would like to see is some servers moved up to IIS7, which I’m told is currently not available. IIS6 is quite restrictive from a .NET programming point of view.

  29. That’s great, Fathi! Keep up the really good work!

  30. Something every web designer should know! The keyword should be in the title, text, meta description and url for the best SEO right off the bat, then get links. I am using these techniques on my Hockey Drills website. I host all my sites on IXwebhosting, they are a great company!

  31. Anonymous -

    no captioning on your video means the images fall on deaf eyes.

  32. To me, you have a very good customer service, I did not have problems with questions and answers but I had to move my domain from you guys. The reason: with a technical solution for shared hosting that you decided to implement (a download speed cap of 100 kBytes/sec) my site was very slow, unacceptable for serving digital photos. With another provider I have the speed 4 times better. If you decide to improve something, first target the download speed. It is not too late, I just moved out and my 30 days money back have not expired yet :-), so I’d like to come back.

  33. Anonymous -

    Great News from IX Web Hosting.

  34. Oroton -

    I’m glad you’ve taken a positive step forward in your company to better satisfy your customers/clients. Never a bad thing. I hope this is a successful venture. Good Luck i Guess.
    Any word on replacing HSphere?

  35. That was an awesome video. short and to the point. Trying to get my website ranking improved, I learned alot in the 7 minute video.

  36. Harrod -

    I really appreciate the focus on support and the concept of giving your tech's ownership. I have 4 websites (4 different accounts) with IX Webhosting. I started building websites as a hobby. Then one by one friends in different small businesses asked me to build a site for them. I had good experiences with IX on my first site so I had the other 3 create accounts with you as well. I recently had a problem with a site and was a little disappointed with the support I received. It eventually got resolved. Anyway it appears you are concentrating on support which makes me feel much better for the future. As a matter of fact, I may be starting another account soon.

    Oh, I mentioned that I started this as a hobby so I am still learning and wanted to thank you for the video training on keywords. It is something I thought I had a grasp on but now it is much clearer.

    Helping the little guy is a good thing. It makes me feel the decision I made to go with your company was a good one.

  37. Anonymous -

    I beg to differ that you have ever been “average”, this goes to show I am right, great stuff!

  38. Very interesting! I failed to work on SEO so far because my business is very local. This helps me get started, since I had no clue what to do! I will jump on that right now and see what I can do with it!
    Thank you!

  39. Anonymous -

    This is good news – I’ve always been happy with your service and support.
    I have a suggestion for SEO support for your clients.
    Create a “blog/directory” of, by, and for your clients. Give each of us an entry on the blog/directory to describe our product using all our keywords and perhaps some graphics and of course links to our sites.
    The SEO literature says these references and links from blogs have a big impact on rankings. I’ve thought about creating a blog site of my own but honestly I can’t think of enough to say about my product that would keep a whole blog site that interesting. But I could definitely fill one or two entries in someone else’s blog.

  40. Anonymous -

    I’m not really looking for better support; I’ve always found IX’s tech support to be just fine. The problem is that I’ve needed to contact tech support in the first place, because of hosting problems. Delays on the mail server was the latest thing. Unzipping large files in webshell is unreliable. If you want to lighten the load on tech support, fix these problems.

  41. nice moving, fathi..

    as other said, its better first to improved your system administrator services to provide more and more features with the same price or lower price with ur competitor.

    for example, some basic services that people cant get on dedicated hosting while they use shared hosting, some limitation of time and features when using their control panel to manage their huge files and system. the very basic things people need to manage their control panel, but very important things to make the quality of ix services by their opinion.

    when they complained or asking about that problem to ur (not actual person) support, they just ended with ur support answered, “u just on shared hosting package”.

    we’ll ok even ix serviced us with not actual person support, but we’ll be very very appreciate when ix give us more “out of the box” administration services.

    basicly, even we got your actual person support, but we still got ur old administration service, its not such a great move. could be, your actual person support is not as smart as your customers. ;)

    i luv ix webhost as my experience with other webhosting. so, keep it “out of box” while keep it “win win win”.

    best regards,

  42. You guys just get better and better.
    It’s good that your starting with the basics. I struggled for months when I first started out.

    Keep up the improvements, they are most welcome and appreciated

  43. Anonymous -

    I am still not sure if I will stay with your web hosting I find that it is difficult to change layouts as I am not a professional nor can I afford one…and the templates you have available are very non professional looking… you just don’t seem to offer much in the way of templates for my business. And half the time I can’t get tech support when I have issues with the site… like now for the past 2 months it wont let me save anything I have to manuelly enter everything and can’t see it till I publish it. When I try to receive assistance I can’t get any or I get passed off to another tech…

  44. Useful information!

  45. Well, there are a lot of angry clients, and a lot of happy ones. I am a business owner myself, and yes, sometimes you don’t get it all right, and sometimes you drop the ball big time, especially if you have many, many customers.

    I appreciate your eMail Fathi, and of course as we all do, I hope it is seen in action, and more importantly your staff share your enthusiasm… the CEO may be able to do back-flips and make coffee at the same time, but staff is what we all face and will judge the company on.

    We have been hosting with you guys for almost 3 years now, and I have been tempted to leave on at least 3 occasions, but have decided to stay anyway – there are some issues, but at the end of the day I will still recommend IX to everyone I deal with. At first I hated your interface, but now that I have gotten to know it there are many things about it I love more than others. Yes, I do also host at other locations, and of the other 3 I do prefer IX.

    I do think there are a couple of extra tools you can put in place to get your shared servers jacked up -mainly some monitoring stuff, but all in all things are still not too bad at all. What people all need to realise is that (as one person below did mention), it is all a fine line, and you can reduce the amount of users on a shared server, but that has a direct impact on cost… of course this is taking into consideration that you are not milking your clients as it is, but rather playing the game fair. But I do think there is some room for improvement.

    So, I am happy for the idea of “Support Hero”, and look forward to meeting mine, and see where this goes. There is nothing like being able to deal with someone that has a personal record of your interaction, and can remember you, and can act for you, and heck, maybe exchange a joke or two with.

    As for the videos and documents and help, etc on SEO and anything else – of course it is all welcome, and to those of you that want to turn it down and ridicule it… for once, just for once, pull your head out of your ass and realise that there is always someone smarter than you, always someone you can learn from, and always someone you can teach… and perhaps there are a lot more people that host with IX that do not have your extreme, divine knowledge on SEO and would like to learn!! So instead of being a pompous fool, say thank you for free stuff, and if you choose not to use it, then don’t, as there are more people that will appreciate it.

    So well done, and I, and I am sure many more look forward to the changes, and we hope the benefit us all, we all need all the help we can get, and give each other in these hard times.

  46. Sorry, I couldn’t watch the video because it didn’t run smoothly and the voice kept cutting out. It may be because I am using an older Mac OS. (v.10.3.9) My computer is 10-yrs old but I am the only person in the car club who will put up a web site for us. The new improvements you offer are hardly worth the doubled price to us for your hosting. Perhaps there is a lighter version for us “oldies”?

  47. Anonymous -

    Great movie! Idea for better service is excellent. However, personalized customer service cost more money. I would prefer to be given more education via video, blog, etc., as opposed to be given more service that would make me more dependent. Empowerment is the keyword for me.

  48. Berynice -

    I thought the video was very helpful – especially for somebody like me, who made their own site and has a small business. Two thumbs up and thanks for the help.
    I was very unhappy last summer when my site stopped working because of some “copyright” issues IX Web Hosting had with their “Site Studio” and I had to completely redo my site. A lot of time was lost and spent on this and no help at all.

  49. I have used IX as my hosting provider for many years and I am satisfied with the service and support. It is good to know about the many changes that are happening which would benefit me as a customer.

    I would be great of IX can offer a wider range of hosting options such as VPS – fully and unmanaged, dedicated servers, application servers for mail broadcast etc.

  50. Hi Fathi,
    Thanks for the tips. Everyone is hosting with you so that they can get noticed on the web. Help us to make money and you will never have to worry about clients moving to another provider. You are on the right track.

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